More city schools to get speed zones

New 40kmh speed zones are being put around Nelson schools by the city council.

The new limits will be imposed around Nelson College, Nelson College for Girls, Nelson Intermediate School, and St Joseph's, Hampden Street, Victory and Tahunanui schools in the next few weeks. They are intended to make drivers slow down and improve safety.

The council said speed restrictions already in place around other Nelson schools were "working very effectively".

Electronic signs will be installed at each end of the new zones, and the school principal or a staff member will operate them during the busy morning and afternoon crossing times.

"The initiative is all about making it safer for children - our most vulnerable road users," said council communications manager Angela Ricker.

"Reducing speed limits by just 10kmh on our local streets will bring significant road safety benefits to all road users, particularly children on their way to and from school, cyclists and walkers. The difference between hitting a pedestrian at 40kmh and 50kmh can literally be a matter of life or death."

Streets affected are:

■ Collingwood, Manuka and Bronte Sts, outside St Joseph's.

■ Trafalgar St South and Rutherford St, outside Nelson College for Girls.

■ Waimea Rd and Franklyn, Hampden, Ngatiawa and Van Diemen Sts, outside Nelson College and Hampden Street School.

■ Tipahi and Motueka Sts, outside and at the crossing point for Nelson Intermediate School.

■ Totara and St Vincent Sts, outside Victory Primary School.

■ Tahunanui Dr, outside Tahunanui School.