Mindless few need a strong signal

A vandalism spree across Nelson this week raises obvious questions - especially among those singled out for the unwelcome attention of destructive idiots.

Finding your car window has been smashed overnight would be a kick in the guts for anyone.

Among the anger, frustration or dismay, most victims would be left wondering, "Why me? What have I done to deserve this? What kind of person would take pleasure in such an act?"

With revelations that around 50 vehicles have had windows smashed in the past fortnight, mostly within the city, it would appear most likely that the acts are random rather than motivated by anything personal against individuals.

That should bring some relief for those who have been hit, but it is also troubling to find that among us are some who get their kicks from committing mindless, destructive, gutless acts under the cover of darkness.

Not that we should dignify their actions by searching for wider meaning, psychoanalysing why people do such things, or apportioning some of the blame to poor parenting or other factors.

The vandals know what they are doing. They know it is wrong.

All power to the police as they seek to find the perpetrators.

One window at anywhere from $60-$300 would represent nuisance value and struggle to make it on to any police report shift report sheet; 50 of them, costing anything up to $15,000, makes the current spree a collective crime of some significance.

If - hopefully when - they are caught, they deserve to be punished appropriately.

Let's send a strong signal that anti-social attacks by a mindless few affect us all and won't be tolerated. Is it worth the effort?