Lack of rain brings more water restrictions

23:58, Apr 01 2014

A lack of rain means water restrictions are again being considered.

The Tasman District Council's Dry Weather Taskforce convenor, Dennis Bush-King, said river levels were again dropping and that some water permit holders in Golden Bay and the Upper Motueka were already operating under restrictions because of their consent conditions.

"Despite hoping that the rain in mid-March would see us through, there are areas in Tasman which could do with rain. Even the Waimea River at the Wairoa Gorge has dropped back down to 2.7 cubic metres a second, which is just below our consultation trigger."

The council was monitoring the situation and would make a decision later in the week as to whether to reconvene the group.

Bush-King noted rain was predicted and demand for water had declined significantly from its peak but the council's stepped approach to water restrictions would mean that when flow triggers are reached restrictions would come into force to protect river values.

It is the third time water restrictions have been considered. Residents were asked to conserve water during a dry spell at the end of last year, but rain in January averted restrictions.

Then restrictions were introduced in February, but lifted on March 17 after rain from Cyclone Lusi.