From sleepy to humming

Developers and the Tasman District Council must ensure that Mapua's atmosphere is not ruined by too much or poor-quality development.

Righteous rage not helpful

However bad their driving - and dear God it can be awful - these tourists don't actually have a death wish.

TPPA threatens Pharmac's right to choose drugs

Arthritis is an innocuous word for an illness that causes so much grief.

Peters spices up by-election

NZ First leader Winston Peters knows a by-election will give him some valuable exposure early in the electoral cycle

Really, you shouldn't have . . .

Public displeasure at yet another whizzbang increase in our politicians' pay is reliably worsened by the horribly out-of-tune chorus of regret from the recipients.

Foreign land register sensible move

For all of his populist instincts, Prime Minister John Key appears curiously out of touch with the public on land ownership by foreign investors.

Nelson a Shangri-La?

I suspect I may be a Nelson Mother. Technically I'm a Motueka Father.

Balance needed over cycleways

OPINION: It's great that Nelson is making gains as a cycle-friendly city. Supporting this basic transportation mode makes sense for many reasons.

Editorial: MPs' pay rise can't be justified

OPINION: The Remuneration Authority, formerly the Higher Salaries Commission, was set up to take the heat out of the sensitive subject of how much we pay our politicians.

No one answer to foreign driver issue

OPINION: There is a heap of data available on foreign drivers. Mostly, they crash for the same reasons Kiwis do.

Vigilance and visibility key factors

OPINION: The old saw, "be safe, be seen" is as applicable to water pursuits as it is to walking or cycling at night.

Backing off won't solve Super burden

OPINION: ACT leader David Seymour's call for a binding referendum about superannuation presumably comes safe in the knowledge there won't be one.

Working to bridge design gaps

Bridge St's second block has drawn plenty of negative comment over the years.

Making the CBD feel safer

I have a deepseated belief that Nelson is unsafe. When I decided to write about it, I expected to find lots of statistics proving me right. But what I discovered told a different story.

Lashlie - a life that mattered

The passing of Celia Lashlie was a shock. A shock because it came so suddenly, and because she mattered.

Great start to feast of sport

The Blarney Army had plenty of cause to cheer, and Irish eyes were shining - with tears of pride - over their giant-killing performance against a top-tier team.

From a circus to a shambles

If New Zealanders are grateful the idea of a taxpayer top-up is dead, it appears they have Bill English to thank for reining in John Key's enthusiasm.

Paedophile list not for vigilantes

OPINION: Repugnant. Vile. Loathsome. Despicable. Words applicable to those who commit sex offences against children are easy to find.

Little revisits a vital question

Just as Don Brash did, Andrew Little is challenging the incumbent government after elders at Waitangi criticised John Key for dismissing the tribunal's report.

Time to sober up at the Sevens

It looks like the sun is setting on the Wellington Sevens - at least as a carnival-style event.

Sadly, accidents do happen

Wellington Free Ambulance

Two "every parent's nightmare" news stories in the one day serve warning of the need for unblinking vigilance when youngsters are in our care.

Left sees evil but it's a blinkered view

Its ideological blinkers blind it to the fact that on this occasion, America is on the side of the angels.

Dedication makes us safer

Recent fire events should remind us that our communities are much safer as a results of the selfless dedication of our volunteer firefighters and the generosity of their employers.

His eyelashes spiky with ice crystals

Last week, at another beach on another beautiful Nelson day, I attended the memorial service for a young man called Oliver.

Classical charm wins through

The omens were not that favourable for the 13th Adam Chamber Music Festival.

Punishment does not fit crime

Whether home detention is appropriate in cases involving violence and reflects the community's abhorrence needs considering.

Wine trade with US booming

Helped by the NZ dollar's decline against the greenback, the US is becoming the wine industry's biggest export market.

Midwives' response is telling

Two widely publicised lapses in standards have bruised the midwifery profession's reputation.

False complaints rankle

OPINION: Heaven only knows what prompted two French tourists to lay a false complaint with police.

Rustling up a new Russel

Russel Norman is preparing to become political compost. The Greens should be good at that.

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