Storm-damaged track closed till spring

01:09, May 01 2014

Several storm-hit Nelson tracks have reopened, but others such as the popular Codgers network will remain closed until spring.

The Nelson City Council has reopened the Sir Stanley Whitehead track, the Botanical Hill tracks (Centre of NZ), the Grampians, and Marsden Valley tracks including the Involution Trail after clearing away debris left by the pre-Easter storm.

The council is advising those using the tracks to be mindful as there are still some hazards such as hanging branches in forested areas.

However, other tracks remain closed.

Codgers was particularly hit hard by the storm and will be closed for months as the council harvests a block of pine trees which suffered extensive damage.

The area will be closed to the public while the trees are harvested.


Nelson Mountain Bike president Paul Jennings said the club had been working to get tracks open around Nelson including in the Richmond Hills and in the Maitai Valley, but in the case of Codgers it was best to leave it to the council's contractors to get in there and harvest the trees.

"It's pretty well accepted that the damage there is beyond tidying up and it needs some serious thought going into it," he said. "We are concentrating on opening the trails that just had minimum damage."

Once Codgers had been made safe the club would get back in there to do track work.

"We need to let the council and contractors do their thing in there and once they have then the club go back in and rebuild all the trails and sort stuff out. It's quite a big process really to get Codgers sorted out. It's not going to be a quick fix," he said.

Jennings said mountainbikers still had plenty of options, with about 50 other tracks open in the region.

Council communications manager Angela Ricker said good progress has been made clearing the Dun Mountain Trail, with around 100 trees cleared from the track. A major slip about a kilometre before Third House was now passable.

But the track was not expected to be open for at least three weeks.

Once open, access to the trail will be via Tantragee Rd, or the Classic Track (through the redwoods by the Brook Motor Camp), as the start of the Dun Mountain Trail through Codgers will remain closed.

Closed tracks have been marked closed with danger tape or "Reserve Closed" signs.