Dotcom gets serious

00:00, Jan 16 2014

Among the movers, shakers and shapers within New Zealand over the past few years, the man who chooses to be known as Kim Dotcom looms larger than life.

His impact on New Zealand politics has already been significant, contributing to the demise of the main minor party of the Right, ACT, and in particular its departing leader John Banks.

Now Mr Dotcom looks like stirring things up even more. Given his talent for securing positive media coverage and, perhaps more relevant, ability to work social media and galvanise the internet community, the odds of him muscling some chosen candidates into Parliament in Internet Party colours look good.

Although he cannot be a candidate, he is shaping as a genuine thorn in National's side, and his party could well play kingmaker should he persuade the online community to get out and vote. National will be hoping his extradition battle becomes a major distraction for him in coming months, and that he will have departed this country before any campaigning begins in earnest.


The Nelson Mail