Taking hold of destiny


OPINION: If Motueka is thrive into the next generation, then the town needs to go it alone.

Fashion is in the eye of the beholder

Among the many striking things about fashion shows, are these curiosities: Who actually wears the clothes in real life?

Surgery systems need to be better

Chris Fleming

OPINION: Health board chief hits back at claims surgeons could be contributing to backlog by cherry-picking patients| Surgeons under fire

Daffodil Day a time to remember

Cancer Society Nelson volunteer

Today is a special day for those who have lost someone through cancer or are going through it themselves.

Pandering to one is unfair on the others

It must be galling for players like Ryan Crotty to accept a discretionary decision that once again appears to pander to the needs of one man.

Low turnout a risk to democracy

Ballot box

New Zealand used to be a world leader in voter participation at general elections, but no more.

Dealers in dirt betray trust

Nicky Hager

Are you disgusted by what's going on in politics? I am. We all should be.

Collins' absence conspicuous

Judith Collins

OPINION: Silence, especially in politics, can be as meaningful as a finely nuanced speech.

Patient care must be priority

300 medic

Patients are pawns in a battle between Southern Cross and a number of surgeons and specialists across the country.

Politicians and media going to the blogs

Nicky Hager


I can't help but think journalism has contracted a virulent disease from politics. I'm not sure it has an immune system strong enough to recover.

Wild animals scarce in forests

Steve Steele

You'd be a brave individual to wade head-first into the 1080 poison debate: Conservation to some, and ecological vandalism to others.

Reflecting on life as a reporter

Steve Steele

When you leave a job you've been at for years there's a lot of cleaning up to do.

Regional flights too expensive

OPINION: Huge gap between the cheapest and highest priced seats on regional flights is galling.

Backyard beer in very good cheer

Martin Townshend

Brewer Martin Townshend has struck a blow for his and the region's craft beer credentials by taking out the country's top beer award.

Work-life separation


The Nelson Mail

Even in the age of social networking and rampant oversharing of private lives, new workplace research suggests an unlikely future.

Hard thinking in the polling booth

Max Martin,

I can't remember the exact moment I realised that politics has a direct effect on my everyday life.

Fallout shadows health of economy

economy generic

In the lead-up to the general election next month, the economy is not shaping up to be much of a player, for a variety of reasons.

Whyte pushing ideology to the max

Jamie Whyte

The enthusiastic and highly qualified Jamie Whyte came to mind last week when we spent half a day touring Miramar Castle.

Room to move over yurts

Yurt dismantled

The long-running saga over yurts on a Motueka Valley farm has been a costly battle, but it has given more clarity to a complex issue.

A grubby business

Nicky Hager

OPINION: Whatever you think of Nicky Hager's methods or motives, his new book raises uncomfortable questions.

Sea changes in the seafood sector


Two developments in the seafood industry this week have signalled changes that, if realised, will be revolutionary.

Muttonhead maybe, but dickheads are out

Joe Wheeler

Makos lock Joe Wheeler on his love for Marlborough, Nelson and the Tasman Makos' team culture.

McIlroy is flying, but don't write Woods off

Rory McIlroy

As Tiger Woods' star continues to fade, Rory McIlroy's burns ever brighter.

It's sink or swim in retail

Tim and Linda McPadden

A combination of factors is putting pressure on retailers in the region.

Robin Williams' powerful verse

In the flood of tributes for actor Robin Williams from the great and famous, it was just as telling to take in the reaction of people in the street.

Dotcom ringleader of circus

Mountain Design

OPINION: The very name Kim Dotcom suggests a character from a Batman or Austin Powers movie.

Councils not great retail developers

Mapua Wharf.

OPINION: The Tasman District Council seems to have a fondness for spendups in Mapua.

Exhibitions that tell a story

Boy Zone exhibition

How delightful it was to walk into Boy Zone, a recent exhibition at the Refinery, and find myself immediately engaged and moved.

Time for West to act

OPINION: The world is on the brink of a human catastrophe.

The politics of taking a walk

Election hoardings


Even when I'm out walking, concentrating on retraining myself to walk right with my left foot, the election rears its head.

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