Labour beware, only fools rush in

David Cunliffe

Until the Labour Party decides who and what it stands for and unites behind a credible leader, it will struggle to rebuild public support.

Driving in Europe worth the ride


The combination of an unfamiliar road network, a strange rental car and an incompetent navigator means entering and exiting cities like Madrid can be "interesting".

Bird battle a token effort

1080 drop

In the bigger picture, the well-aired and tiresome arguments over the use of 1080 are a sideshow - and so is the Battle for the Birds.

Mums need nurturing too

Gracie Roberts

Some mothers put so much effort into feeding their kids well that they forget about themselves.

Great Taste Trail like no other


Elizabeth Bean urges cyclists to give the Tasman Great Taste Trail a spin.

Surprising Makos swim against the tide

If you go down to the park tomorrow, you could be part of a big surprise.

Dam needed, but not at any cost

Lee Valley DAM

Getting a reliable source of sufficient water for the Waimea Plains to achieve its economic, productive, potential, has been on the wishlist for decades.

Fatal attraction of propaganda


What possesses foreign nationals to join a group dedicated to achieving a medieval-style caliphate?

Outside interference unwelcome

John Key election night 2008

What an extraordinary election campaign. And what an extraordinary result.

Beware those who obscure the truth

jon stewart


So, I flew back into New Zealand yesterday after two weeks in America. Did I miss anything?

'Do I feel lucky' - really?

jon stewart

Seeking pure happiness starts to get troublesome when you've got bills to pay - and that goes for people of any age.

Remarkable, turbulent campaign

Election voting paper

Compared to the white-water rapids ride of the election campaign, election night was a gently meandering river.

What happened to all the blackguards?

Rogues and vagabonds resurfaced this week. No, not in the lead-up to polling day (and please remember to vote) but in a story about a United States painter.

1080 blitzkrieg a sign of paranoia

1080 drop

OPINION: Jim Hilton argues that supporters of the pesticide 1080 have got it all wrong.

Let's settle in for an intriguing election

Ballot box

The 2014 election campaign has been, in a word, bizarre.

Pests wiping out 'land of birds'

Nicky Hager

OPINION: Maryann Ewers and Bill Rooke spell out the importance of using 1080.

No easy fixes for health system

The pressures on the public health system are many and varied.

Bombed timing?

Kim Dotcom

In holding fire till election week, Kim Dotcom might have inadvertently caused more harm to his own aspirations than to National's.

Each vote counts in every election

Rainbow Ski Area

The only thing that gets me as riled up as people who choose not to vote, is losing at Monopoly. And I hate losing at Monopoly.

Ban a vote-catching lure

Generic fishing

National's plan to close the Marlborough Sounds to commercial fishing is likely to be greeted with some scepticism.

A song of freedom or a threat to it?

Eternal vigilance may be the price of freedom, but when does it get too steep?

Historic house home to memories

Fairfield House

OPINION: Thanks to one man's push for restoration, Nelson's Fairfield House, the place I met my fiancee, lives on.

All aboard the Gigatown fast-track


In just a half-step in the long march of history, the internet has transformed the world.

Dirt fails to stick for thinking Kiwis

Nicky Hager

It was good to be reminded that where it counts most, New Zealand politics is not so dire and soiled after all.

A less united kingdom

As the election countdown enters its final stages another critical vote of interest to New Zealanders is also looming.

Joining Clan of the Cavewoman


This week I am going to be digging my grave with my teeth. Or I am going on a diet which will miraculously improve my health.

Sugar blamed for dental decay

Esme Palliser

The region's oral health expert is generous to a fault in refusing to blame the parents of kids whose teeth have been munted by excessive sugar consumption.

Gone too young

There has been a huge outpouring of grief at the death of teenager Kathleen McInroe.

Awards honour our local heroes

What a great tradition the Royal Humane Society for Bravery awards are.

Unique collection financed by Nelson community

Guy Williams

This week The Suter Art Gallery launched a public fundraising campaign to purchase a painting by nationally renowned artist, Rita Angus, which would fill a significant gap in this public art collection.

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