Touch finals this weekend

Sadly another season is coming to an end with this week’s games the last before the February 23 finals.

This week’s draw is featured below, and the Finals Day information will be available on the Nelson Bays Touch Facebook page.

To all the teams who do not qualify for finals, a big thank you for your support. To those in the finals, good luck. And don’t forget that all teams and players are welcome to watch and support their fellow players this Saturday.

Today we take a last look at some of the essential rulings and procedures that will need to be adhered on Finals Day.

There is nothing worse than a player who constantly infringes and questions the referee’s rulings. It is distracting, disruptive and can change the whole landscape of the match. Why do such players continue to argue – to their detriment – knowing that a referee cannot and will not change a call?

Just like the players, the referees are only human and will make the occasional mistake. Good players accept what has happened and carry on playing, using any ruling interpretation to their advantage. Those who think they know the rules are most welcome to referee, to hone their perceived knowledge of the rules.

Ruling – misconduct
Players guilty of misconduct will be penalised and may be excluded from the match. Misconduct includes continual breaches of the rules, swearing, back-chatting referee(s), bad sporting behaviour, fighting and using unnecessary physical force such as pushing, barging, shoulder charges, attacking the head of an opponent or deliberately making a player go to the ground.

Ruling – frequent undisciplined behaviour
A player who continually breaches the rules is liable for dismissal. Captains are responsible for the conduct of players in their teams and should be aware that ill-disciplined players are disruptive to the spirit of the game.

Players who infringe will incur a penalty in the first instance. Depending on the severity, a referee may dismiss a player instantly, but not all dismissals are the same. The referee may do one of the following:

Chilly bin
“You’ve been chilly binned,” is a referee term used as a first warning to players who continually infringe, question the referee or don’t play within the spirit of the game. The player is asked to leave the field and can be replaced therefore not penalising the whole team. It is regarded as a “chill-out” time and an opportunity for the player to re-focus.

Sin bin
An offending player gets a minimum of five minutes in the sin-bin and cannot be replaced during this period. The player goes on report and is removed from the field to a position no closer than 5 metres behind the opponents’ touchdown line.

Red card
Dismissal for the rest of the match. The worst possible scenario is a red card. This is the last resort and can come at a heavy price to the player. A red card means a minimum automatic two week stand-down and a visit to the judiciary. At the other end of the penalty scale is a life ban for striking an official. Luckily red cards are uncommon at any of our modules; the last offender received an 18-month ban and an assault charge for striking another player.

NELSON TOUCH ASSOCIATION DRAW                                               
Tuesday 19th February   

Mixed Premier:                                           
THC v The Rusty's,6.50;Nayland College v Waimea College,6.17;

Mixed Grade 1:                                           
SCI v Printhouse Allsorts ,6.50;Citty Fitty v Frostbite,5.45;Marist What!! v Freedom Touch,6.17;                     The shags v Young Kr3w,5.45;Touch & Go v The untouchables,6.17;

Mixed Grade 2 Div 1:                                           
Raw Fish v Norms Slackers,7.22;Speights Ale House v Kiwa Duffins Smooth Rollers,6.50;                            Some Shades of Grey v Falcons,6.17;Selaords v Pita Pit Pirates,6.17;Bays Bandits v Speights Ale House - Team Summit    ,6.17;

Mixed Grade 2 Div 2:                                           
ASB Rippers v Bio Sol,5.45;Boxman v Brown Bear,5.45;NMIT v The verdicts ,6.50;                                    
Team T-Rex v White line fever,7.22;Coreys Bunch v STT ,6.50;

Nelson Mail Mixed Grade 3:                                           
Hulk it up v WHK ,6.50;Anaton Maccas v Nelson Mail Scoops,5.45;Stoke Beers v Kiwis,7.22;                          The Guppies v Give,6.17;Brown Bear v Boxman,5.45;Prision Rules v Windows & Doors Services,6.50;   

Wednesday 20th Feb                    
Mens Div 1 :                    
Black Bolters v Panda Bay,6.50;Heeey Mates v Scowans,6.50;Bye v Johnstons;

Mens Div 2 :                    
CRT v The Tigers,5.45;Lanapead 2.0 v Samurs Warriors,6.50;The G.Bs v Jennian Homes,6.17;        
Sporks v The Bush Inn Bears,6.50;

Mixed Social Division 1 :                    
Wobba Girls v Clunged,6.17;Highlighters v Get Rich or Die Trying,5.45;Thompson & Daly Young Ones v Touch r us,6.17;        
New & Used v Mega Magic,6.17;Speights Ale House v Nel Pack Wrappers,5.45;

Mixed Social Division 2:

Bye v The Lost Boys;vicious & Delicious v P.E.A,5.45;Tonic v NZ Solar,6.50;Berkett Contracting v The Pandas,5.45;Paulas Preschool v 8%,6.17;I Touch v Sharks ,7.22;    

Thursday 21st february                                       
Open-Div 1:                                   
Nelson College v Nelson U17 Reps,6.50;Scowans v Thompson Daly Fieldmarshalls,6.50;

Social 1:                                   
Richmond Physio v Turf Hulks,6.17;Dominate & Penetrate v Wakatu Sports Bar,5.45;                           
Accessman v Abide Fitness,6.17;NCD v Richmond Rabbits,6.50;Nelson City vikings RL v Tongan Commuinty,7.22;                           
Squires SB'S v GMR Tigers,6.50;

Social 2:                                   
BMG Grizzlies v Gibson Timber Nailers,7.22;623 Touchy Feely v Show us ya foot long,6.50;                           
Rough Diamonds v Gendarmes,7.22;Speights Ale House - Team Distinction v Giuseppes,6.17;                   PNUT Clan v TCC acti v ators,5.45;Mazda 6 v Nelson Metals,6.17;ITM Scott Construction v Aimex,5.45;       Harcourts v Stoke Golden Oldies,6.17;

Social 3:                                   
Jacal Bogans TBG v Turf Tourists,6.17;ITM Scott Construction v Aimex,5.45;                       
Ems team v Honest Lawyer,5.45;Nelmac v FWC,6.50;CCL Aces v Sony 3D Pies,7.22;

Dirty Hua's v NCG Devo's,5.45;Stormers v Ken's Chicks,6.50;Spangees Girls v NCG A's,6.17;