An unexpected knock at the door

03:43, Apr 14 2014
car meets house
DROPPED IN: Headache for tenants and neighbour in Quebec Rd.

While two young Nelson residents worked through the night, a car rolled into their Quebec Rd property and blocked the entrance.

One occupant, who declined to be identified, said he saw the damage when he returned home to the rented property at 6am today. Both he and his partner worked night shifts and were out of the house when it happened.

"The first thing I noticed was a rock up there had been knocked off and my flax bush was flattened. I thought: ‘What's happened here?' "

The silver sedan had apparently rolled backwards down a steep hill and crashed into the side of the house, smashing a window, breaking a set of steps leading to the front door and crushing part of the cladding.

The man said the car belonged to a neighbour.

A police spokeswoman said she understood the car's handbrake had failed.

As the incident happened on private property, it was an insurance matter.