Blitz on unpaid fines pays off

A blitz on Nelson offenders owing fines and reparation has prompted them to pay up.

The joint operation between police and Ministry of Justice collections staff resulted in thousands of dollars in outstanding fines and reparation payments owed to victims being recovered.

Collections staff joined police to visit people with outstanding payments this month. They executed warrants to either seize property, recover costs or make arrangements to pay, to the value of $175,000.

Nelson Bays area commander Inspector Steve Greally said it was satisfying knowing that victims of crime would be getting what was owed to them as a result of the operation.

Tasman district police road policing services team leader Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews said people needed to pay their fines and reparation to avoid seeing police and bailiffs.

There was the difficulty of having to approach people to seize their property, but they were often understanding, he said.

"Some people are quite accepting. It is just a matter of people failing to get around to paying their fines.

"These people need to take responsibility for themselves to go to the courts and pay what they owe. You can even pay over the phone now."

Because the initiative was so successful, the operation would continue, he said.