Can-do youngsters eye drinks market

00:00, Apr 12 2014

Waimea College has some budding entrepreneurs who have been working together to create innovative businesses.

Year 10 and 11 students have been working on a BP Business Challenge over the past three days where groups have set up camp in the school hall to form virtual companies with an organisational structures and director roles.

Groups were given a brief to devise a product which solves a problem, or fills a need. Groups had to research the product, target market and competition and develop business plan. Yesterday they had to deliver a 10-minute presentation of their business to a panel of judges.

Ideas included a game controller with stress balls attached for "gamer's rage", removable spikes for athletic shoes and an app to encourage healthy eating.

Waimea business studies teacher Naomi Chapman said the challenge was open to any Year 10 and 11 students.

"It's to encourage them to have innovative and can-do attitudes," she said. "They learn crisis management, how to work as a team, time and resource management, being creative and working with limited resources."


Students could go on to develop and turn their ideas into real businesses in year 12.

Josh Radcliffe, 15, was the chief executive of Dank - an idea for a drink his team had invented in the challenge which combined a protein shake with an energy drink.

Members in his team went to the gym and would often have a protein shake afterwards while they would all use energy drinks. He said there was a "gap in the market" for a combination of the two.

He said it had been great working with a team.

He might look into developing the idea further next year. "It's a good idea and there is nothing like it in New Zealand. There's a gap for it."

The winner of the challenge was a group of girls whose idea was a bag with different compartments for different school material.

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