Riders reminded of dangers

19:49, Apr 28 2014
Kaitlyn Blomfield
CLEANING UP: A motorcylist remains in Nelson Hospital after being involved in a collision with a vehicle on Waimea Rd on Saturday.

Motorcyle riders are being urged to pay attention "at all times" after a crash left a man in a critical condition

A 20-year-old man came off his bike on State Highway 6 in the Rai Valley area yesterday.

He was airlifted to Nelson Hospital by the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter with chest and arm injuries about 2pm. He remained in the hospital's intensive care unit today.

St John Ambulance shift manager Mike Casey said emergency services arrived at the scene in the Whangamoas to find that the motorcyclist had gone over a bank.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident. Casey said that, as a motorcyclist himself, there were a number of possibilities.

It was a winding road, which would be attractive to any motorcyclist, he said.


"But any time a motorcyclist comes to grief on an open road, there is huge potential for significant injury."

Car drivers had the protection of airbags and the body of the car itself, but motorcyclists did not have a lot of protection, he said.

"Even if you crash at a low speed, you could slam against the road or railings, for example.

"It reminds you as a motorcyclist that you have to be paying attention at all times."

The second accident was a collision between a motorcycle carrying two people and a four-wheel-drive vehicle on Waimea Rd, Nelson about 11.30am on Saturday.

Emergency services were at the scene for over an hour.

A man was taken to Nelson Hospital and remained there today in a comfortable condition.

No other details of the crash were available.