Trafalgar Park project won't burden ratepayers - Miccio

21:06, Jan 28 2013

Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio believes a new $12 million Eastern stand at Trafalgar Park - complete with club rooms, corporate boxes, and apartments and retail facilities - would need little or no funding from ratepayers.

In a classic two birds with one stone scenario, Mr Miccio said that money from a potential land development would fund the stand, while the construction new town houses on the developed land would help to ease pressure on housing.

''My view is that this could be funded primarily by the private sector so ratepayers don't have the cost and debt burden,'' said Mr Miccio.

Mr Miccio envisioned the old East Stand, with a capacity of 1000, would be replaced by a new stand with seating for between 2000-5000. He said, ''depending on affordability,'' this number would be modest, but sustainable and fit for use.

The proposed land, which would be freed-up for sale to developers, is in the immediate vicinity of Trafalgar Park. This includes the area occupied by the Tasman Rugby Union buildings, the Nelson Rugby Football Club clubrooms, the Marist rugby clubrooms and squash court as well as the car park area and brass band headquarters.

Mr Miccio said he estimated the cost of the new stand with club rooms and corporate box facilities was between $6 million and $10 million depending on capacity.

He also said there was potential to add retail and leasehold apartments on the stand development, which could provide ongoing income but could drive the cost up to $12 million.

What do you think? Does Trafalgar Park need an upgrade?