Parents deny bigger lessons

The St Bede's parents no doubt thought they were supporting their sons. But what are the lessons?

Staff 'scared' to serve pregnant women

OPINION: You know hysteria over alcohol has reached an entirely new level when a waitress refuses to serve a glass of sparkling wine to a pregnant woman.

Proposed cafe move all at sea

At first blush, the proposal to spend hundreds of thousands to move a popular city restaurant 5m out to sea is absurd.

Nelson's best hot cross bun

Whose hot cross buns should you eat on Good Friday?

Poachers putting many at risk

Groups armed with silenced rifles and night vision gear creeping around the countryside sounds like something out of Afghanistan or Iraq.

Great Taste trail getting longer

The Great Taste Trail is contributing to the region in many ways, says Gillian Wratt.

Quick response not enough

New Zealand still has a lot of stepping up to do for storm-tossed Pacific nations, particularly Vanuatu.

Make sure you are well represented

Blue cod regulations commentator Hugh Shields asks some questions before consultation meetings in Nelson and Picton.

Lest ye be judged, eh?

X-Factor has all the integrity, and just a bit of the methology, of pro-wrestling.

Time to stop the perks

Prime Minister John Key's plans to curb MPs' pay rises hit a snag last week.

Booze ban part of solution

OPINION: The 24-hour central city liquor ban has helped reduce the risks from pre-loading.

Couldn't see the problem

In case it doesn't go without saying, not everyone who is living with disability carries evidence of their challenges for all to see at a glance.

Food for thought

Food, almost glorious food, is going to waste in a home near you.

A well-measured response

There is no question that the Government had to take the threat to poison baby formula with 1080 seriously.

By-election brings home bacon

National strategists have played the infrastructural development card after polls showed the safe seat of Northland might fall to Winston Peters.

Executions 'chill me to the bone'

Acceptance of abortion is a shocking blind spot, a grotesque double standard, in a society that rightly rejects capital punishment.

Equality a work in progress

Illustration: Mick Connolly

Beyond the economic statistics are others that show much more work is needed on equality.

Council's $1m a good investment

OPINION: Economic benefit studies for major sporting and other events have long been viewed with suspicion.

Restoring business confidence

Bad news comes in threes but good news comes in twos.

Mob's assurances nonsense

Let's be clear about this: We don't want the Mongrel Mob, or any other gang, in our community.

From sleepy to humming

Developers and the Tasman District Council must ensure that Mapua's atmosphere is not ruined by too much or poor-quality development.

Righteous rage not helpful

However bad their driving - and dear God it can be awful - these tourists don't actually have a death wish.

TPPA threatens Pharmac's right to choose drugs

Arthritis is an innocuous word for an illness that causes so much grief.

Peters spices up by-election

NZ First leader Winston Peters knows a by-election will give him some valuable exposure early in the electoral cycle

Really, you shouldn't have . . .

Public displeasure at yet another whizzbang increase in our politicians' pay is reliably worsened by the horribly out-of-tune chorus of regret from the recipients.

Foreign land register sensible move

For all of his populist instincts, Prime Minister John Key appears curiously out of touch with the public on land ownership by foreign investors.

Nelson a Shangri-La?

I suspect I may be a Nelson Mother. Technically I'm a Motueka Father.

Balance needed over cycleways

OPINION: It's great that Nelson is making gains as a cycle-friendly city. Supporting this basic transportation mode makes sense for many reasons.

Editorial: MPs' pay rise can't be justified

OPINION: The Remuneration Authority, formerly the Higher Salaries Commission, was set up to take the heat out of the sensitive subject of how much we pay our politicians.

No one answer to foreign driver issue

OPINION: There is a heap of data available on foreign drivers. Mostly, they crash for the same reasons Kiwis do.

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