Lucky to be here? You bet

People stand to sing the National Anthem during Sunday's community service in Nelson Cathedral to mark the 70th anniversary of the ending of World War II.

It's worth recognising how lucky we were to grow up in peaceful times, and it's important to remember all those who didn't.

Of Elvis, danger, and the ACC

"Hmmmm   ... no helmets ... no kevlar inserts ... no safety harness ... no foam on the ground. Not good at all, Mr Cumberpatch."

"Thank you for coming in, Mr …" "Cumberpatch. Elvis Cumberpatch. Call me Elvis."

That Nelson connection keeps us healthy

Belinda Mallabar, Joy Kirker, Moira Mutch, Wendy Mills-Ramage and Jo Lavington on the Railway Reserve. Nelson is still small enough that people say hello to strangers.

OPINION: Nelson is still small enough that people say hello to strangers, says Matt Lawrey.

Key questions for TDC over the dam

Peter Foster

Thanks to Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne for his two columns on the Waimea Community Dam.

Rolls Royce Waimea dam 'blatant bid for subsidy'

Paul MacLennan

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne's recent expressions regarding the Waimea Community Dam lack credibility.

What's behind the shared walkway push?

The Maitai walkway just below the Collingwood bridge.

OPINION: The council's decision to develop the Maitai River Walkway between the Nile St East and Collingwood St bridges to shared pathway standards could best be described as premature.

Protesters keeping us honest

The TTPA protest in central Nelson last Saturday.

It was a funny old day at the market last week. It was mid-winter quiet but there was something else going on and it wasn't where I was at. I couldn't put my finger on it — and then came the sounds of protest.

A flag to be proud of

Paul Densem's Unity Koru is a flag we could be proud of, says Matt Lawrey.

OPINION: I've never felt our current flag represented this place we call home. It's always looked too generic.

An ultrafast recipe for frustration

How many hands are required to install fibre optic cables? And does the left one know what the right hand is doing?

The long slow wait for ultrafast internet.

Farewell to Motoropolis

Alastair Paulin is going to miss Motueka's August weather. Yeah, right.

OPINION: I'm not being run out of Motueka on the end of a pitchfork. I'm leaving of my own free will.

Case for community boards

Community boards, like this one in Christchurch, would bridge the gap between councils and communities, argues Moira Bauer.

What purposes are served by our governing powers today?

Reality knocks home building dream

Quirky and artistic homes unearthed by British TV presenter George Clarke may be harder to find here because of restrictive property covenants.

Gated communities have a lot going for them.

Local schools rule

Victory Primary School is a big part of the Lawrey family's lives. Matt Lawrey argues going to a local school has many benefits.

OPINION: More kids going to their local school would mean less congestion, less pollution, and a more resilient community.

Fifty shades of sickly grey

Flu left columnist Ro Cambridge in an altered state.

I've just survived a fortnight of Fifty Shades of Grey. It's involved a lot of lying in bed and horizontal passivity though not – what a life-saver - velvet hand-cuffs or spanking.  

What's the deal with trade?

Nelson's Twisty Twinz appeared in the This Town television series - a welcome counterpoint to our frenetic world.

It's little wonder New Zealanders are increasingly sceptical of trade deals and the people behind the deals. The latest round of high powered TPP meetings, this time in sunny Maui, once again failed. But it hasn't stopped our unflappable trade minister Tim Groser - "we'll win the TPP war," he assures us.

Fifty shades of green

Graeme O'Brien says the TPP risks creating a "private system of justice" for foreign investors.

A clause in the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership risks giving corporations too much power, says Graeme O'Brien.

Getting into business shape

Business coach, Zac de Silva's Nurture Change business will hold its inaugural retreat in November.

Aaron Callaghan knows first-hand the more in shape you are, the better your brain works and the more energy and stamina you have.

Taking a stand, making a difference

Rob Beaglehole is turning sticking your neck out into an artform.

I know it's only August but something tells me when the nation's newspapers review 2015, the name Rob Beaglehole is going to feature prominently.

Lessons learned

New Motueka High School principal John Prestidge is taking on a big job.

As the child of two teachers, I have a love/hate relationship with the profession.

Blind opportunism

Navigating rush hour traffic may be just one of the skills gauged in a life test, imagines Bob Irvine.

Columnist Bob Irvine envisions a much wider eye test for all aspects of our lives.

Of cats and men

Judge Fabrice Calmes of France judges a Russian Blue cat at the Nelson Cat Show held at Hope Hall, Nelson.

Surrounded by fluffy felines in the Hope Hall, a visiting French cat judge acknowledged his friends and family found his hobby a bit crazy.

Movie litterbugs bug me

Popcorn is part of the movie experience for many, but littering is never okay.

 All sorts of people seem to think it's okay to make as big a mess as they like whenever they catch a movie.

Close the nose and open the eyes

Somehow I always get roped in to trying on ten million pashminas every few metres and getting used in the shop's photo album of tourists. I should start walking round with a contract

When people say India is in your face, they aren't joking.

Homes away from home

The Nelson Market is a "local" for us all.

It was just last week, after a delicious pizza from the Milton Street Fish and Chip Shop, consumed with a glass of wine at the Sprig & Fern next door, that it suddenly dawned on me. I now have a "local".

From wimples to cayenne pepper!

They say a habit takes four weeks to form.

Okay, I can hear you groaning already!  But I am only going to be berating myself, so you can relax!

Commercial conservation - credit where it is due

Sean Weaver

Customers can now buy rainforest protection off the shelf. Huh? Yes, you can now buy New Zealand's first 'Conservation Credits' in a market-based mechanism of conservation financing developed by Ekos – an environmental financing charity based in Golden Bay.

Max factor is in the house

"With each and every ill-chosen word Donald Trump sucks in media oxygen.''

It's mid-winter and it's cold and my head is full of man-flu. There is No Depression in New Zealand.

What hospice is all about

Prime Minister John Key speaks to Nelson Tasman Region Hospice Trust Board chair Elspeth Kennedy at the hospice.

Nelson Tasman Hospice abides by the World Health Organisation's guidelines that caring for someone facing the end of their life - whether at home or in a hospice building - should neither hasten, nor postpone their death.

Why the Southern Link is needed, fast

A section of the Railway Reserve near Nelson Intermediate, the route proposed for the Southern Link road.

Progress Nelson Tasman Chairman Craig Dennis explains here why the Southern Link is vital for the region.

Media help build sense of community

Tahunanui School student Lucy Summerfield presents a petition to save Tahunanui Modellers Pond to Nelson city Council. Healthy debate on local issues helps to build a sense of community.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese takes a battering from time to time on these pages - but what does she really think about the media?

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