Bungalow demolition a waste - neighbour

02:22, Apr 03 2014
vanguard demolition
COMING DOWN: The bungalow being demolished on Vanguard St.

Demolition of an old Vanguard St bungalow in Nelson has raised questions about whether parts of it could have been recycled, but it was never an option for health and safety reasons, spokesman Martin Sutton said.

The pre-1935 bungalow was demolished after a few swipes of the digger yesterday, to make way for new storage units to be built on the site.

The neighbour opposite, Winnie Luthje who has renovated her own 1930s bungalow almost entirely with recycled materials, wondered why the public could not help themselves to the stained glass windows and rimu wood before the house was torn down.

"I was concerned about the waste, and there were a couple of house-lots of firewood the public might have been able to use."

Luthje was surprised it all happened so fast.

"Surely a sign could have gone up or something, then this morning it was just crash, bang," she said yesterday.


She said the house had a mix of aluminium windows and stained glass windows someone might have wanted.

Martin Sutton, of Nelson Management Services, which is handling the demolition and construction project said the nature of rules around demolition and construction sites now meant it was not possible to allow public entry.

"It's just not safe and there are so many rules that you leave yourself open to liability if you allow people in," he said.

Sutton said the pre-1935 house was in an "awful" state. It had been a rental for 20 years and was riddled with borer.

The site was now being prepared for another five storage units, of 45 sq m each. Sutton said demand for storage was increasing as more people downsized their homes and "bought more toys".

The units had three-metre headroom and were large enough to store caravans or campervans.