Hellish battle in pursuit of peace

Why Gallipoli?

OPINION: The danger of a large-scale Anzac centenary commemoration is that its elaborate trappings could romanticise soldiering and even war itself.

Grant still stinks

Members of Oracle Team USA skippered James Spithill wave to supporters after they defeated Emirates Team New Zealand skippered Dean Barker during race nine of the America's Cup finals on September 15, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Team Oracle USA won race nine and Emirates Team New Zealand won race ten.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

OPINION: Somehow the size of the Callaghan Innovation grant to a company owned by Oracle was extravagantly overstated .

A roadblock in the revenue stream

Another day, another speeding ticket.

A cop pulled me over the other day. In Atawhai, that's just the way things go.

Building a stronger community

Tahunanui School pupils  pull some weeds out of the vegetable garden at the school, part of the Kids Edible Gardens in Schools programme.

OPINION: When the council proposes to slash the Community Assistance Fund from $400,000 to $150,000 over three years, my hackles rise.

The end of the common touch

Serial ponytail tugger John Key shaves Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive Roger Sutton's head for charity on the steps of parliament last year.

Just in case the Government is listening in, I want to make it clear that I have not had a ponytail for decades. Those photos that the GCSB may have dredged up and tossed on the PM’s desk are incriminating, in the way of fashion crime, and perhaps even titillating if that’s your bag, but they are old news.

What bound this band of brothers?

Anzac soldiers of the 6th Field Battery on water-carrying fatigues stop for a rest and a smoke.

OPINION: What can never fully understand is what impelled men to enlist for military service in the two world wars, knowing their lives might be at risk.

Sailing away from the cup

America's Cup boss Sir Russell Coutts believes a Kiwi replacement could be found for Team New Zealand.

The answer has been blowing in the wind for some time now: It's time to let the America's Cup go.

Housing monster must be tackled

10042015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Housing market troubles representing by buble houses about to burst

balloon, banking, blue, bubble, burst, business, buying, clouds, concept, crash, credit, crunch, development, drop, estate, expensive, falling, fear, finance, home, house, housing, investment, loan, loss, luxury, market, mortgage, moving, prices, property, rate, real, recession, residential, sale, sky, space, structure, suburban, trouble, wealth

OPINION: A crash in Auckland property prices would be a sledgehammer economic blow.

Dinosaurs need help in digital age

Calling in the geeks can be an exercise in humiliation.

OPINION: I am one of those dinosaurs who once happily roamed a pre-digital world.

More industry needed for jobs liftoff

Engineers refit the interior lining and overhead lockers to an Air Nelson Q300 at Nelson Airport.

OPINION: It's a familiar lament from visitors to Nelson, "What a great place to live, if only we could find work here."

Nelson’s railway to nowhere

Spooner Tunnel is only open to the public one day a month over summer.

Smack bang in the middle of Nelson's railway to nowhere New Zealand's longest unused rail tunnel.

Bridge needs widening, ASAP

Two heavy trucks wedged on the Motueka River bridge.

OPINION: The Motueka River bridge is a hold-your-breath drive, and not just for nervous motorists.

Mussels helping to clean dirty water

Mussels have a role in cleaning dirty waters.

Trust using mussels to help reduce polluted waters.

'Let it all wash over you'

Stacey the window washer on the corner of Hardy and Rutherford Street on Tuesday.

OPINION: The windscreen-washing lark has whipped up a storm, and it’s not hard to see why.

Exploitive contracts need to go

1302015 News Photo: David Unwin/ Fairfax NZ.
Wendy's workers and union reps L-R Adam Browne, Nathan Steer, Dallas Merlo-Sims, Jess Leatherby, Jerome Pula and Jason Belworthy protest after being denied an alternative holiday when they work on a public holiday. Because Wendy's workers are on "Zero Hour Contracts" they have no right to an alternative holiday or lieu day as it is known.

It seems larger companies are more likely to seek and exploit loopholes in employment law - and shame on those who do so.

Last chance to stop the dam

Nelson MP Nick Smith and David Carter discuss the proposed Lee Dam near its proposed location.

OPINION: It's time for the TDC to face reality over the Waimea Community dam, says Paul MacLennan.

The truth is, we all lie

The tooth fairy is standard in most Kiwi homes.

We tell white lies all the time, often without realising it.

With parenthood comes responsibility

CHANGING FRIENDS: But as I settled into single parenthood I found myself acquiring a new circle of friends and acquaintances who, like me, were freshly alone.

No doubt some people see the child support system as unfair but, obviously, it's essential.

Don't take Rabbit Island for granted

Places like Rabbit Island are environmental resources we must treasure and protect.

As is the case with many Nelsonians, Rabbit Island has been the scene of our extended family’s summer picnics.

On the brink of WWI overload

New Zealand Army reserve soldier Adam Friend carries the regimental sword used by Colonel Cyprian Brereton into the hall at Nelson College for the launch of the 2nd edition of Brereton's book, Tales of Three Campaigns.

OPINION: A fortnight out from Anzac Day, I’m already up to my eyeballs in Gallipoli commemorations.

Campbell show would be missed

Campbell Live presenter John Campbell.

OPINION: The potential end of Campbell Live is a blow not just for television current affairs, but for investigative journalism.

Getting back to basics in Fairlie

Drought Shout organiser Graeme Denize, right, saw first hand the tough times some farmers faced in the adverse weather conditions.

OPINION: The dress code at this shindig is gumboots, jeans and Swanndri.

Probe should bring relief

14012015 News Photo: Alden Williams/Fairfax NZ

NMIT international students Ritu Aggarwal, left, Gurinder Singh, Amit Kumar, Varinder Gill and Anshul Munjal at their shared accommodation on Brook Street.

The region's tertiary educator has emerged largely undamaged from a searching examination of the way it recruits foreign students.

Do us a favour - get a jab

A vaccination is no guarantee of immunity - but, that small jab in the arm aside, it's a useful precaution that cannot hurt.

Flying high gets you down

"Leg room has been reduced to the point where passengers of my height spend the three-and-something hours to Sydney or Melbourne with their knees up around their ears"

OPINION: Travelling by air these days is an ordeal; there's no disguising it. Passengers are just so many units to be processed.

Consistent rules needed

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There are a lot of questions around how the rules governing the carrying and wearing of lifejackets are applied across the country.

When a loyal friend dies

Ro Cambridge and Pete, who made
life good.

OPINION: My dog, Pete, is dead. The house feels empty. I feel sad.

Irony rules the waves

Team Luna Rossa boss Patrizio Bertelli withdrew his syndicate from the 2017 America's Cup after a controversial change of racing protocol.

Team NZ will be challenging the decision not to race in NZ but - like other teams - it recognises the wisdom of reducing costs.

Super clash more than rugby

Match organisers are expecting scenes to surpass 2011 when the Crusaders come to Trafalgar Park in May.

More than competition points will be at stake when the Crusaders and Hurricanes square off at Trafalgar Park at the end of next month.

Housing plan in the balance

Housing New Zealand seems to be preparing to sell its Huntly housing stock, with locals reporting that properties are being done up and then boarded closed in preparation for sale. 58b Harris street (supposedly a Housing NZ house empty).

The priority given by the Key Government to housing in its third term was reflected in the post-election Cabinet reshuffle.

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