Editorial: Doing it for themselves

00:00, Jan 21 2014

The secret's out - Nelsonians really are the kings, and queens, of DIY in this country.

As reported in the Mail over the weekend, the National DIY Report commissioned by global corporate 3M surveyed 1007 people in 16 regions around New Zealand. It found that Nelsonians prefer on the whole not to leave the work to a handyman or friend, and they scored the highest among the regions surveyed (67 per cent) with one third admitting they turn to the internet for instructions before tackling DIY tasks.

The report also found that Kiwi women were becoming increasingly DIY savvy.

None of this is surprising when you consider how many people clog the aisles at the major DIY stores every weekend. It's that can-do attitude that's prevalent among most Nelsonians. More power to their power tools, we say.


The Nelson Mail