Our environment trashed

00:07, Mar 24 2014
dumped rubbish nelson
Unsightly: Household rubbish left at the foot of Whangamoa Hill

TVs, a barbecue and other household rubbish has been dumped on land by State Highway 6 at the bottom of the Whangamoa Hill near Nelson.

Authorities say anyone caught dumping their trash illegally will be prosecuted.

"Dumping rubbish is more than just unsightly. It's illegal and potentially hazardous," said Mark Owen, NZ Transport Agency acting highways manager Nelson-Tasman.

"We're disappointed at the actions of whoever did it and we're hoping it's a fairly isolated case.

"It also has to be cleared away at our own expense, and it's a shame that taxpayers have to subsidise other people trashing the environment."

If caught, rubbish dumpers would be prosecuted. If anyone saw someone dumping rubbish, they should call the police.

If anyone encountered rubbish dumped on the side of the highway, they should report it to 0800 4 Highways and contractors would be sent to remove it.


The Nelson Mail