Countdown to Touch down

PASS IT ON: Action during Tuesday’s social grade Touch module at Tahunanui.
PASS IT ON: Action during Tuesday’s social grade Touch module at Tahunanui.

We're counting down now to our February 23 finals and the competition is really hotting up, although it has become apparent that some players (and teams)  are not totally familiar with the terms and conditions of entry, not to mention a few of the rules.

This week and next (our last column) we'll continue to expand on the essential rulings and procedures so stay tuned.

Remember too that on finals day there are usually two or even three referees per game so you will all need to bring your best game.

All players must be in uniforms of the same colour, with numbers on the back of shirts.
The numbers cannot measure less than 20cm and must run from 1 to 14. Teams not meeting the uniform codes during games will default the match.

Adding or replacing play
To replace team players now, teams must FIRST gain approval from the Nelson Touch Association. All team players must have played a minimum of 6 games for their registered team to be eligible for Finals Day.

Unregistered players

The playing of unregistered players in a team will result in the game being played recorded as a loss for that team, regardless of the actual outcome.

Tuesday: Grading conditions for the Tuesday competition are as follows:
(a)    Social mixed 1 can have 2 players from a higher grade.
(b)    Social mixed 2 can have 1 player from a higher grade.
(c)    Social mixed 3 is NON COMPETITIVE only and must not have any players from above grades.

Thursday: Grading conditions for the Thursday competition are as follows:
(a)    Social 1 can have 2 players from a higher grade.
(b)    Social 2 can have 1 player from a higher grade.
(c)    Social 3 is NON COMPETITIVE only and must not have any players from above grades.

Nelson Module and Junior Module cancellation notices will be posted on Facebook and on the local radio stations. Radio announcements will be after 2pm for the Nelson module and after 2pm for the junior module. A reminder, any decisions to cancel any senior module nights will not be made until after 2pm. Please respect this and do not contact the module coordinator before that time.

NELSON TOUCH ASSOCIATION DRAW                                               

Tuesday 12th February                                               
Mixed Premier:                                           
THC v Nayland College,6.17;Waimea College v The Rusty's,6.50;                                   

Mixed Grade 1:                                           
SCI v Touch & Go ,6.50;Frostbite v Printhouse Allsorts,5.45;Citty Fitty v Young Kr3w,5.45;                              Marist What!! v The untouchables,6.17;The shags v Freedom Touch,6.17;                                   

Mixed Grade 2 Div 1:                                           
Raw Fish v Bays Bandits,6.17;Kiwa Duffins Smooth Rollers v Falcons,6.17;                                   
Speights Ale House v Pita Pit Pirates,7.22;Some Shades of Grey v Speights Ale House - Team Summit,6.17;              Sealords v Norms Slackers,6.50;                                   

Mixed Grade 2 Div 2:                                           
ASB Rippers v Coreys Bunch,5.45;Brown Bear v The verdicts ,6.50;Bye v Bio Sol;NMIT v STT,7.22;                  Team T-Rex v White line fever ,6.50;

Nelson Mail Mixed Grade 3:                                           
Hulk it up v Prision Rules ,6.50;Nelson Mail Scoops v Kiwis,5.45;Stoke Beers v Give,7.22;                             Windows & Doors Ser v ices v Boxman,6.17;The Guppies v Anaton Macca,5.45;                                   
Better touch v WHK,6.50;                                   
Wednesday 13th Feb                   
Mens Div 1 :                   
Black Bolters v bye;Scowans v Johnstons,6.50;Heeey Mates v Panda Bay,6.50;

Mens Div 2 :                   
CRT v Sporks,5.45;Samurs Warriors v Jennian Homes,6.50;Lanapead 2.0 v The Bush Inn Bears,6.17;       
The G.B's v The Tigers,6.50;

Mixed Social Division 1:                   
Wobba Girls v Speights Ale House,6.17;Get Rich or Die Trying v Touch r us,5.45;       
Highlighters v Mega Magic,6.17;Thompson & Daly Young Ones v Nel Pack Wrappers,5.45;New & Used v Clunged ,7.22;        

Mixed Social Division 2 :                    
Bye v I Touch;P.E.A v NZ Solar,5.45;vicious & Delicious v The Pandas,6.17;Tonic v 8%,6.50;       
Berkett Contracting v Sharks,5.45;Paulas Preschool v The Lost Boys,6.17;       

Thursday 14th February                                        
Open-Div 1:             
Nelson College v Scowans,6.50;Thompson Daly Fieldmarshalls v Nelson U17 Reps,6.50;

Social 1:                                    
Richmond Physio v Squires SB'S,6.17;Wakatu Sports Bar v Abide Fitness,5.45;                            
Dominate & Penetrate v Richmond Rabbits,6.17;Accessman v Tongan Commuinty,7.22;                            
NCD v GMR Tigers,6.50;Nelson City vikings RL v Turf Hulks,6.50;

Social 2:                                    
BMG Grizzlies v Harcourts,6.17;Show us ya foot long v Gendarmes,6.50;Giuseppes v 623 Touchy Feely,7.22;    Rough Diamonds v TCC activators,7.22;Speights Ale House - Team Distinction v Nelson Metals,6.17;              PNUT Clan v Turf Tourists,6.17;Mazda 6 v Stoke Golden Oldies,5.45;ITM Scott Construction v Gibson Timber Nailers,5.45;

Social 3:                                    
Jacal Bogans TBG v Nelmac,6.50;Honest Lawyer v FWC,7.22;Aimex v Sony 3D Pie,6.17;                            
PNUT Clan v Turf Tourists,6.17;Ems team v CCL Aces,5.45;

Dirty Hua's v Spangees Girls,6.17;Ken's Chicks v NCG A's,5.45;Stormers v NCG Devo's,6.50;