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Last updated 08:00 01/06/2013

Save yourself time and petrol, PLUS up to $122 off the retail price when you subscribe to The Nelson Mail with home delivery thrown in free of charge!

That's all the news, views, entertainment, sports and much more conveniently delivered to your home 6 days a week!

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  • Savings of up to $122 off retail prices
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See the 4 easy options available for subscribing below and choose the one that best suits you.  Then click here to subscribe or phone the Newspaper Sales Team on (03) 548 7079.

Option 1:       

Normal billing, $1.05  per copy, monthly calendar billing, saving 27% on the retail price

Option 2:       

Pay for 26 weeks in advance, $159, 156 copies, saving over 29% on the retail price

Option 3:       

Pay for 52 weeks in advance $306, 312 copies, saving over 32% on the retail price

Option 4:       

Easy Pay $25.50 automatic payment taken once a month (20th)  from subscriber's bank account or credit card. Saving over 32% on the retail price.

Payment Options

For your convenience, payment may be made by cheque, cash, eftpos, Visa/Mastercard, Amex, direct debit, automatic payments or on-line banking:- Our Bank Account is with BNZ; Wellington Branch, the number is 02 0500 0700089 012.

Subscribers can now pay at any New Zealand Post Shop or Post Outlet with your payment slip. 

IMPORTANT - when making a payment it is important that you use your unique 11 digit reference so we can identify your customer account correctly.  This reference is quoted on the How to Pay section of your invoice/statement.

The Nelson Mail has offices in Nelson, Richmond, Motueka, or alternatively, contact the Newspaper Sales Team on (03) 548 7079 during office hours.


- Nelson

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