Figuring out maths is pi in the sky

Apart from the basics, for many of us, maths is an impenetrable subject.

An angel at my table helped me unravel the inner workings of an impenetrable subject.

First aid courses save lives

Merv Utting, Grant "Jock" Wyllie, and Garry Woods and his dog Quid.

OPINION: Three wives in three homes kissed husbands goodbye and wished them safe travels. Only two of these guys came home.

The garage sale of ideas

Bob Irvine's garage sale of quirky stories and sayings has something for everyone, and they're free.

Opinion: The difference between collector and hoarder is through-put, I maintain.

Lessons learned from a lifetime of cynicism

People are drawn to church by a longing for a place to feel fully at home - body and soul.

Once upon a time, before I moved to Nelson, for about 18 months, I attended a Unitarian church in Auckland.

Fact or friction

A little bit of foresight can save you a whole lot of time, and needless drama under the hood.

Checking that there is oil in the car shouldn't really be treated as optional exercise.

Gutter politics

Emmanuel Macron addresses supporters after his French presidential victory.

OPINION: There's a leak in the gutter and the neighbours think I'm mad.  Over in France, they've just elected a new President.

The problem with bullying

The emergence of social media has made the effects of bullying even more harshly felt.

OPINION: This week, Nelson's boys and girls colleges have been in the spotlight for fighting or bullying occurring at school.

How green are your batteries?

Most rechargeable batteries can be recycled.

OPINION: What type of batteries make the least impact on the environment?

Footrot Flats' tongue-in-cheek gift

Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball had a gift all Kiwis can appreciate.

OPINION:Apartheid, disasters, love and more. Footrot Flats used humour to get us talking about it, and that's a great gift.

Buying a bed is a big decision, so just sleep on it first

When the time comes to replace your old bed, you want to make sure your new one is the right one.

Among the events that can threaten a long-time married couple's happiness, buying a new bed must be high up the rank.

Recall: the return of the dumbphone

Nokia brought back its old school 3310 phone this year.

"It's the snakes – they're invading the lounge. And the kitchen, and my bedroom."

What now for the Mail?

Nelson Regional Editor Victoria Guild.

OPINION: Fairfax and NZME may not be merging, but we'll keep covering the stories that matter, says Nelson regional editor Victoria Guild.

Spoilt for choice a pain in the butt

One roll to rule them all might just solve all of our problems.

Being spoilt for choice can be a pain in the butt.

Flag fighting, give peace a chance

If people don't get their coffee fix, things can go downhill quickly.

It seems like the whole world is itching for a fight, but surely there's a better way.

Fishing Otago waters is food for the soul

Phil Clark catches another "whopper"? on the Teviot River, Otago.

The hallowed fly fishing waters of Otago have excited anglers ever since trout were first released into Dunedin's Leith River.

Perfect storm in a teacup

Former Cyclone Cook gave a lift to surfers at Mt Maunganui but its feared devastation did not eventuate.

OPINION: As summit meetings go, the invitation to Storm And A Teacup was less than riveting.

If it weren't for gumboots

John Clarke as Fred Dagg in 1978.

I bought a pair of gumboots the other week and all hell broke loose.  I would have bought just one, but they only sell them by the pair these days. 

Chef's new venture is in the bag

Pad Thai is just one of many delicious meals you can make at home thanks to the Inspire Meal Bags range.

Former Masterchef runner-up launches range of inspiring and simple meals you can create at home.

The powerful pull of the past

The wild beauty of French Pass.

Over the last few years, I've written a lot of columns about growing up at French Pass in the 1950s and 1960s.

Lost in transit

Gerard Hindmarsh's brush with United States border officials left was brutish and humiliating.

Columnist Gerard Hindmarsh shares a border security horror story from the land of the free.

Ordeal of those left without answers

Police continue to investigate Leo Lipp-Neighbours car after it was lifted from the bottom of Nelson Harbour on Tuesday ...

At last they may be able to stop searching.

Don't fear ideological diversity

'If you're not with us, you're against us' seems to be the mantra for today's upholders of free speech.

OPINION: Today's speech police is as oppressive as those their forebears fought so hard to overturn, writes Karl du Fresne.

To hear, or not to hear

Something that is so small can make such a massive difference to those suffering from hearing loss.

One of the defining circumstances of my childhood was having a deaf mother.

We should be able to handle the truth

Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson at the launch of their book Hit and Run.

"You want ANSWERS?" says Jack Nicholson.

Scourge disappearing in cloud of vapour?

Vaping equipment or e-cigarettes.

The move to legalise vaping should, oddly, further clear the air in the battle against smoking.

Hooked on a feeling

Urban life allows few opportunities to hunt and gather but fishing fits the bill.

Driving past the Rock's Road fishing platform, you'll almost always see at least one hopeful fisher.

A perfect birthday with daggy lambs

Sheep in the yards at Kaihoka for a combination team building and dagging exercise.

Spending a day in the yards sorting dirty lambs for dagging is not everyone's idea of a birthday.

A rockin' good time in Timaru

Rebecca Smith of Timaru at the Hospice Rock & Hop held at Caroline Bay this month.

"You wanna hit the portaloos early," Ali says dryly.

Turning back the pages of time

If you weren't interested in watching the Koran being read out on TV, then you had to occupy your time with other things.

I've been doing a spot of time-travelling this week.

Weakened by a week of weirdness

Professor Robert Kelly is interrupted by his daughter while filming a live interview with the BBC.

I answered texts. I changed TV channels. I tweeted. I downloaded photos on Facebook. I was turning blue in the face.

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