Set up and ready for the crowds

00:00, Dec 24 2012

Nicola Smith of Christchurch has had a hard time convincing her children that their deserted holiday spot will be teeming with campers next week.

The family arrived at Tahunanui Beach Holiday Park on Saturday to find they were only one of about seven families in their camp block.

The family is among the few holidaymakers arriving at Nelson early, although campground managers say the usual post-Christmas Day rush is coming.

They will be staying until about January 5, so could not take advantage of the space to move to a better camp spot.

While in Nelson, the family planned to hit the beach, visit family and enjoy the holiday with friends from Christchurch - once they arrived.

"It's very quiet at the moment so we have tried to tell the kids that within a week we will be surrounded by people but they didn't seem to get it," Mrs Smith said.

"In a week we're going to be surrounded by six or seven people within an arm's length."


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