Bee sting causes crash

21:10, Mar 10 2014

A man who suffered an allergic reaction to an insect sting fell from his motorbike near Tapawera.

Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter base manager Tim Douglas-Clifford said the 50-year-old Hamilton man was unaware of his allergy when he was first stung by a bee while riding with friends. He pulled over, removed the sting and kept riding before developing an anaphylactic reaction and coming off his bike.

"His partner in the group looked back to check on him and saw he wasn't there."

The man was found lying on the side of the road. He was first treated by ambulance staff at the scene, and then by the helicopter's on-board intensive care paramedic as he was flown to Nelson Hospital. A spokesperson said he had been treated and discharged.

A group of pupils from Victory Primary School suffered a mass stinging attack at the end of last month when they disturbed a wasp nest during a treasure hunt game. The school was celebrating Pirate Day at Tahunanui Beach.

Nine pupils were taken to hospital suffering from multiple stings, and one grandmother collapsed after suffering a severe allergic reaction. She was taken to Nelson Hospital in a serious condition before being discharged last weekend. February and March were the most active time of year for wasps in Nelson.