Head injury keeps teen from overseas trip

03:03, Jan 08 2014
Holly Chandler
ON THE MEND: Promising Nelson basketballer Holly Chandler is recovering after a fall which left her suffering from amnesia.

A Nelson teen hit her head and suffered "intense pain and amnesia" just hours before she was due to leave on a New Zealand representative basketball tour.

Holly Chandler, 15, who featured in yesterday's Nelson Mail, remains in the North Shore Hospital emergency department for continued observation.

Her mother, Diane Chandler, was in Nelson when she was told of her daughter's fall about 2pm yesterday. Mrs Chandler took the first flight she could to be by her daughter's side.

There, she was given more information about the circumstances of the incident and was updated on her daughter's condition.

Holly was at a tour meeting before her New Zealand under-18 development team was due to fly to Australia early this morning.

Mrs Chandler was told that the room was hot and that her daughter had fainted and fallen, hitting her head. Holly was unconscious for three minutes.


"Subsequently she suffered amnesia and vomiting. Her condition didn't improve so she has had X-rays and CT scans," said Mrs Chandler.

"When I arrived at hospital, she was incoherent, confused and in intense pain."

By this morning, Holly's condition had improved and she was chatting with staff and visitors. Mrs Chandler had said that Holly's memory was improving but she had no recollection of yesterday.

However, a visual aid had helped to trigger memories of an interview and photo session on Monday.

"I showed her the photo in the Nelson Mail and she does remember having the photo taken and [photographer] Martin [De Ruyter] standing on the top."

The Chandler family are all too familiar with head injuries.

Mrs Chandler said her husband Lyndon suffered from a head injury after he was hit by a car in February last year by "a driver who sent him flying off his bike".

While Holly is recuperating, she expressed to her mother how upset she was that she could not join her team-mates for the tournament.

For the past six months, Holly has trained twice a day for this opportunity.

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