Cosmo Constants Flat Out ultimate

The Flat Out Nelson annual ultimate frisbee beach tournament had a scientific theme this year, and team Cosmological Constants' game theory proved sound.

The champions were unbeaten over two days of competition at Tahunanui Beach at the weekend, triumphing in 11 gruelling, 40-minute games under the hot sun.

The Cosmological Constants' 11-7 win over Relativity in the final was the first time a team has finished with a perfect record in the tournament's 12-year history.

Close to 100 people from across New Zealand and further afield attended the competition run by Nelson Ultimate Disc Experience (Nude).

Ten teams were drawn in the tournament, the mixing of teams being key to the social experience that has seen the tournament rated best in New Zealand for three of the past four years.

The disc sport, which is like a mix of netball and American football, is made for spectators.

Long, curling passes meeting diving players in an end-zone meant for plenty of spectacular plays, and many competitors with a face full of sand.

Although he was on the wrong side of the ledger, Nelson's Tobyn Packer was sublime for Relativity in the final. The New Zealand junior ultimate frisbee representative provided plenty of assists, even sending a technically challenging hammer-throw into the end-zone at one stage.

Eli Jones of Nelson College, Packer's New Zealand team-mate, was rated the top talent of the tournament, being awarded the male MVP award playing for Infinity. Jennifer Robinson (F=ma) was joint female MVP with Marloes Van Geel (H2O) of Palmerston North. The player voted best spirited, the ultimate version of best sportsmanship, was Taki Morehu-Cookson (Pythagorean Theorem) from Hamilton.

Sportsmanship and the spirit of the game are tenets of a sport which is not refereed, but that in no way reduced the level of competition. The attrition rate was high, with competitors pushing their bodies in constant, fast, five-a-side action.

Mike Packer of Nude said there was no rest in the world of ultimate.

"As you can imagine, playing six 40-minute games on the first day on sand, quite a lot of people were broken at the end of the day. Then they had to party and get up and do it again the next day for the finals.

"The turnout we had was good and the competition was hot. The level of the disc was really good, and witnessing the final you can see the intensity of the games; they are very full on.

"The weather was fantastic. The tournament was a fantastic success. We have people who just keep coming back to this tournament."

For more information or to get involved in the regular beach games on Sundays or field games at the Botanics on a Monday night, email:, or just show up and get involved.

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