Beware being spied upon

OPINION: So you look up and there it is, your neighbour's new toy, a $1600 drone, hovering outside your window.

Balancing act needed in RMA revamp

Environment Minister Nick Smith is not shy of a challenge.

NMIT needs to resolve issue

OPINION: Allegations that some international students at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology have been encouraged here under false pretences are troubling.

Nelson to bowl over cricket fans

Tuesday's one-day international between New Zealand and Sri Lanka gives huge confidence the region will deliver at the Cricket World Cup.

Articulating experience of pain

Over a decade ago, Stephanie de Montalk slipped and fell while getting out of the shower.

Economy only reaches so far

The economy didn't live up to the "rock star" billing it was given early last year but still performed strongly, despite the slide in dairy prices.

Tech-savvy kids grow up fast

What a minefield. Who would want to be a parent of young children these days? Or a teacher, for that matter.

Celebrating the region's successes

Celebrating success in any community is paramount in helping it to thrive and grow. Without recognition, a region can become stagnant.

Shining a light is not enough

New Zealanders would dearly love to fillet the Antarctic toothfish poaching industry. We just don't have the sharp implements.

Lawmakers show lack of vision

Our lawmakers are shortsighted for not recognising that many victims want no more than a sentence to reflect the the crime.

Lawmakers make an ass of the law

Imposing another layer of procedures on the justice system before appropriate resources are provided is foolish.

Precise rules, imprecise thinking

100kmh speed sign

Eruptions of public displeasure have forced a review of the police's zero tolerance stance on summer speeding.

Always look behind you

Negative types would say that personal responsibility should render the Government's $30 million driveway safety programme redundant.

Council critics on the slide

Would those people knocking the council's decision to turn down the Monster Slide be happy if access to their own homes was blocked off for an entire day?

The ugliness of nationalism

How fortunate we are in New Zealand not to be cursed with ethnic and religious feuds like those that plague parts of the Old World.

A case for stiffer penalties

New Zealand is not among the world-beaters when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Heritage everyone's concern

It's difficult to assess the true risk the Trathen's building and others like it pose to public safety.

Satire is serious stuff

No-one, no matter how offensive their comments may be, deserves to be shot. Slain. Massacred. In their place of work.

Attack threatens freedom

How can anyone justify the slaying of unarmed civilians? It appears that former broadcaster and Maori Party candidate Derek Fox can.

Relief for farmers, not posties

State ownership does not exempt an enterprise from striving to do all it can to hold on to customers when business flags.

Much ado about doing nothing

I'm writing this early. I'm supposed to be on holiday right now. It's Christmas Eve and the air is filled with a hint of madness.

Tourism needs a cheerleader

OPINION: Up against centres with international airports, the Nelson region has to work harder to get travellers to head to our corner.

Chapter closing on book shops

Mark Zuckerberg's latest resolution might help a little, but is too late to save the latest book store to shut.

Sausages deserve a good drop

The first step to cooking the perfect barbecue sausage is to buy great product. When done properly, there isn't much better than a nice juicy steak or sausage from the barbecue.

Speed, booze to blame, not cops

Let's not blame the police for the disappointingly high road toll this Christmas.

More male teachers needed

The Ministry of Education appears at a loss as to how to resolve the chronic shortage of male teachers, a challenge hampered by both red flags and red tape.

Southern Link needs scrutiny

OPINION: Councillors challenging Nick Smith's support for the Southern Link make a good point.

Honesty no longer the norm

Simple honesty is regarded as so out of the ordinary that those who show honesty are deemed worthy of special mention and rewards.

No easy fix in battle of the booze

OPINION: Four out of five New Zealanders aged 15 or over drink alcohol.

Some progress on centre

The year draws to an end with good news for those who have missed the closest thing we have to a good-sized sports stadium that can double as a performance venue. The push to reopen the Trafalgar Centre is proceeding, with a range of options and costings to be presented to council within a month or two.

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