Settlement gives tribes a chance

Stuart Smith

STUART SMITH - The Marlborough Express

Surprisingly, the Te Tau Ihu Treaty settlement, which relates to the top of the South Island, has been missed by many.

Election might excite despite poll

david cunliffe and john key

Voter apathy is the main threat to Team Key - more potent than any of its political opponents.

My illness finally has a face

Christine Miserando

In the year and a half since I got sick, I've heard many different diagnoses; some from doctors, some from friends, some from strangers on the street. Most wrong.

Fluoride issue worth testing again


Fluoridation is one of those issues - immunisation is another - that can spark fierce debate.

Follow the thick blue line

blue lines on Bridge St

Nelson's streetscape version of Extreme Makeover has been going on in Bridge St in recent weeks.

'One day' projects create hoarders



I've only lived in my house for less than five years. How could I have said yes to so much stuff?

What the streets are wearing this winter

truck and trailer tipped over

BOB IRVINE - The Nelson Mail

Critics ought to give the Nelson City Council its due for pioneering a new genre - making drab streetscapes haute couture.

No place for vitriolic abuse

cyber bully

OPINION: Nelson woman Loren Heaphy's stand to call out online cyberbullies is an act of bravery in itself. | TV show led to cyberbullying hell

Peace needs to prevail


Cool heads will be needed to stop the tragedy of the downed Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine from igniting a wider East-West conflict.

Maitai has friends in high places

maitai river friends

We're far from being the only city with a river running through it, but to most Nelsonians, the Maitai is something special.

We need heroes and risk-takers

scott donaldson

Several years ago Scott Donaldson was battling asthma and looking for a challenge that would "spin my whizzer".

Be brave, walk the blue line

blue lines on Bridge St

OPINION: A city councillor is sticking to his guns over the controversial Bridge St blue lines that had the whole country talking.

Toxic brew taints great country

Elliot Rodger

There seems to be a rogue gene in America's DNA that periodically manifests itself in outbursts of homicidal craziness.

World Cup not a total disaster for Brazil


Aside from the first eleven, Brazil should be proud of putting on a show that the whole world enjoyed.

Blew chance to be positive

truck and trailer tipped over

Earlier this week while I was deep in thought, contemplating writing a column of scathing criticism regarding the appalling surface of Waimea Rd into Nelson, an email appeared in my inbox.

City's light shines bright

light nelson

OPINION: Light thrown on Nelson over the weekend should work to quell doubt's about the city's future.

Indonesia's election

Indonesia anti-terrorist police raid

OPINION: Only a very bad novelist would dare to write a scenario as simplistic as the current presidential election in Indonesia.

Raising euthanasia

John Key in Petone

OPINION: On the surface, euthanasia is a peculiar subject for Key to bring up before a general election.

A community concern

Road generic

OPINION: The "challenging" nature of the main road links in and out of Nelson has been well documented.

Time for a fresh face

Max Martin,

OPINION: Despite the boring argument that politics isn't a woman's game, the numbers are ever increasing.

Housing for elderly a concern


More confirmation - not that it's needed - of the challenges faced in meeting the needs of an ageing population has come at a national conference in Nelson.

Mot's multicultural melting pot


Hola amigos. Is it just me, or is Motropolis feeling mighty multicultural these days?

Cool Auctions offers something new


Election years bring out the worst in politicians, of any hue, so one's thoughts naturally turn to the finer qualities of military juntas. Except without the military because they're an erratic bunch when off the leash.

Harsh lessons from closures

 Greg Shaw

OPINION: You can only hope the cluster of business closures in Nelson is an unfortunate coincidence.

'Boldness be my friend'

Luke Burke

Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It that "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players".

Diplomatic immunity is a necessary tool

Murray McCully

The Nelson Mail

Our justice system is built on the admirable convention of there being one law for all. One glaring exception to this rule involves diplomatic immunity.

Be a good sport


Encouragement is a good thing. Yelling at coaches, referees and the players is not.

Fish bite in winter, too

Mark Carney

Pick your days and sea conditions and fishing in Tasman Bay can be remarkably pleasant.

Sieving through the nitty gritty

Mark Carney


Making sense of a lumpy and gritty world ain't easy. I came to this conclusion after spending too much time this week in my pottery, sieving glazes. When the task at hand is dull, oh how the mind does wander.

Quest for intelligent life

Mark Carney

NAOMI ARNOLD - The Nelson Mail

There are plenty of AI experiments online, so I thought I'd find a few and ask them some pressing Nelson questions.

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