Councillors to face public at markets

21:34, Mar 31 2014

The Nelson Market is set to have a new talking spot with city councillors agreeing to roster on the first Saturday of every month so the community can come to them with concerns.

The council decided at a meeting on Thursday to make themselves more available to the public at the weekly markets.

Banter flew around the council table as councillors worked out the finer details of the plan.

The idea was the brainchild of councillor Luke Acland.

Councillor Ruth Copeland asked if it was mandatory to be included. Mayor Rachel Reese replied to the council saying she would think Acland "would struggle to get you there every Saturday".

She facetiously told the councillors she had an icecream container filled with their names in her office waiting to be picked out.

Councillor Pete Rainey said it would be a volunteer ballot system unless Acland was planning on "doing it all the time".

Acland humorously replied he would not mind doing it all the time especially as it was just in time for winter. He then assured councillors it would be a roster system with a couple of councillors to attend the market each month to connect with constituents.

Councillors will be at the market from April 5, and a customer service representative from Civic House would also be there for support.