Steady results at final twilight meet

23:30, Feb 22 2013

Athletics Nelson hosted its final twilight series meet of the 2012-13 season last night at the Saxton Field track. But the athletics season is far from over.

Nelson area colleges will be holding their schools championships during the next 11 days, leading up to the Tasman secondary schools athletics championships at the Saxton Track on March 9.

About 15 Athletics Nelson competitors will go to Auckland for the New Zealand track and field championships from March 22-24, and at least that many will compete in the South Island secondary schools championships in Invercargill on April 6-7.

A series of seven South Island preparation meets will be held at the Saxton Track from next Wednesday until April 3. Each meet will begin at 5.30pm.

Dale Pritchard, whose season won't end until the last meet of his California tour on April 19, continued his steady performances last night with wins in the shot put (14.92 metres) and discus (45.56m).

Andrew Kennedy took out the men's 100m in 10.91sec and the 200m in 22.38sec. Claire Erasmus did the same in the women's sprints, with 13.32sec in the 100m and 27.34sec in the 200m.


Tayler Boeyen scored a unique double, winning the women's 80m hurdles in 13.47sec and the discus with 26.33m.

Kai Mason was the night's only triple winner, taking out the M18 shot put with 13.62m, the M18 discus with 37.37m, and the javelin with 34.60m.

The triple jump produced some top performances, including winners Stefanie Aeschlimann with 11.46m and Chris Brake with 13.81m.


60m - Women: Amanda Fitisemanu, 8.61sec, 1; Amber Sixtus, 8.89sec, 2; Gemma Thompson, 9.00sec, 3. Men: Brodie Hewlett, 7.50sec, 1; Brad Tunnicliffe, 7.85sec, 2; Bailey Cotton, 7.92sec, 3.

100m - Women: Claire Erasmus, 13.32sec, 1; Amanda Fitisemanu, 13.46sec, 2; Morgan Clark, 13.83sec, 3 (wind: +1.5). Men: Andrew Kennedy, 10.91sec, 1; Jonas Kale, 11.53sec, 2; Brodie Hewlett, 11.66sec, 3 (+2.1).

200m - Women: Claire Erasmus, 27.34sec, 1; Amanda Fitisemanu, 28.32sec, 2; Amber Sixtus, 29.29sec, 3 (wind: +1.3). Men: Andrew Kennedy, 22.38sec, 1; Mitchell Chandler, 23.89sec, 2; Bailey Cotton, 24.70sec, 3 (wind: +0.9).

400m - Women: Georgia Teakle, 63.59sec, 1; Bonita Morrissey-Smith, 65.36sec, 2. Men: Brad Tunnicliffe, 57.37sec, 1.

80m hurdles - Women: Tayler Boeyen, 13.47sec, 1; Livia Strub, 14.58sec, 2; Gabbi Courtenay, 14.67sec, 3 (wind: +1.2). Men: Keegan Fisher, 16.29sec, 1 (0.0).

Triple jump - Women: Stefanie Aeschlimann, 11.46m, 1 (wind: +2.0); Tessa Silcock, 10.64m, 2 (+0.3); Tess Haunch, 10.25m, 3 (+0.6). Men: Chris Brake, 13.81m, 1 (+1.7); Brad Tunnicliffe, 11.64, 2 (+1.2); Keegan Fisher, 11.45m (0.0).

Shot put - Senior men: Dale Pritchard, 14.92m, 1; Tony Anderson, 9.83m, 2. M18: Kai Mason, 13.62m, 1; Louie Kraase, 9.63m, 2.

Discus - Women: Tayler Boeyen, 26.33m, 1. Senior men: Dale Pritchard 45.56m, 1; Tony Anderson, 32.4m, 2. M18: Kai Mason, 37.37m, 1; Louis Kraase, 30.61m, 2. M15: Riley Boeyen, 22.67m, 1.

Javelin - Men: Kai Mason, 34.60m, 1; Louis Kraase, 31.85m, 2.

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