The dam must be built

Kit Maling gives his viewpoint on the case for the Waimea Community Dam.

Drivers, take care out there

OPINION: When a fully laden logging truck ploughs at speed into a family vehicle there can be only one outcome.

Much ado about Christmas

OPINION: Christmas is notable for the way it seems to bring out the best in some and the worst in others.

Thanks for filling my glass with kindness

OPINION: When I got sick, I was pretty certain my glass was totally smashed. But boy, have I had help to glue it back together.

Season's eatings

OPINION: Make Christmas a pot luck and take the stress out of things.

Ending the teacher-gender imbalance

OPINION: To offer incentives to just about everyone except for "white blokes" is a nonsense.

Missing link rises from the grave

OPINION: The Southern Link has the look of a legacy project for longtime Nelson MP Nick Smith.

No time to hide on climate change

OPINION: We ranked better than Australia on the Climate Change Performance Index, but there's nothing to be smug about.

Don't plaster over dam's cracks

OPINION: Amid the chorus of disapproval, The Tasman District Council must make a much more watertight case for the Waimea Community Dam.

Cruel lesson in nature

Cats do what they're biologically programmed to do, which is hunt and kill.

Cats help us hunt predators

OPINION: Nelson vet Hans Andersen agrees with the council’s decision to drop a bylaw controlling cats.

Good news for housing

In a low-wage, high-cost housing region, any initiative that makes first home-ownership more affordable is worth considering.

Small fly opens up thrilling world

Catching fish is always fun, but how you catch them is important too.

Overdue change to drinking culture?

OPINION: It's too early to say whether the new drink-drive limits will bring a permanent change to Kiwi drinking culture, but the signs are encouraging.

Abused mums need havens

Think about the women in your life. One in three of them has, or will be, sexually or physically abused by their partner at some point in their lives.

State powers need scrutiny

Parliament's processing of new anti-terror laws was peppered with paradoxes.

Deadly trouble in our rivers

The death of another beloved family pet from apparent toxic algal poisoning raises troubling questions.

How do you want to die?

OPINION: The universal theme seems to be that when their time comes, people want to die peacefully, as painlessly as possible, in their own homes.

Playing limbo with the limit

Early indications are that plenty of drivers are spooked by the new drink-drive limits.

Parliamentary prayer

Traditions must change in order to stay alive, writes Angela Fitchett.

The end of a murky era

Money down the drain springs to mind after any examination of the murky problem plaguing a Tahunanui landmark.

Council must act on requests

It's an unwelcome sign of modern life that closed circuit television cameras are becoming increasingly common.

A sign in the age of consultation

Should they be kicked to the kerb, or stay where they are?

Time to sail away from funding

What image do you get when you hear Bermuda? The infamous triangle? Sun, sea, sand surely. Sailing? Maybe not so much.

Resist the worst of silly season

Elizabeth Bean's round up of the region's best spots for Christmas shopping.

Ferry tale needs new chapter

After a year acknowledged as one of its toughest, the head winds buffeting KiwiRail, and more particularly the Interislander ferry service, show few signs of abating.

Transport delight rekindles youth

Scoot with the loot: Carlton's Chris Judd has enjoyed some fun at the Tigers' expense in recent years. Training for the big game looks pretty cool too.

Scooting seems to suit me better than pedalling and there's no anxiety to dilute the pleasure of standing upright while sailing along with the wind blowing through my hair.

Cruises offer quality not quantity

Nelson's share of the cruise ship cake is little more than a crumb and, considering tourism's growing importance to the region, that's galling.

Removing stigma from rating

Creating a level playing field for the country's schools is a worthwhile aim that is difficult to achieve.

PM blind to shabby politicking

One aspect of the inquiry by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn, is done and dusted.

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