Crunch time for Touch team uniforms

02:08, Nov 06 2012
SOCIAL NETWORK: Action from last Tuesday's social grade.


We’re now heading into the fourth round of Touch and by now all teams should be in their uniforms. From this week on, points will be taken off teams not in proper uniforms. Remember proper uniforms are part of the Terms and Conditions of Entry. Each team member must wear the same colour uniform, and they must be numbered on the back.

And don’t forget that players must be registered online and must play a minimum of six games to be eligible for the finals.

We’re still keeping a close watch on team gradings but it will be another two weeks at least until any changes are made. Remember that to move one team changes the whole draw, so any changes will all be made at the same time.

The Draw
You will find the draw right here, every week on the Touch Page in the Sports section of the Nelson Mail, along with a photo from last week’s games.

Nelson Module and Junior Module cancellation notices will be posted on Facebook and on the local radio stations. Radio announcements will be after 2pm for the Nelson module and after 2pm for the Junior module. A reminder, any decisions to cancel any senior module nights will not be made until after 2pm. Please respect this and do not contact the module coordinator before that time.

We have started the season with a good base of experienced and new referees and it is great to see a lot more younger refs coming through and showing an interest in this vital part of the game. If you are also interested in a bit of whistle blowing, full support and training is provided.
Contact is Steve Petrie Ph 027 391 8033 or email

Nelson Touch Association draw for November 6-8

Tuesday 6th November

Mixed Premier:                   
THC v Nayland College,6.17;Waimea College v The Rusty's,6.50;           
Mixed Grade 2  Div 1:                   
S.C.I v Frostbite,6.17;Kiwa Duffin Smooth Rollers v Marist What!,6.50;           
Speight's Ale House v Falcons ,6.50;Bye v o2b healthy;Raw Fish v ASB Rippers,5.45;Some Shades of Grey v Brown Bear,6.17;           
NMIT v Cittyfitty,7.22;


Mixed Grade 2 Div 2:                   
Speight's Ale House - Team Summit v Touch and Go,6.50;Sealords v White Line Fever,7.22;           
Bays Bandits v Corey's Bunch,6.17;Norms Slackers v kiwis,5.45;Printhouse Allsorts v THE SHAGS,6.50;            
Freedom touch v the untouchables ,6.50;YOUNG KR3W v Team T-Rex,5.45;

Nelson Mail Mixed Grade 3:                   
Norms Slackers v kiwis,5.45;Windows and Doors Services v Prison rules,6.17;WHK v The Guppies,6.17;           
The verdict's v Better touch,6.17;Stoke Beers v Anaton Maccas,7.22;Pita Pit Pirates v BOXMAN,7.22;           
S.T.T v Bio ol,6.50;peanut crunchers v GIvE,5.45;Nelson Mail Scoops v Hulk it up,5.45;

Boys U16:                   
Bye v Raiders:THUNDER v Nayland Haydens,5.45;The Jammers v kiss my ace,5.10;star and garter heat v Nayland Lonestar Black & Yellow,5.10;           
Spangee's Speedys v NC Swaggers,5.10;

Girls U16:                   
Bye v Garin Moko Tuari;NCG Good Sorts v NCG Wild Moose,5.10;Babes of NZ v NCG 123,5.10;           
NCG UnTouchables v NCG Wolf Pack,5.10;Nayland MMChurr v Garin Miharo,5.10;

Wednesday 7th November

Mens Open :                       
Black Bolters v Scowans,6.50;Heeey Mates v Bye;Sporks v The Tigers,5.45;           
Panda Bay v BK Johnstons,6.17;Ratmouse v The Bush Inn Bears,6.50;Samurs Warriors v Jennian Homes,5.45;           
The G.B's v Lanapead 2.0,5.45;

Mixed Social Division 1 :                       
Wobba Girls v Highlighters,6.17;Clunged v Sharks,6.17;Nel Pack Wrappers v The Lost Boys,5.45;           
Mega Magic v Speights Ale House,6.50;Touch r us v New & Used,6.17;Get Rich or Die Trying v Thompson & Daly Young Ones,6.50;

Mixed Social Division 2 :                        
Stoke Beers v Berkett Contracting,6.17;NZ Solar v The Pandas ,7.22;P.E.A v 8%,6.50;           
vicious & Delicious v I Touch ,7.22;Tonic v Paulas Preschool,5.45;

Thursday 8th November      

Mens Open:                                   
Thompson & Daly Fieldmarshalls v Richmond Physio,6.50;Scowans v Nelson College,6.17;

Social 1:                               
Garin Hostel Hotshots v NCD,6.17;Tongan community v Turf Hulks,5.45;Squires SBs v GMR Tigers,7.22;                            
Richmond Rabbits v Stoke Golden Oldies,6.50;Nelson City vikings RL v Abide Fitness,6.50;

Social 2:                                   
Accessman Nelson v ITM Scott Construction,6.50;Giuseppes v Show us your foot long,7.22;                           
Rough Diamonds v Patriots,7.22Wakatu Sports Bar v Nga atua,7.22;BMG Grizzlies v Dominate and Penetrate,6.50;                           
Speight's Ale House - Team Distinction v Gendarmes,6.17;                           
PNUT Clan v Gibson Timber Nailers,6.17;Mazda 6 v Harcourts,6.17;

Social 3:                                   
Bye v Aimex;Pies v Nelson metals,7.22;Turf Tourists v TCC activators,6.17;Nelmac v FWC,6.50;                           
CCL Aces v Ems team,5.45;Honest Lawyer v 623 touchy feely,5.45;

Dirty Hua's v Stormers,5.45;NCG A's v NCG Devo's,6.50;Ken's Chicks v Spangees Girls 6.17;