Little time left to be race ready

00:00, Feb 28 2013
Tom’s Tribe: The clock is ticking for triathlon team-mates, from left, James Greenland, Natascha Rassekhi and Tom Curtis.

With just two days left I ought to introduce you to "Tom's Tribe".

We are one fulltime triathlete, a Nelson mum, and me. And after our latest catchup, it seems we are in to win.

Tom is diving in first for our team, hopefully earning us a competitive lead straight out of the gates.

Going second, I know I am setting myself up to be overtaken on the road. Oh well. Damaged pride is the least of my injury worries.

Natascha will race third. She has been running and cycling for a few years, and I have seen her swim - she'll do fine.

Natascha was brought up in Germany where children are taught to "breaststroke" from a young age but "freestyle" is a foreign concept.


Old dogs learn new tricks quickly when they know they have to sea-swim or sink in just a few days.

She and I both spent time with Nelson swim coach Lionel Padial who brought us up to speed. Not quite race speed, but we did improve. Stop "swimming uphill", he said. "Swim tall, kick small," he taught us.

At 7am his wisdom washed over like a rogue wave, leaving us cold, wet, and a little confused. But, by 8am we were both much more confident in the water. Good thing too.

We found out Tom is flying back to England right after the race. If we don't finish fast enough, he might miss his flight.

Now I think Tom is worrying about what he got himself into.