Hosing ban looms despite forecast

23:58, Mar 11 2014

Hose bans will start from Monday for many Tasman district homes.

Despite forecast rain the Tasman District Council says it is not enough and will step up restrictions.

From Monday hosing will be banned in Richmond, Mapua, Ruby Bay, Brightwater, Hope, Wakefield and Tapawera.

Dry Weather Task Force convenor Dennis Bush-King said urban water users and those on council rural water supplies in the Waimea Plains had made a good effort to reduce consumption, but more was needed, especially in Brightwater and those consumers on the Redwood Valley supply.

Using hoses to wash cars is also restricted and council staff will be approaching major industrial users of water, such as NPI, the meatworks and the Fonterra Brightwater factory, to ensure conservation measures are in place.

Those delivering water by tanker will not be permitted to fill up from hydrants in the Waimea Plains area and tank water will have to come from Motueka.


A Conserve Water notice also applies to the rural water supply schemes of Redwood Valley, 88 Valley, and Dovedale, and to owners of private domestic wells in the areas subject to water rationing.

Stage 3 water rationing, which means a 50 per cent cut in allowable water takes, will also come into force in part of the Waimea Plains from Monday, while others are on stage 1 and 2 restrictions.

"The dry conditions are extending and rain this morning and that predicted for Sunday is not expected to help," said Mr Bush-King.

The Wairoa River at the Wairoa Gorge had now dropped to 2000 l/s with the Waimea River flow at Appleby Bridge flowing just above 1000 l/s, which was about a 380 l/s drop since last week.

The Upper Motueka area had reached the point where Stage 1 restrictions need to be introduced in the Wangapeka, Tapawera Plains, and Motupiko zones to ensure compliance with the Motueka Water Conservation Order.

Permit holders in the Takaka catchment are also under restrictions under their permit conditions.