Rescuers 'saved our lives'

20:27, Apr 08 2014

Injured hitch-hiker Nikki Honda wants to thank the roadside rescuers who "saved our lives" after she and Michaela Brandl were attacked.

The 27-year-old Japanese-Dutch tourist has also credited Brandl as being "the bravest woman I've ever met", and offered her condolences to family and friends of slain Christchurch woman Amy Farrall.

Both tourists were discharged from Christchurch Hospital yesterday, eight days after their violent encounter with a man who picked them up on the West Coast on March 30.

Police allege the same man murdered Farrall, a 24-year-old Christchurch community supporter worker, a day earlier.

A bank account set up to help the women has received more than $14,000 in donations.

Honda thanked their rescuers, saying she also hoped to do so in person.


"They saved our lives. There are no words to describe the appreciation I feel. I would really like to get their names and see them.

"I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Ms Amy Farrall. My thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends during this difficult time.

"I would like to thank especially my new friend Michaela, the bravest woman I've ever met.

"I don't know what would have happened to me without her, and she has given me the greatest support to get through this. I feel so blessed that we have each other."

Honda said the attack, and the days recovering in hospital, had felt like "a long dream I can't wake up from".

However, she was determined to stay positive, laugh, be happy and "smile like I always did".

The two women, who met recently in Nelson, were hitch-hiking from Whataroa to Queenstown when they were attacked by a man who picked them up.