Possibility of a dam means plan changes

00:00, Mar 11 2014

Changes to Tasman district's resource management plan have paved the way for further urban development, a supermarket, and "significant changes" to the way water is managed in the district.

Decisions on a number of changes to the Tasman Resource Management Plan [TRMP] are now publicly notified.

The plan is the means through which the council, in consultation with the community, plans for resource use throughout the district.

With the notification of the decisions on the six plan changes, all now have legal effect but are subject to appeals to the Environment Court within 30 working days.

Council spokesman Chris Choat said changes applied to Richmond West and the part of the TRMP dealing with rivers and lakes which have been made operative after several years of consultation, objections, and appeals.

The plan change decisions are:


Waimea water management and augmentation [changes 45-48]

Foodstuffs SI Ltd request for commercial zoning Richmond [change 49]

Network Tasman Ltd request for extension to scheduled site, Hope [change 50].

The Waimea Water Management plan change decisions deal with the possible provision of the Waimea Community Dam, and water allocation for the Waimea Plains ifthere is no dam.

"These decisions make significant changes to the way water is managed within the Waimea catchment and recognise the possibility of the construction of the Waimea Community Dam."

The operative changes are the land use plan for Richmond West, which sees an extra 30 hectares of land zoned for future urban use.

The TRMP also has policies and rules affecting activities in rivers and lakes in the district. Private plan changes confirm industrial use of several parcels of land supporting Network Tasman Ltd at Hope, and the other allows the development of a supermarket at Three Brothers corner in Richmond, Mr Choat said.

Foodstuffs plans to build a New World on the former Bay Nurseries site, which will make it the third supermarket in Richmond. It had been zoned residential.

Further details are available from the council's website and through council offices and libraries.

A public meeting will take place this Thursday at 7.30pm at the Appleby School Hall about the Waimea Water Management Plan change decisions.