Swan decision right

Finally, commonsense has prevailed over the saga of what to do with Aragorn the swan.

The swan, which had gained a reputation for being aggressive towards dogs and children, was moved from his home on the Maitai River on Tuesday to the Kaikoura Adventure Park.

The Mail has been reporting on Aragorn's attacks for over two years. The final straw was the attack on Sarah Derecourt, who was whitebaiting at the back of her Halifax East property.

Aragorn has himself been the victim of attacks by dogs in the past. The SPCA and DOC became concerned for the swan's safety after the recent attack by a dog. They called for public feedback and an unofficial online Nelson Mail poll showed the majority of readers wanted the swan returned, but opinion was split as to whether dogs in the area should be leashed.

The issue has certainly divided Nelsonians, but DOC has taken the most sensible route for the swan and residents. Aragorn gets a mate and people can enjoy the river undisturbed.