Learning to love a local monstrosity

Nelson's much-maligned "eyesore", the Civic House clock tower.

Opinion: Raving about our clock tower on national TV, I realised my days of disowning it were over.

The curse of the low automobile IQ

If you have a low automobile IQ, you hate everything about cars except that they get you from one place to another ...

OPINION: Normal people with normal automobile intelligence think nothing of popping into the petrol station to refuel.

Kids and bikes go together

"A kid who enjoys cycling is more likely to grow into an adult who sees driving as an option rather than an absolute ...

OPINION: Kids who get around on bikes develop better connections with the places they call home than kids who don't.

Rollo: Makos fans should decide the logo's fate

Tasman Makos players Alex Nankivell, left, and Quinten Strange with the new logo.

OPINION: The Tasman Rugby Union should have consulted with the fans before changing the logo.

Always blow on the (smaller) pie

Pies may shrink in size as part of healthy food guidelines for hospitals.

OPINION: The humble pie has come under the spotlight.

An Anzac service far from home

Two Ghanaian soldiers play the Last Post at an Anzac service in Accra.

OPINION: Seeing the day commemorated here in Ghana was moving.

Now this is a New Zealand I recognise

Julian Dennison and Sam Neill star in Taika Waititi's film Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

OPINION: Hunt For The Wilderpeople brought me back home and put a smile smack bang where it was needed.

The slow seep of concept creep

Rain clouds over the Centre of New Zealand, Nelson.

OPINION: You may ask, what is the problem with being more sensitive about prejudice, and racism in particular?

Nelson's first Karenni National Day video

Mae Hla, left and Kayan Dancers at the at the Karenni National Day celebration at Nelson Intermediate.

Nelson is home to many refugees from Myanmar who celebrated their national day at Nelson Intermediate.

Visions and vanishing votes

Bob Irvine's vision painted a bright picture for Tahunanui and Rocks Rd.

I've finally mastered it. Vanishing, that is. Those 'Invisibility Glasses' I ordered from the back of a comic in 1965 were certainly a dead-loss. They had blacked-out lenses! The only thing that vanished was my hard-earned 2/6d over the horizon.

Cyber-bullying law showing teeth, but gap remains

A new law is cracking down on cyber-bullying but a proposed agency to help victims has yet to be established.

Legislation to combat cyber-bullying is showing its teeth in the courts, but there is still a question mark over a key part of the regime .

War poetry: not just for Anzac Day

Writer Panni Palasti will be interviewed on Fresh FM about growing up in Nazi-occupied Hungary.

OPINION: Writers have long sought to understand war.

Examining future of work

The revival of the apple industry has been good for the region, but MP Damien O'Connor cautions that its seasonal nature ...

The horticultural season is in full swing and anyone who wants a job in the Tasman region should be able to get one at the moment.

Health and safety on the farm

A track at Joyce Wyllie's Kaihoka farm above the sea shows the hazards of terrain, and need for managing risk.

Joyce Wyllie' wades through the tangle of health and safety abbreviations.

All we need is a haven for trust

Activists wear Panama hats and hold fake money at a demonstration in Berlin demanding greater financial transparency ...

Trust – has anyone seen where it's gone? I'm sure I put mine down over here just a minute ago.

High life in Accra

These multicoloured buildings are a landmark in Accra. They house luxurious apartments and one of Ghana's top restaurants.

Organic vegetable deliveries, glittering rooftop parties and vegan yoghurts — Stacey Knott finds Accra is growing up fast to cater to diverse tastes.

Furry fire hazard

Rats and mice can cause house fires by chewing through electrical wire.

OPINION: In the end the fire took about three hours to put out. Investigations found it was likely caused by a cable that had been chewed by rats under the house.

Between job squeeze and housing crunch

The buoyant housing market is putting homes out of reach for many first-time buyers.

OPINION: It was a "barking mad idea" said the Prime Minister. This, a day before the flag referendum results were made public. 

Time to get tougher on vicious dogs

Why do we continue to tolerate horrific dog attacks, more often than not involving pit bulls?

Keeping our streets safe from dangerous dogs is essential, but how do you do it?

Gold awards for beer and kindness

The old Mac's Brewery at Main Road Stoke in 2008.

OPINION: Whenever I visit McCashin's brewery in Stoke, I think of Japan.

Hope for Springs eternal

Without an underwater mirror or high level platform, visitors now largely see a shimmering view of the springs, but ...

It was over 40 years ago that I first visited Pupu Springs. Then it was still privately owned by the Campbell family, little more than the local's picnic spot. Wading cows grazed on watercress around the fringe, greeting my presence with nonchalant stares as they chewed their green dripping cud.

Win-win in GODZone

Richie McCaw at the finish of the GODZone adventure race at Kaiteriteri Beach, near Nelson.

So it's over. Well not quite for some of the intrepid teams doing battle with the great Nelson outdoors in the GODZone adventure race.

Rata Room's recipe for success

Rata Room front-of-house training chief Greg Dyer helps a student prepare salads for service.

As the training restaurant for NMIT, Nelson's Rata Room is a breeding ground for future foodies.

A Trump vision of the future

What would a world with Trump look like?

An announcement today from the press office of U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump ends months of speculation.

Medical cannabis needed now

Rebecca Reider argues New Zealand is ignoring international practice with its barriers to medical cannabis use.

OPINION: In the world of medical cannabis, I'm a citizen of two realities.

Lessons in gratitude

Boys work for donations of around $5 a day to fix a road in eastern Ghana.

While some Kiwis were complaining about cherry chocolates on Easter, New Zealand journalist Stacey Knott was visiting cocoa farmers in Ghana who struggle to feed their families.

Crossing the protest line

The 2010 protest in Auckland's Queen St against mining on conservation land. The Government later dropped the proposal.

Politicians, by the nature of their chosen careers, are magnets for criticism and protest.

A fresh look at fresh water needed

Is a "wadeable" Maitai River satisfactory?

OPINION: Our fresh water situation now is far from good.

In footsteps of dinosaurs

Dr Greg Browne at the site of his discovery of dinosaur footprints in Golden Bay rocks. The photograph was part of the ...

Footprints on a Golden Bay foreshore have made a big impression on dinosaur hunters.

Chasing the rainbow

The route through Hell's Gate in Rainbow Station lives up to its name, says Bob Irvine.


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