A walk around our most active volcano

GNS Volcanologists measure chemical composition and temperature at the outtake of Fumarole Zero on White Island

There is something about being on our only offshore island volcano, and this country's most active volcano at that.

Shark attack vs bullfight

The Makos will  be hoping for more action like this Kieron Fonotia try against Taranaki in a narrow Tasman win earlier ...

Ahead of the Makos/ Bulls national semi-final rugby showdown a proud Tasman fan and a one-eyed Taranaki lad give their views on the outcome.

Headwear, hardware, healthcare

A grey fedora sparked a chance encounter on a shopping trip for Bob Irvine.

OPINION: The hat was exceptional: a grey felt fedora with a tribal-beading headband.

Bringing back the birds

Four Nelson schools, each within a thirsty tui's flight of each other, are helping bring more native birds to the city.

Calmer Trump but still scary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did not shake hands before or after the third presidential debate.

The third United States presidential debate was thankfully a move back from the reality television madness wrought by Donald Trump.

Colourful followers of fashion

Models at Accra Fashion Week.

There's a fairly new tradition here in Ghana which means on every Friday, offices are awash with bold, beautiful and cheerful colours - more so than usual.

Ferry good project – if it happens

A proposed Motueka-Whanganui ferry could cut up to four hours from a typical journey from Auckland to Christchurch ...

Opinion: No offence intended, but why is a new ferry terminal being proposed for Motueka ahead of Nelson?

Making money from four leaf clovers

Maybe there is a market for authentic lucky leaves?

OPINION: Is there a river of opportunities for alternative income from the farm?

Out of the aural shadows

A tiny hearing aid can make the world of difference.

I've been walking around this week with two and a half thousand dollars tucked behind each ear and no one's noticed except me.

When will the hairy democratic tail wag?

Low voter turn out is a concern for the writer.

OPINION: In our region we democratically punched above our weight, with Nelson and Tasman getting close to 50 per cent voter turnout. But is anyone happy with these numbers?

Whitebaiting a waiting game

Izaak Mirfin in charge of his whitebait sock net on the Takaka River, Golden Bay.

Zane Mirfin on whitebaiting, or the act of the "semi-depraved in pursuit of the semi-transparent".

My long slow sleepy spiral of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea affects about 5 per cent of the adult population.

OPINION: This column is about sleep apnea. To be precise, my obstructive sleep apnea. I'm not going to apologise for writing about something that's quite personal.

Follow the science

Labour MP Damien O'Connor and medicinal cannabis advocate Rose Renton who delivered a petition to Parliament on ...

OPINION: In one world, opioids remain a vital and so far irreplaceable medical tool.

Pre-season struggles no surprise

Tasman United forward Paul Ifill in action during their pre-season defeat against the Wellington Phoenix reserves at ...

Tasman United fail to beat the competition's two worst teams from last year in pre-season but that should come as no surprise, writes Phillip Rollo.

Fresh look to council teams

Tasman mayor Richard Kempthorne and his wife, Jane, are all smiles after he was re-elected on Saturday.

OPINION: Same conductors; big changes among the fiddlers.

Drowning in a sea of alphabet soup

New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker is closing in on a world title, but will it be WBC, WBO or IBF?

A brace of news stories gave us a good chortle this week.

Masterpiece and milestone

Craig Potton, right, amongst the crowd as the petals are released at The Suter Art Gallery grand reopening last Sunday.

OPINION: The newly reopened Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu offers much for Nelson people to take pride in.The art world is criticised – often with good reason – for celebrating weird, bizarre, even banal flights of fancy.

EDITORIAL: The pest of poverty

Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft  estimates 150,000 Kiwi kids live in poverty,

EDITORIAL: They sound more like weasel words than a reasoned response.

Getting a good whiff of a great idea

Would it be harder for the world to standby while whaling happens if we could smell its stench?

OPINION: I'm convinced of the feasibility of Smell-o-Vision in the 21st century.

Blades vs bikes at sports awards

Bennett vs Malone

George Bennett and Liam Malone are front runners for Nelson's top sports award. So who wins this race?

The ugly side of politics is universal

Supporter's of Ghana's NDC party gather in Accra.

OPINION: How my social media keeps me in a bit of a liberal bubble - from the United States, Nelson and Ghana.

Finally finding nourishment in the empty calories of reality television

"Real" moments in reality television shows like Real Housewives of Auckland are hard to come by. But with the Great ...

After years of writing scathing columns on the spreading cancer of reality television, along comes a reality show that I can't get my catty columnists claws into.

The possum problem's market solution

It is the end of the road for this possum caught in a trap.

OPINION: The Australian brushtail possum is a cute fluffy little critter but it is public enemy number one for their appetite of native vegetation.

Dame Patsy not one to stand on the sidelines

The new Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy is sworn in.

OPINION: Largely ceremonial her new position might be, but it is unlikely the new Governor General would be satisfied with a lame duck-type role.

Secondary kitchen `tax' stopping rental options

A secondary kitchen `tax' is off-putting for those who have room in their homes to develop.

OPINION: A development contribution on second kitchen is crippling the region's options for expanding rental options.

Tempting the fates of the exam gods

The redeveloped Suter Art Gallery is an exciting prospect for the writer.

Before NCEA, NZ's exam system was a relatively simple but ruthless academic sorting system, discarding about 50% of candidates at each stage.

Nelson's housing crisis

Voice Nelson's Mary Ellen O'Connor.

OPINION: It has become increasingly obvious over the last couple of years that the housing crisis is very real in Nelson.

Caravan of love

Bob Irvine's backyard labour of love, a teardrop caravan.

Surgeons bury their mistakes. Wood-butchers burn theirs. With another project on the go,  I sit before the log-fire every evening, feeding mis-measured pieces of plywood into the flames. 

We can and should take more refugees

Refugees risk their lives in overcrowded boats trying to get to Europe.

New Zealanders are fond of saying that, in terms of international impact, we punch above our weight. However, the national response to the refugee crisis lies somewhere between a soft slap and a tickle.

Turning adversity into gold

Liam Malone waves the flags of New Zealand and Brazil after winning the men's 400m T44 final and setting a new ...

Nelsonians already knew Liam Malone was something special. Now the rest of the world does too.

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