Scallop closure essential

A temporary closure of the Southern Scallop Fishery area (SCA7) in the Marlborough Sounds is the best way to ensure the ...

COLUMN: The closure of the Marlborough Sounds scallop fishery is the only option, writes Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith.

What we did in the holidays

Simon Says was a popular electronic game in the 1970s.

Who needs Pokemon Go when you can reminisce about the old games?

For want of a check, a speech was lost

Melania Trump, left, stirred huge controversy at the Republican National Convention with a speech that used phrases from ...

"Melania, you're fired." If only a camera had been rolling on America's wannabe first couple in their Cleveland hotel. That behind-closed-doors chat would have been revealing.

A fresh and sweet choice

Healthy products at Fresh Choice Richmond checkouts.

OPINION: There is no doubt the young and easily swayed are targeted with sweet temptations.

Buying or not, shopping's enduring appeal

Wellington's Kirkaldie and Stains store was part of Angela Fitchett's capital shopping expedition.

I love shopping.

Seek and you shall FIND news

Gary Watson, right, talks about the loss of New Zealand on Air funding for Mainland TV news.

"NZ on Air communications manager Allanah Kalaftellis said the body had to prioritise 'news that people wanted'." – Nelson Mail

What to do about P?

Testing HNZ houses for meth in between tenancies would cost $10 million dollars.

In 2009 Prime Minister John Key declared war on the methamphetamine trade.

Salisbury still has valuable, viable role

Salisbury School in Richmond faces closure next January.

OPINION: Hekia Parata's latest push to close Salisbury School is wrong on many counts.

Challenge of keeping smiles in the aisles

Fresh Choice Nelson owners Mark and Veronica A'Court.

My work with the A'Courts over the last few years has given me an insight into the effort that goes into running a supermarket and the planning needed to make sure you can buy everything you need when you need it.

In praise of the simple, friendly, cheap coffee shop

River Kitchen on the banks of the Maitai gave the writer inspiration.

When the news is so unrelentingly full of horror, it does the good to enter a hospitable place where kindness, courtesy and conviviality still abide.

After the anger, what next?

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), fuelled the Brexit fire, but is now walking ...

"Is that Russell Harding the journalist?" asked a stranger on the end of the line.

Barefaced cheek of daylight robbery

The barefaced and bottomed thief eats the ill-gotten spoils.

Lying on the bottom bunk of a shabby motel in the Northern Region of Ghana, feeling drowsy from the heat, with my friend on the bunk next to me, there was a loud bang at the door.

Labour's chance to finally hit home

Labour has a chance to get traction ahead of the next election with its housing policies.

OPINION: After battling unconvincingly through the nervous 90s under a succession of leaders, the Labour Party this week cracked the ton.

Making light of winter gloom

Let there be light. The third edition of Light Nelson opens tomorrow night.

And the board said let there be light  .th.th.  and there was light.

Taking a stand for grandstand

The historic grandstand at the Golden Bay A & P Showgrounds is facing demoliton.

The council decision to demolish Golden Bay's historic grandstand is a travesty, says Gerard Hindmarsh.

Brokeback with deer and beer

Julian Dennison and Sam Neill star in the hit film Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Dammit, I'm going to pump that up with capitals and an apostrophe. HA!

Setting a model example

Boys and the significant male role models in their lives sit down for a meal and a chat during the Boys' Breakfast at ...

One of the biggest influences on anyone's life is the kind of role models they had growing up.

Case of the prime time crime attraction

British murder mystery Broadchurch is on Ro Cambridge's hit list of best crime dramas.

This year I've witnessed more shootings, knifings, beatings, suicides and drug overdoses than anyone should see in a lifetime.

Tackling our throwaway society

Ricky of Greenwaste To Zero demonstrates compost manufacture to Henley school pupils

It never ceases to amaze me how much trash leaves our house each week. With two adults and four kids (and their after-school friends) in the house it sometimes seems like a full time job picking up all the crap and rubbish generated by daily living in suburbia.

Capping off a bad night

Republican presidential candidate Don Trump signs a "Make America Great Again" cap for a supporter.


Kiwis make their presence felt everywhere

Sir Lockwood Smith says West Africa is the world's next big development area.

On the plane from Nelson to Auckland, the first leg of my journey back to Ghana two weeks ago, I nearly cried.

We've come a long way, baby

The March for Orlando at the Church Steps with the writer and his son Miro at centre.

OPINION: Walking down Trafalgar St on Saturday morning I found myself thinking about cigarettes.

Our unofficial road code

Signalling at Nelson roundabouts is erratic and often wrong.

There are official rules and real rules, as Angela Fitchett discovers.

A kiss more than just a kiss

The original photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt capturing an American sailor kissing a woman in Times Square on VJ Day in 1945.

True story.

Risk of diluting the message

A fundraising degustation dinner in Motueka has been told to reduce the size of its wine servings.

The row over how much alcohol should be served a fundraising degustation dinner is more than a storm in a wine glass.

Furry friends make work worthwhile

Amanda Pearce at the front door of Fifeshire House with George.

Could bringing your dog to work create a happier, less stressful workplace?

Gem in wine retail scene

Ann Banks provides fine wines and plenty of specialist knowledge at Casa del Vino on Hardy St.

In all the years I have been writing about wine and all the people associated with the production of it there are a couple of parts of the wine story I haven't written about very much at all, viticulturists and retailers.

Reports of my life have been greatly exaggerated

The Aegean sea of Crete where the author found some peace.

REVIEW: No Facebook, no email, no mobile phones. It was glorious.

Costly working farm dogs

Jock Wyllie of Kaihoka and his dog Will at dog trial finals in Tapanui.

OPINION: Dog trials bring a lot of enjoyment, but registering working dogs does give rise to frustration.

Metamorphosis of a crisis

John Key, Bill English and Paula Bennett are all singing from the same "no housing crisis" songsheet.

OPINION: As a parent, getting your kids to 'own up' to their mistakes and messes is a big thing.  Mostly they are small annoying little things – their mistakes that is.  "Who left the door open?"  "Who took the batteries out of the remote?"  "Whose stuff is this in the middle of the floor I keep tripping up on?" 

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