Pooping in the nest

01:00, Jun 12 2012

If stupidity were an Olympic sport, then the fool who left a pay slip among an unsightly pile of rubbish dumped recently over Boulder Bank Dr surely would be in the medals.

There are no excuses for this behaviour and those who do it should be prosecuted, fined and given a compulsory course of appropriate community work for their troubles.

At $30 to $50 a trailer load, the cost of depositing rubbish at the Nelson or Tasman transfer stations is not cheap.

However, it is totally unfair of these moronic freeloaders to expect the rest of us to pay to clean up their messes.

Dumping anything from household rubbish to unwanted motor vehicles in what should be comparatively pristine parts of the province is not on.

Presumably, the authorities know the identity of at least one of those involved in the illegal dumping featured on the Mail's front page yesterday. Let's hope they make an example of him.

Nelson's clean and green reputation is worth fighting for - even if it is more ideal than reality.


The Nelson Mail