Armed swoop inevitable

Might John Hodge have done more to stop himself from winding up at the pointy end of the law, with police swooping on his Ruby Bay property and challenging him at gunpoint?

Probably not. He had, after all, locked the gate, erected a sign and taken other sensible precautions before he and son, Rowan, fired at targets on his semi-rural property.

Even though police phoned him 15 minutes after the flurry ended and the guns had been locked safely away, they still descended en masse and it is not surprising Mr Hodge felt unnerved with police rifles aimed at his chest.

It is the sort of issue that will arise more often as urbanisation continues and people, perhaps, become less tolerant. However, as police say, they have no choice other than to take seriously any complaint involving the use of firearms, whatever the circumstances.

The Nelson Mail