Juggling act at the beach

Sludge in the Modellers Pond, Nelson.

OPINION: How to rule on the comparative worth of two family-friendly features of the Tahunanui beachfront?

Snow tyres should be banned

Wayne Stronach with his daughter's Suzuki Swift which arrived in the country fitted with snow tyres.

Nelson woman Lucy Stronach discovered their dangers while crossing the Lewis Pass recently when her newly imported Suzuki Swift spun out on a corner and crashed into a ditch.

The many myths of modern health thinking

There is no perfect medicine for longterm pain.

The myths of modern healthy living are multiple – and I've had to unlearn them all.

Birthdays bring up some interesting issues

Birthdays encourage you to face some difficult issues.

Birthdays - the older I get, the less I like them. At the hairdresser's last week, fruitlessly trying to turn back time, I explained these negative feelings about my impending 60th to my puzzled stylist.

What will Motueka look like in 2030?

Can Motueka surf the wave of change or will it get dumped on its bum?

 When it come to long-term planning, 15 years does not seem like a long time. We think of dramatic changes happening over generations, not half-generations.

Relationship service a political football

The Relationships Aotearoa office on Beswick St, Timaru

Taxpayers need to note what can happen when public services are being delivered by non-government but heavily government-dependent organisations.

A soft landing plan

Over-population is the elephant in the room.

Targets to mitigate climate change will be discussed again by world governments in Paris, later this year.

Our sense of fun can die young

Attitudes to autumn leaves can be revealing.

Six-year-old arrives at Grandma's. Out the window, he spies a large bush lying on the lawn.

Time to flag costly diversion

25032015 News Photo supplied Credit Sham Kalsi
New Zealand beat South Africa by four wickets to reach first ever World Cup cricket final at Eden Park Auckland
crowd fly NZ flag

s there any justification for spending this much money on an issue so many Kiwis respond to with a tired yawn?

Housing accords ease pressure

Nick Smith and Richard Kempthorne sign the Housing Accord at Oliver Estate, Richmond, Nelson.

The Government's housing accords - the latest just signed with Tasman District - are no panacea for the housing crisis. They were never intended to be.

The pack is back to two

Current laws allow a Redlands dog to bark for six minutes per hour. But that could be halved.

The car has become a mobile dog kennel again with smudgy nose-prints on the windscreen and muddy paw prints on the dashboard.

Nightmare prices hit home-owners

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith and new Nelson home owners Natalie and Brad Allam with their son Benji.

There was a nice picture of Nick Smith in the Nelson Mail this week. A young Auckland couple have just moved to our region and purchased a house.

Housing not the only threat

Reserve Bank Governor, Graeme Wheeler at the Reserve Bank issuing its six-monthly publication, the Financial Stability Report.

Measures to tackle Auckland's runaway property prices had been well signalled before Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler announced them.

Better way to fortify buildings

The Government's new rules on earthquake strengthening are a welcome improvement on what had been developing in the post-Canterbury earthquake era.

Knowing where you're going, and why

John Moore is calling for councils to take a more cohesive and visionary approach to planning.

 If you have no idea where you are going, or in fact why, you can do anything at all and regard it as progress!

Levitating levies grounded

230513.Kevin Stent/DominionPost. News. Supporters of Mike Dixon-McIver outside ACC Head Office in Wellington, where he intends to protest 24/7.

Welcome though the ACC levy cuts are, the corporation itself sorely needs rehabilitation.

Leadership needed on fluoride debate

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board’s principal dental officer Dr Rob Beaglehole says adding fluoride to the city's water supply would improve the dental health of the entire community.

OPINION: Those with half a mind to listen to the anti-brigade should ask themselves if they really believe dentists would buy into poisoning the populace

Drivers need to make right decisions

ROAD TOLL: Even without alcohol and speed being involved, the numbers would still need vast improvment to match the better driving nations out there.

To rephrase a saying about guns: Cars don't kill people; people in cars kill people. You could substitute roads into that equation.

Sexual offences are always offensive

Rosie Cafe worker Amanda Bailey.

New Zealand has a massive lack of understanding of the extent, and ongoing impact, of sexual offences against women.

Older workers ignored for jobs

CEOs who think they're more important than their workers. Delusional.

The gnarly old chestnut of lack of employment opportunities in Nelson has raised its head again after a local man placed ads in this paper looking for a job.

Science behind the flu jab is sound

The anti-vaccination lobby should get real.

It puzzles me that even a small proportion of parents choose not to immunise their children when the science supporting immunisation is so sound.

Coroners' role should not be diluted

Neil MacLean reveals the difficulties he has faced in urging some organisations to take heed of certain recommendations during his eight-year tenure as Chief Coroner.

Retiring Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean expressed concerns early this year that coroners would lose their powers in a review of the Coroners Act.

Tackling heart disease

16042015. Photo: 123rf.com
medical and The cares concept, Red Heart in female hand with ECG background 

heart; care; red; concept; symbol; love; attack; feelings; expecting; closeup; birth; human; charity; hands; pregnancy; medical; future; day; sign; life; happiness; cardiology; parent; marriage; donation; transplantation; disease; volunteer; people; female; medicine; family; support; small; surgery; holding; woman; person; help; showing; valentines; diagnosis; organ; mother; child; health; cardiac; humanity; donor; healthcare; ECG; white background; The cares

If you are going to have a heart attack then the Nelson region is the place to have it.

Service at the heart of Anzac Day

The Anzac Day at Tinui was attended by hundreds of people, many of whom made the trek up to the cross on Mt Maunsell afterwards.

The April 25 pilgrimage to Tinui has become an annual ritual for us.

Let slip the guts of war

Prime Minister John Key meets the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

It's easier to have "guts" when it's not you, your son or daughter who's going to be shipped off to a war zone.

Hunters need to adhere to rules

30042015 News Photo:Scott Hammond/Fairfax NZ
Duck Shooting preview.
Season opening.
Hunting and Fishing Marlborough.
staff member,Nigel Smith calling the birds .
He wears................state of the art..........the NEW,Hunters Element Whistler Jacket and Pants.
" ZAC" can't wait to go hunting.................ducks............Zac has just come back from a Wallaby hunt...........and love's rabbits.
Zac is a 2 year old Springer Spaniel

Firearm safety messages aren't simply encouragements, or scolds, or just whining pleads.

Mind the gap

Rowan Macdonald has been served an abatement notice by the Nelson City Council saying that the gaps between the palings of his new fence are too small.

The case of the Nelson fence deemed to have gaps that are too small has shades of the absurd and the serious.

Come off it, cobbers

Probus New Zealand new Council members from left Denys Boshier, chairman Brian Monks, Lenore Townsend, Jim Taylor, Russell Tether and Ross Gurney.  It is the first time in the South Pacific clubs have been able to elect a representative council in their own country.

An unseemly spectacle has broken out over moves by New Zealand Probus clubs to form their own independent organisation.

Perseverance in a poisoned land

Beach Hunter: Ike Mirfin,13, with his first South Westland chamois

School holidays and it was off to Whataroa, South Westland, to hunt red stags in the roar.

Sam Neill got the Anzac nuances spot on

Sam Neill visits his grandfather's WWI grave in Belgian for the first time.

Did you watch Sam Neill's Tides of Blood on Maori TV on Anzac Day?  If you didn't, search for it online.  If you watched it, watch it again - it was easily that good.

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