Of cats and men

Judge Fabrice Calmes of France judges a Russian Blue cat at the Nelson Cat Show held at Hope Hall, Nelson.

Surrounded by fluffy felines in the Hope Hall, a visiting French cat judge acknowledged his friends and family found his hobby a bit crazy.

Timeout in Bangalore: Close the nose and open the eyes

Somehow I always get roped in to trying on ten million pashminas every few metres and getting used in the shop's photo album of tourists. I should start walking round with a contract

When people say India is in your face, they aren't joking.

Homes away from home

The Nelson Market is a "local" for us all.

It was just last week, after a delicious pizza from the Milton Street Fish and Chip Shop, consumed with a glass of wine at the Sprig & Fern next door, that it suddenly dawned on me. I now have a "local".

From wimples to cayenne pepper!

They say a habit takes four weeks to form.

Okay, I can hear you groaning already!  But I am only going to be berating myself, so you can relax!

Commercial conservation - credit where it is due

Sean Weaver

Customers can now buy rainforest protection off the shelf. Huh? Yes, you can now buy New Zealand's first 'Conservation Credits' in a market-based mechanism of conservation financing developed by Ekos – an environmental financing charity based in Golden Bay.

Max factor is in the house

"With each and every ill-chosen word Donald Trump sucks in media oxygen.''

It's mid-winter and it's cold and my head is full of man-flu. There is No Depression in New Zealand.

What hospice is all about

Prime Minister John Key speaks to Nelson Tasman Region Hospice Trust Board chair Elspeth Kennedy at the hospice.

Nelson Tasman Hospice abides by the World Health Organisation's guidelines that caring for someone facing the end of their life - whether at home or in a hospice building - should neither hasten, nor postpone their death.

Why the Southern Link is needed, fast

A section of the Railway Reserve near Nelson Intermediate, the route proposed for the Southern Link road.

Progress Nelson Tasman Chairman Craig Dennis explains here why the Southern Link is vital for the region.

Media help build sense of community

Tahunanui School student Lucy Summerfield presents a petition to save Tahunanui Modellers Pond to Nelson city Council. Healthy debate on local issues helps to build a sense of community.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese takes a battering from time to time on these pages - but what does she really think about the media?

Auckland musings from a rugged Mainlander

Even from the top of the Sky Tower, the view from Auckland is always focused on Auckland.

On Thursday morning I woke to watch the sunrise over Tasman Bay from a top floor apartment at Little Kaiteriteri. 

The bread and butter (and booze) of life

Alcohol IS a poison ...  the liver virtually shuts down all the rest of its 500 vital functions while it processes the barbarian quick-smart to render it safe.

I've sipped herbal teas and upped my coffee intake and yet nothing has the zing of liquor.

Forestry strategy and the Nelson spirit

Time to reconsider reliance on pine forestry.

The City Council has been urged to approve the logging of a 25-hectare block on Fringed Hill, at the head of the Brook Valley.

A recent history of the Southern Link

A section of the Railway Reserve near Nelson Intermediate, the route proposed for the Southern Link road.

OPINION: Wasting our taxpayer dollars on revisiting political whims is a vanity indeed.

Of romance, porn and feminist values

"Christian Grey is an abusive, manipulative character, not to mention entirely implausible."

I have a confession to make. I love romance novels. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. And, y'know, reading about kissing, let's be honest.

Don't overcharge, that's the buzz

26012012\news\photo Marion van Dijk\ The Nelson Mail   PRIMARY FOCUS

Bees sit on Nelson Honey and Marketing managing director Philip Cropp's finger as he checks a hive.

The authorities making the rules around beekeeping must be careful with that growing fraternity, beekeepers.

Perfect with a capital T

The perfect cup of tea should always be brewed in a teapot fitted with a knitted cosy.

Whatever my future may hold, one thing is certain - I will be making good cups of tea well into old age.

A case for the School of Music

Architect's impression of the proposed re-development of the Nelson School of Music.

My old clunker of a piano that I loved and cared for like nothing else in my life is quite possibly the reason why I am not sitting in a Dublin council flat with five kids from six different fathers. That is the power of music.

Startup weekend opened eyes

Teams at work during the Startup Weekend held at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

Nelson's recent Startup Weekend, run by INNOVATE, joins a worldwide network of 54-hour intensives where would-be entrepreneurs join together to become actual entrepreneurs, incubating business concepts into viable projects. Jeff Kohen participated.

New Zealand's 'under-Watergate'

Thirty years ago the Rainbow Warrior was sunk in Auckland Harbour by French spies.

This Friday we recognise the 30th anniversary of NZ's first and only foray into international terrorism - the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior.

Commentary from armchair experts

Nelson College headmaster Gary O'Shea.

So another week passes and with it the latest almost compulsory news items whose sole value seems to be in enraging us. 

Wins and losses for fisheries

Does Yours Measure Up?: Small Tasman Bay blue cod caught on artificial jigs are more likely to be lip hooked and survive release than bait-caught fish which can swallow the hook and be gut hooked.

Fishos who currently enjoy a three bag limit in Tasman Bay are probably going to be punished for the historical mismanagement of the inner sounds.

Why I climbed Parliament

Verena Maeder faces a three-month prison sentence if she is convicteed of trespass for her part in a Greenpeace protest on the roof of Parliament.

OPINION: Nelson activist Verena Maeder explains why she risked a prison sentence to call for action on climate change.

Bringing warmth to winter's chill

At Jeff's Burger Den at Brooklyn School for lunch on Thursday were, from left, waitress Arihia Gibbs, Kalia Crawford-Sharp and Maia Karetai.

Poet T.S. Elliot called April the cruellest month but July is no picnic for hospitality businesses either.

Laughs a plenty among the fork 'andles

Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker garner the laughs in their comedy sketch Four Candles.

A small good-deed this week set off a train of treats.

Fairy-stories no basis for decisions

Stingrays are no spiritual guardian of our lagoons.

It's one thing to respect Maori heritage, but that doesn't mean deferring to folklore that we know to be absurd.

Aversion to domesticity is not my fault

Surely there are better things to do.

 My standard of housework has always been abysmally low, but this winter it has plummeted way below the Good Housekeeping Bureau's plimsoll line.

Global problems can be easier to solve than local ones

Argentina's former soccer player Diego Maradona ... at least he's not Sepp Blatter.

OPINION: So now Diego Maradona wants to stand for FIFA president.

Walkers Unite call for dedicated Maitai walkway

The Maitai walkway just below the Collingwood St bridge.

 Cynthia McConville, convemor of Nelson Walkers Unite, responds to a story on shared pathways in The Leader last week.

SPCA doing a crucial job

Nelson SPCA inspector Donna Walzl and vet Andrew Conway inspect Barney outside the Nelson Courthouse before he was taken into SPCA care in January.

OPINION: Why do we allow a sign on the main street that calls for shame on the Nelson SPCA?

How to be Captain Planet and how not to be

The green teens in lycra, circa 2007. Still trying to make the planet a better place.

Green Teens in Lycra 2007

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