Foreign shearers to the fore

The biggest field yet entered the Tapawera Sports Shears on Saturday. As with the Golden Bay A and P Show a week earlier, there were five different nationalities among the 38 entries. In the intermediate class, there were no Kiwis in the final.

It was won by Canterbury-based Irish shearer Joseph Stevens, with Josh Hazelwood, of Australia, second, Enkhnasan (Nasa) Chuluunbaatar, of Mongolia third, and Golden Bay winner Shun Oishi, of Japan, fourth.

The open class attracted 14 entries, the final going to concrete-pumper and part-time shearer Tony Nott, who had two wins before Christmas, including the Top of the South final in Nelson.

He won by more than five points from Peter Lyall, of Tapawera, although in the quest for fastest time he was almost half-a-minute behind fellow Marlborough veteran Chris Jones, who shore the 14 sheep in 14min 28.97sec.

Jotham Rentoul, of Wakefield, won the 8-sheep senior final, although only third to finish and 36 seconds behind Tapawera's Shane Nathan and long-time senior battler Rowan Nesbit, from Rangiora, both of whom clipped just under 12min 25sec.

The junior event, which attracted 12 entries, was won by Hugh De Lacy, of Cheviot, his third win of the season.

The next event in the top of the South is at the Reefton A and P Show on Saturday.

Results of Tapawera Sports Shears on Saturday, January 26, 2014:

Open final (14 sheep):Tony Nott (Blenheim) 14min 55.66sec, 57.569pts, 1; Dave Brooker (Oxford) 15min 50.12sec, 63.935pts, 2; Peter Lyall (Tapawera) 17min 13.84sec, 65.835pts, 3; Chris Jones (Blenheim) 14min 28.97sec, 66.091pts, 4.

Open Plate (10 sheep): Nick Nalder (Takaka) 10min 25.06sec, 47.353pts, 1; Richard Sampey (Blenheim) 10min 46.15sec, 52.408pts, 2; Mark Herlihy (Rangiora) 10min 46.16sec, 54.108pts, 3; Frank Bint (Tapawera) 12min 6.72sec, 60.736pts, 4.

Senior final (8 sheep): Jotham Rentoul (Wakefield) 13min 1.41sec, 52.946pts, 1; Shane Nathan (Tapawera) 12min 24.9sec, 53.87pts, 2; Mark Rogers (Brightwater) 13min 5.63sec, 56.907pts, 3; Rowan Nesbit (Rangiora) 12min 24.65sec, 61.483pts, 4.

Intermediate final (5 sheep): Joseph Stevens (Ireland) 8min 42.25sec, 35.713pts, 1; Josh Hazelwood (Australia) 8min 53.6sec, 47.48pts, 2; Enkhnasan Chuluunbaatar (Mongolia) 10min 5.37sec, 48.869pts, 3; Shun Oishi (Japan) 9min 40.79sec, 50.84pts, 4.

Junior final (3 sheep): Hugh De Lacy (Cheviot) 5min 45.31sec, 33.599pts, 1; Joseph Rentoul (Wakefield) 4min 58.5sec, 38.925pts, 2; John Andrews (Tapawera) 9min 2.53sec, 52.127pts, 3; Robert Hervey (Murchison) 9min 57.84sec, 60.225pts, 4.

Cleanshear (2 sheep): Jotham Rentoul (Wakefield) 8pts, 1; Tony Nott (Blenheim) 8.5pts, 2; Chris Jones (Blenheim) 10.5pts, 3; Dave Brooker (Oxford) 12.5pts, 4.

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