A fine time in the capital of art

Steve Oakley at the Museum Art Hotel, behind Nelson artist Dan Campion’s Reality Bites 1.0, among the hotel’s most photographed works. There are  three other Campion pieces in the collection, which includes work by Nelsonians Sally Burton, Wendy Lineham, Maxine Waters, Graeme Cornwall and Terry Parkin, along with some Toss Woollaston crayon portraits.

Alan Clarke catches the award ceremony for the country’s richest art prize, and checks out an iconic Wellington hotel.

A novel approach to this business of writing

There is lots of advice on writing a novel, much of it less than inspired.


Paying the price for one too many

Nelson police photographer Rob Sorensen photographs a trail of bloody footprints in the Montgomery Carpark near Bank Lane.

OPINION: You don't need to accosted by a drunk to find trouble. If alcohol is abused, sometimes the trouble finds you.

Salisbury: The last avenue of hope

Salisbury School's roll has dropped to just two students this year.

For so many parents during the past 100 years, that driveway lined with heritage trees has been the last avenue of hope when all other methods of help have been exhausted at home.

Serve happy pigs please

On the pig's back: Pigs should be raised on free-range farms, says Matt Lawrey.

One of the nice things about getting older is being able to appreciate all the ways this country has become a better place.

A season for harsh reflection

The seasonal transition from winter to spring makes this a time for brutal honesty.

“April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain,” wrote poet T S Eliot in the first lines of The Wasteland

Opportunity knocks

Debbie Doudle, owner of the Paws N' Claws Op Shop in Temuka, that contains many objects of desire for Bob Irvine.

"I'm not ready to play the cripple card just yet."

The right to sue is not for us

The right to sue would threaten cherished Kiwi ways of life.

Karl du Fresne (My View, September 9), in pointing to "unforseen consequences of idealistic ACC" says that history is littered with examples of well-intentioned legislation leading to unintended and sometimes disastrous consequences.

Squalid rentals need knocking down

Stefanie Coulter in her rotting rental property in Nelson City. Most of the house is scrim lined and has dangerous wiring.

OPINION: Nelson's slum landlords need to ask themselves "Would I live in that house?"

More than man's best friend

Monty, aka Slobber-Chops, the Lawrey family's much-loved Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Meet Monty.

Spring into summer in Nelson

Artist Margaret Johnston at last year's Art Expo Nelson at Saxton Stadium.

Is it my imagination or are there more tui in my kowhai tree this year? Are the kereru fatter and more common? And how long has the fish mural been on the Trafalgar St side of the Millers Acre Centre (our Nelson i-SITE)?

More than one way to see the world

Travel the world from your own home.

Clairol's famous 1960s ad campaign for hair dye featured bold women who declared, "If I've only one life to live, let me live it as a blonde." 

PM's gag-writer needs a payrise video

Prime Minister John Key, speaking at the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Seifried Estate.

OPINION: After John Key's stand-up routine in Nelson, the question remains: Who writes this stuff?

Retro phone is dumb, durable and dependable

Matt Lawrey's battered old Nokia 300 has served him well, but is it time to move on?

For reasons I don't entirely understand, I appear to be one of the last people on Earth who doesn't own a smart phone. My trusty 2011 Nokia 300 is not entirely dumb but Mensa material it is not.

Flag fever

All Blacks captain Richie McCaw makes Russell Hardin's condensed version of life in New Zealand in the past week.

OPINION: For the past eight days I've been down with the flu.  And when I say down, I mean double down. Think Barry White down – that deep, down.  To add to my sick-proof wife's joy, the kids have the damn thing too.

Evidence should lead cannabis debate

Druglawed director Arik Reiss, left, and Rose Renton.

OPINION: It took some by surprise when Rose Renton said marijuana should be legalised for recreational use.

Choosing secondary school

Sport is one of the measures you can use to gauge what secondary school is the right fit for your child.

Are you, or is someone in your extended family in the process of choosing a secondary school for your year 8 son or daughter to attend in 2016?

Banning concert doesn't help community

The Nelson Civic Choir have been told that they will not be allowed to perform in a  concert promoting religious tolerance at Nelson Cathedral.

OPINION: Though the cathedral belongs to its diocese, not the public, it is also a part of Nelson. It belongs to us all.

Euthanasia: Is it up to public opinion?

There are strong arguments and emotions on both sides of the euthanasia debate, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it.

OPINION: We need to remember that ultimately, euthanasia is a medical issue.

Rose-tinted memories of country life

A peahen with her chicks - an adorable gaggle which can quickly mutate into ruthless thugs.

Now that I have a city pad to return to, I find the charms of the country even more charming.

McCaw the PM's plaything?

John Key, Richie McCaw

OPINION: Has Richie McCaw become John Key's political sidekick?

Plastic threat needs to be tackled

Plastic bags are a menace to marine life.

Going plastic-free for a month is harder than it sounds.

Sidestepping workplace safety

Sonya Rockhouse, left, and Anna Osborne, who both lost family members in the Pike River disaster, with 291 crosses to mark the number of workplace deaths since the 2010 explosion.

Are you ready for your fortnightly dose of "glass half empty-ness"? 

Lucky to be here? You bet

People stand to sing the National Anthem during Sunday's community service in Nelson Cathedral to mark the 70th anniversary of the ending of World War II.

It's worth recognising how lucky we were to grow up in peaceful times, and it's important to remember all those who didn't.

Of Elvis, danger, and the ACC

"Hmmmm   ... no helmets ... no kevlar inserts ... no safety harness ... no foam on the ground. Not good at all, Mr Cumberpatch."

"Thank you for coming in, Mr …" "Cumberpatch. Elvis Cumberpatch. Call me Elvis."

That Nelson connection keeps us healthy

Belinda Mallabar, Joy Kirker, Moira Mutch, Wendy Mills-Ramage and Jo Lavington on the Railway Reserve. Nelson is still small enough that people say hello to strangers.

OPINION: Nelson is still small enough that people say hello to strangers, says Matt Lawrey.

Key questions for TDC over the dam

Peter Foster

Thanks to Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne for his two columns on the Waimea Community Dam.

Rolls Royce Waimea dam 'blatant bid for subsidy'

Paul MacLennan

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne's recent expressions regarding the Waimea Community Dam lack credibility.

What's behind the shared walkway push?

The Maitai walkway just below the Collingwood bridge.

OPINION: The council's decision to develop the Maitai River Walkway between the Nile St East and Collingwood St bridges to shared pathway standards could best be described as premature.

Protesters keeping us honest

The TTPA protest in central Nelson last Saturday.

It was a funny old day at the market last week. It was mid-winter quiet but there was something else going on and it wasn't where I was at. I couldn't put my finger on it — and then came the sounds of protest.

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