Nelson fourth in Gigatown contest

01:41, Mar 07 2014

Nelson continues to power up the ladder in the national Gigatown competition, reaching fourth place.

Thanks to supporters commenting on, or using the hashtag #gigatownnsn on Twitter and other social media platforms, Nelson has surged from well back in the past month.

The Chorus competition will see the winning town receive subsidised fast internet broadband and a $200,000 development fund.

Nelson has to remain within the top five towns before September to stay in the competition.

Wanaka is in first place, in front of Dunedin, with Queenstown in third place.

A spokeswoman for key supporters of the Gigatown Nelson initiative, Karen Lee, said it was wonderful to see Nelson people showing their support.


The work was not over, however, and she urged Gigatown Nelson supporters to continue spreading the word.

"One of the reasons we are working up the ranks is that we are building these genuine online communities."

The official Gigatown Nelson Facebook page, which was run by another official spokeswoman, Clare Atkins, pledged to make Nelson the first gigabit internet town in the southern hemisphere.

As of last night it read, "Yes folks, due to some incredible tweeting and Facebooking we made enough points to catch Timaru and take 4th place just after 11pm!

"Exhausting but so exciting and so much fun - thanks to everyone who helped!"

Kiwi AR project manager David Brydon, who believes the Gigatown initiative will help businesses such as his get off the ground, said he was very proud of his community.

"Thank you everyone for your efforts tonight and over the last few months!!! you are awesome!!! #gigatownnsn."

The Nelson Mail