Paint and bad haircuts spice up athletics day

00:00, Mar 20 2014
Quin Strange, Nathan Manuel with Kainga Schinkel
BRAVEHEARTS: Head of Fell House Quin Strange and deputy Nathan Manuel with Kainga Schinkel, 13, get into the spirit of the Nelson College athletics day.

Wigs, paint and DIY haircuts all added to the "awesome" atmosphere of Nelson College house athletics day.

The annual event was held at the college yesterday, where students were divided into eight different houses to compete with each other for the house trophy. Munroe came out on top.

Students participated in shot put, short and long distance running, javelin, and high and long jump.

Those who were not competing supported from the sideline, including some parents.

Nelson College head of physical education Chris Franklin said the day was a chance for boys to show thier "good competitive spirits".

"It's an opportunity for boys to get dressed up, wear paint and colours and really celebrate their house. They really get into it."


Head of Fell House, boarder Quin Strange, said the day was "awesome".

"It was a really good atmosphere. It's one day a year where we can let loose and get into the house spirit."

He said the outfits were interesting, with students painting themselves in their house colours - his was maroon.

He saw a few colourful wings, boys in tights, one was wearing bed sheets and, as part of the Fell House tradition, some terrible DIY haircuts.

He had one, "something like a number one".

"It's part of the tradition at Fell House. You have to get it fixed after."

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