Power play and shades of grey

train derailed

Leading a group united largely by age, and therefore of widely disparate views, will always have its challenges.

Food hype is hard to digest

Karl du Fresne finds the growing faddism around food, wine and now craft beer leaves a sour taste.

Trust's downfall a shame


The sudden winding up of the Kahurangi Employment Trust comes as a shock.

Chopper needs our support

Big screen

It's a touch ironic that the very service that provides a lifesaving service needs some rescuing itself.

No room for Kiwi complacency

Could this be the big one? Already the World Health Organisation is putting the Ebola deathrate in West Africa at a terrifyingly high 70 per cent.

Hard Labour ahead

Labour logo

Labour's message has become as fractured as its leadership.

Cheaper to stay on benefit than to learn more


As much as I hate to say it, the end of another year is looming upon us. Being an obsessively Type A personality, I'm already thinking about new year's resolutions.

Campaign shouldn't be needed

speed limit

When it comes to road safety, there are few more sensitive areas than outside a school.

Tour gems not in the guidebooks

Columnist Angela Fitchett finds, after spending the winter away, that there's no place like home.

Answering the call of the wild

call centre

Bob Irvine weighs the cons and cons of that necessity of modern corporate life, the call centre.

Tackling mental health stigma head-on

Sir John Kirwan

John Kirwan could have rested on his laurels. He's had enough of them to be very comfortable.

Builders need quick easy rules

Generic housing

The Government's apparent determination to tackle housing disparity is encouraging - up to a point.

The invisibility of ageing


Sadly, many women have an ambiguous and not altogether happy relationship with their bodies.

Focus on motorcyclists timely

fatal crash


A police focus on motorcycle safety this summer is welcome.

Makos on a roll

 Mitchell Scott

It's been a good season for the Makos. We'll soon know if it's destined to be a great one.

Safety for cyclists should be a given


Cycling is an activity worth supporting. It has few downsides - it is a plus even for those intolerant motorists who seem to burst into road rage every time they see lycra.

Risky business; leather and lies


I was one of those annoying kids who always knew what they wanted to do in life.

Doing the best we can

Jack and Vivian Waller with Sophie


Shortly before she died, New Zealand and the world came to know Vivian Waller. Or rather, to know of her.

Labour beware, only fools rush in

David Cunliffe

Until the Labour Party decides who and what it stands for and unites behind a credible leader, it will struggle to rebuild public support.

Bird battle a token effort

1080 drop

In the bigger picture, the well-aired and tiresome arguments over the use of 1080 are a sideshow - and so is the Battle for the Birds.

Driving in Europe worth the ride


The combination of an unfamiliar road network, a strange rental car and an incompetent navigator means entering and exiting cities like Madrid can be "interesting".

Disregard for free flow of information


OPINION: Official advice to the Government on poverty was bound to raise hackles, once the documents were flushed into the open.

Mums need nurturing too

Gracie Roberts

Some mothers put so much effort into feeding their kids well that they forget about themselves.

Great Taste Trail like no other


Elizabeth Bean urges cyclists to give the Tasman Great Taste Trail a spin.

Surprising Makos swim against the tide

If you go down to the park tomorrow, you could be part of a big surprise.

Dam needed, but not at any cost

Lee Valley DAM

Getting a reliable source of sufficient water for the Waimea Plains to achieve its economic, productive, potential, has been on the wishlist for decades.

Fatal attraction of propaganda


What possesses foreign nationals to join a group dedicated to achieving a medieval-style caliphate?

Outside interference unwelcome

John Key election night 2008

What an extraordinary election campaign. And what an extraordinary result.

Beware those who obscure the truth

jon stewart


So, I flew back into New Zealand yesterday after two weeks in America. Did I miss anything?

'Do I feel lucky' - really?

jon stewart

Seeking pure happiness starts to get troublesome when you've got bills to pay - and that goes for people of any age.

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