Sallies sick of being used to tip rubbish

20:39, Mar 12 2014
Field Junction
UNWANTED: Salvation Army shop assistant manager Janice Feyen, left, and manager Margaret Earney with household items dumped at the Salvation Army’s Vanguard St store.

Managers at the Salvation Army Family Shop say their grounds are being used as a dump.

Over the weekend, the Vanguard St store had an accumulation of rubbish and junk left on its doorstep.

Store manager Margaret Earney said there were more people leaving unwanted junk at the store which was costing the charity time and money to deal with.

When the Nelson Mail visited, there was a broken vacuum hose, a busted set of drawers, a rusty gas heater, an abandoned small TV, dirty mattresses and clothes, shoes and household items strewn around the car park.

"If people came to see us we could help them out. They could use their food money to pay dump fees and then we could give them a food package," Ms Earney said.

The store had to pay to get the junk removed, which meant its truck driver was spending his Mondays dealing with this issue instead of collecting and dropping off goods for the store.


"Each year we have to spend about $18,000 on dump fees. That's money we could be using to help people," she said.

People had rummaged through the bags of clothing, broken furniture and boxes of junk left at the store, some glass had smashed and it had rained overnight.

Anything that would have been salvageable had to be thrown away as it was ruined from the rain.

"It's just disappointing when we are out to help people in need, the money needed to dispose of this stuff could have been put back into the community.

"The whole lot will have to be dumped."

Family store assistant manager Janice Feyen said the issue had worsened over the years as the cost to take items to the dump had increased.

However, she said this did not mean people could "use us as a dump".

They were planning on getting security camera installed.