Lycra-clad lads hope to get lucky at Sevens

00:13, Feb 07 2014
Jared Havill and Michael Tyler
HOT FOR ACTION: Jared Havill and Michael Tyler practice a few chants in their Tinder Surprise outfits for this weekend's Rugby Sevens in Wellington.

These unabashed Nelson lads reckon there's nothing wrong with looking for love, or a less-serious hook-up, at the Wellington Sevens this weekend.

Michael Tyler and Jared Havill are frontrunners in a 10-strong group of fellas gearing up for their seventh tour of the capital at the country's biggest dress-up party.

Bravely fronting for a "team" photo, they explained their "Tinder Surprise" costumes, which were made on order by Ant Martin of ProBrands Nelson.

Mr Tyler said the touring lads always try to dress up in something funny and original.

This year their satirical costumes are topical too, taking the mickey out of trending smartphone dating-app Tinder. And ripping the mickey out of themselves, as well.

Tinder is a phone application that pairs users who have a mutual interest in one another.


Using GPS technology, it pinpoints a user's location and alerts them to potential partners in the vicinity.

Tinder's popularity is surging in New Zealand and globally, as the stigma around internet dating and online love-matching abates.

Mr Tyler said the boys were all "avid users". "He's addicted," Mr Havill said. "He's on it constantly."

"I think it's legit," Mr Tyler said.

"None of has have found love, but we are hopeful.

"It's mandatory that our Tinder profile-pic this weekend is the uniform," he said.

Mr Tyler said the "surprise" in their uniform referred to the childrens' chocolate Kinder Surprise, which also inspired the bright colour scheme.

He said it also may have had something to do with the fact he was "milky-white on the inside" despite his dark-chocolate exterior.

"After the weekend the costumes might be pulled out for any other such events we need them for," Mr Tyler said. "Hopefully we will have established ourselves a good name in the Tinder community."

He said he will be in touch if any surprising Tinder encounters were had during the boys' weekend away, which usually involved "a few beers" and a bit of debauchery.

"We will be in the tunnel quite a bit. We will have our [Tinder] settings at 1km or less, so we are focused on the stadium and the core of people involved at the sevens.

"Our notifications will be on vibrate so we are not too anti-social."

As for the rugby?

"We usually watch the final," Mr Havill said.

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