Athletes shine as personal bests set

Stars appeared Wednesday evening above the Saxton Field Athletics Track right before younger stars shone on it.

The Athletics Nelson Twilight Series Meet produced heaps of personal bests for athletes preparing for next week's Tasman clubs championships, next month's New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletics Championships and other future meets.

Tayler Boeyen opened with a massive personal best of 13.48 second in winning the 80-metres hurdles and later won the W14 discus with a 25.42m throw. Courtney Clarke, who has won numerous national medals, opened her season with a winning toss of 36.77m in the W19 discus .

Morgan Clark won the women's javelin (27.88m), shot put (9.09m), and long jump (4.75m). Tess Haunch extended her personal best by a half metre in winning the women's triple jump with 10.10m. Claire Erasmus captured the 60m (8.46m) and 200m (27.09m). Katie Thompson won the women's 100m in 13.64sec.

Georgia Teakle matched her 800m best of 2:32.03 in winning a competitive women's 800m, and Jess Martin took 18sec off her personal best in winning the women's 3000m in 10:26.26.

Peter Meffan, back for a break from his medical studies at Otago University, broke away from Mike Lowe on the final lap to win the men's 3000m in 8:51.00. Lowe finished second in 8:56.05.

Josh Barry led from start to finish in the men's 800m and ran a personal best of 2:03.43.

Jonas Kale ran a season best of 11.43 to win the men's 100m from Alistair Adams, who returned to win the 200m in 23.75. Kale also won the 60m in 7.51.

Dale Pritchard won the men's discus with 44.14m and the shot put with 14.26m. Culainn Stringer won the men's javelin with a personal best 36.94m.

Chris Brake focused on the horizontal jumps, winning the long jump with 6.39m and the triple jump with 13.02m.

Jamie Shaw improved on his personal best in winning the 3000m walk in 16:10.59.

The Tasman Clubs Championships will be held at Saxton on November 24, with the first event set for 5pm.

Registration will begin at 4pm. For information call 923 2321.


60m - Women: (Heat 1) Claire Erasmus, 8.46sec, 1; Amanda Fitisemanu, 8.58sec, 2; Irene Post, 9.06sec, 3. (Heat 2) Livia Strub, 8.94sec, 1; Megan Stack, 8.8sec, 2; Margarette Butt, 9.12sec, 3. Men: Jonas Kale, 7.51sec, 1; Phillip Rollo, 7.93sec, 2; Tyler Walbran, 8.19sec, 3.

100m - Women: (Heat 1) Katie Thompson 13.64sec, 1; Montana Heslop, 15.02sec, 2; Ashleigh Lowrey, 15.70sec, 3. (wind - +0.7) (Heat 2) Amber Sixtus, 13.95sec, 1; Magarette Butt 14.27sec, 2; Megan Stack, 14.61sec, 3. (wind +0.0) Men: Jonas Kale, 11.43sec, 1; Alistair Adams, 11.65sec, 2; Phillip Rollo 12.41sec, 3. (wind +1.7) Masters - Brian Thornally, 15.07sec, 1. (wind +0.7)

80m hurdles - Women: Tayler Boeyen 13.48sec, 1; Gabi Courtenay, 14.23sec, 2; Livia Strub, 14.51sec, 3. (wind +1.3)

200m - Women: Claire Erasmus, 27.09sec, 1; Amber Sixtus, 29.12sec, 2; Margarette Butt, 29.76sec, 3. (wind +0.1)Men: Alistair Adams, 23.40sec, 1; Andrew Moore, 25.46sec, 2; Tyler Walbran 26.69sec, 3. (wind +1.4)

800m - Women: Georgia Teakle, 2min 32.02sec, 1; Michelle Schurmann, 2min 35.05sec, 2; Sami Jordan 2min 35.58sec, 3. Men: (Open) Josh Barry, 2min 3.43sec, 1; Hugo Lawrence, 2min 10.16sec, 2; Matt Dunn 2min 22.04sec, 3. (M16) Luke Kelly, 2min 15.51sec, 1; Jared Lautenslager, 2min 15.97sec, 2; Angus Weymss, 2min 18.26sec, 3.

3000m - Men: Peter Meffan 8min 51.0sec 1; Mike Lowe, 8min 56.5sec, 2; Sam MacKay-Wright, 9min 48.1sec, 3. Women: Jess Martin 10min 26.2sec, 1; Pip Dalley 10min 47.7sec, 2; Bridie Edwards, 10min 51.2sec, 3.

Javelin - Women: Morgan Clark 27.88m, 1; Chloe Hall, 26.60m, 2; Jessica Young, 19.90m, 3. Men: Culainn Stringer 36.94m, 1; Ari Cumming, 32.90m, 2; Louis Kraase, 29.60m, 3.

Shot put - Women: Morgan Clark, 9.09m, 1; Ashleigh Lowrey, 7.85m, 2; Mikayla Lowrey, 6.40m, 3. Men: (Open) Dale Pritchard, 14.26m, 1; Tony Anderson, 9.34m, 2. (M16) Louie Kraase, 11.14m, 3.

Discus - Women: (W19) Courtney Clark 36.77m, 1. (W14) Tayler Boeyen 25.42m, 1; Mikayla Lowrey 21.08m, 2; Ashleigh Lowrey, 20.13m, 3. Men: (Open) Dale Pritchard, 44.14m, 1; Tony Anderson, 32.51m, 2.

Long Jump - Women: Morgan Clark, 4.75m, 1 (wind 0.0); Tess Haunch, 4.42m, 2 (wind +0.3); Katie Thompson, 4.40m, 3. (+1.6) Men: Chris Brake, 6.39m, 1. (wind - +0.9)

Triple Jump - Women: Tess Haunch, 10.22m, 1 (+1.2); Chloe Hall, 9.69m, 2 (+9.69); Katie Thompson, 9.42m, 3. (+1.0). Men: Chris Brake, 13.02m, 1 (wind +0.1); Ari Cumming, 10.72m, 2 (+0.0); Culainn Stringer, 10.02m, 3. (+0.0)

3000m walk - Women: Roz D'Agnilli 17min 51.79sec, 1. Men: Jamie Shaw, 16min 10.59sec, 1; Todd McCashin 17min 00.17sec, 2; Roger Denton, 17min 48.99sec, 3.

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