Evie continues family's proud legal legacy

00:00, Mar 20 2014
Bill, Richard and Evie Rainey
FAMILY TRADITION: Evie Rainey has followed her father Bill Rainey and grandfather Richard Rainey, and her great-grandfather, by pursuing a career in law.

With three generations of lawyers behind her, Nelsonian Evie Rainey is finally joining "the club".

It was "raining Raineys" yesterday in the High Court at Nelson, with 30 supporters attending the Victoria University graduate's admission to the bar.

The 25-year-old addressed the court in te reo before thanking her friends and family for their support over the years.

"They have got me here to this courtroom, and I am so happy to celebrate it with them today.

"I am so grateful to have grown up in such a close-knit community in Nelson."

Her great-grandfather on her father's side, along with her grandfather Richard and father Bill, were or are lawyers.


It was particularly special to have her father as her moving counsel, she said.

Bill Rainey was admitted to the bar in the same courthouse in 1980. His father Richard was his moving counsel.

Ms Rainey's mother's father was also a lawyer, and was the original owner of the horsehair wig and cloak she wore for her admission.

Ms Rainey said she chose to be a lawyer partly because of her dad, but mostly because she liked the many functions the law had and the different ways it could be used.

While she is based in Wellington, where she works for commercial law firm Russell McVeagh in its resource management team, she chose to be admitted in Nelson because of her family and their history with the law.

Her mother Lucy Rainey said she was "absolutely delighted" to have so many members of their close family attend the ceremony.

Justice Joe Williams said it was "raining Raineys" as he welcomed Ms Rainey into "the club".

"You have promised to truly and honestly conduct your life."

It could be easy to cut corners, given the stressful nature of the job, he said.

He told Ms Rainey to enjoy her work, to laugh and to not take herself too seriously.

"I get to wear a long blond wig, [which] I always thought I would look hot in. I am hot, especially in muggy Nelson," Justice Williams joked.

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