Tackling our throwaway society

Ricky of Greenwaste To Zero demonstrates compost manufacture to Henley school pupils

It never ceases to amaze me how much trash leaves our house each week. With two adults and four kids (and their after-school friends) in the house it sometimes seems like a full time job picking up all the crap and rubbish generated by daily living in suburbia.

Capping off a bad night

Republican presidential candidate Don Trump signs a "Make America Great Again" cap for a supporter.


Kiwis make their presence felt everywhere

Sir Lockwood Smith says West Africa is the world's next big development area.

On the plane from Nelson to Auckland, the first leg of my journey back to Ghana two weeks ago, I nearly cried.

We've come a long way, baby

The March for Orlando at the Church Steps with the writer and his son Miro at centre.

OPINION: Walking down Trafalgar St on Saturday morning I found myself thinking about cigarettes.

Our unofficial road code

Signalling at Nelson roundabouts is erratic and often wrong.

There are official rules and real rules, as Angela Fitchett discovers.

A kiss more than just a kiss

The original photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt capturing an American sailor kissing a woman in Times Square on VJ Day in 1945.

True story.

Risk of diluting the message

A fundraising degustation dinner in Motueka has been told to reduce the size of its wine servings.

The row over how much alcohol should be served a fundraising degustation dinner is more than a storm in a wine glass.

Furry friends make work worthwhile

Amanda Pearce at the front door of Fifeshire House with George.

Could bringing your dog to work create a happier, less stressful workplace?

Gem in wine retail scene

Ann Banks provides fine wines and plenty of specialist knowledge at Casa del Vino on Hardy St.

In all the years I have been writing about wine and all the people associated with the production of it there are a couple of parts of the wine story I haven't written about very much at all, viticulturists and retailers.

Reports of my life have been greatly exaggerated

The Aegean sea of Crete where the author found some peace.

REVIEW: No Facebook, no email, no mobile phones. It was glorious.

Costly working farm dogs

Jock Wyllie of Kaihoka and his dog Will at dog trial finals in Tapanui.

OPINION: Dog trials bring a lot of enjoyment, but registering working dogs does give rise to frustration.

Metamorphosis of a crisis

John Key, Bill English and Paula Bennett are all singing from the same "no housing crisis" songsheet.

OPINION: As a parent, getting your kids to 'own up' to their mistakes and messes is a big thing.  Mostly they are small annoying little things – their mistakes that is.  "Who left the door open?"  "Who took the batteries out of the remote?"  "Whose stuff is this in the middle of the floor I keep tripping up on?" 

Out of Africa and in from the cold

Stacey Knott, back home in Nelson with her nana, Phyllis Knott.

Stacey Knott leaves her new normal in Ghana for home comforts of Nelson and time well spent with her nana.

The remarkable Chia sisters

Chia sisters Florence Van Dyke, left and Chloe Van Dyke.

When I first realised Chloe Van Dyke was the daughter of Ben and Miranda her entrepreneurial attitude made perfect sense.

Teachers are at the centre of this educational mystery

A classroom is not the most important thing in education. A teacher is.

OPINION: What's the most important thing in education? It's obvious: it's the teachers your child will encounter.

Crisis brewing

A reader says Cable Bay, as seen from her outdoor bathtub, is her favourite waterway.

OPINION: An emergency meeting of the Nelson-Tasman Chamber of Commerce ended in despair last night after revelations that no new cafe had opened in the region for three whole days.

Mayor champions inner city living

The Bett Car Park at the corner of Nile St East and Trafalgar Square.

OPINION: Encouraging inner city living is a key plank in the council's commitment to attracting more people to Nelson's city centre.

Behold the underrated Richmond Aquatic Centre

Samantha Smith, 11, of Richmond, Caitlin Oldridge, 10, of Richmond, Sam McKenzie, 12, of Richmond, Kaleb Johnstone, 10, ...

OPINION: Whenever anyone says something rude about Richmond, I always remind them that it's the home of the Aquatic Centre.

It's been great, thanks

Nelson Mail senior reporter Bill Moore is moving on after 32 years.

OPINION: Bill Moore is leaving the Nelson Mail after 32 years.

First aid on the farm

A good knowledge of first aid techniques can come in handy on rugged terrain like the track at Joyce Wyllie's Kaihoka ...

 OPINION: Living where we do first aid is vital, knowing that any further aid is more than an hour away.

Failing our children

A young girl pauses at the flowers placed on Nelson's Church Steps after the March for Moko last Sunday.

There's a story I'm working on in Ghana which makes my stomach drop when I start thinking about it.

A walk in the rain with Mike Hosking

TVNZ personality and Seven Sharp host Mike Hosking.

"What is this thing 'middle New Zealand' you speak of Mike?" I asked. I went for a walk with him in the rain to find out.

Learned Facebook users bag Blenheim

Should Blenheim doff its name, would other beleaguered towns dare to follow suit?

OPINION: Should Blenheim decide to doff its name, would other beleaguered towns follow suit?

Working as one

Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter chief crewman Paul 'Ernie' Bryant.

OPINION: Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter chief crewman Paul Bryant talks about the service.

Lives ended too soon are connected to ours

The 600-strong crowd in Nelson who attended the I Will March for Moko event.

Standing in the crowd at the top of Trafalgar St for the March for Moko last Sunday, I couldn't stop thinking about how so much in life is connected.

Falling into the excitement of familiarity

Italy's Cinque Terre where the author recently found herself, pondering home.

Who has not felt both the excitement of setting off on a journey and the relief of arriving home?

Learning the skills of life

Nelson Training Centre students Brooke, Nick and Francis.

Located in Crisps Lane off Hardy St, the Nelson Training Centre (NTC) flies under the radar a little but it is an important part of the Nelson hospitality community.

What's your favourite waterway?

Breaker Bay near Kaiteriteri makes Bob Irvine's list of favourite waterways.

"Name your favourite waterway."

Childhood vaccinations vital

Getting the childhood MMR vaccine is a crucial protection against measles.

It was not that long ago, in the early 1990s, when two major measles epidemics in New Zealand saw thousands of cases, hundreds of hospitalisations and seven deaths.

Know your fire extinguishers

Some of the many fire extinguishers available. The wet chemical extinguisher on the right is the most suitable for ...

OPINION: It pays to have a working knowledge of different types of fires and types of extinguishers.

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