Trophy games an added incentive

Two Tasman Trophy matches highlight game four in the second round of the premier division Nelson netball.

Jacks and Prices both desperately need the points to stay in touch with the leaders in the top section of the draw while Stoke will want to extend their four point lead over Waimea in the second group.

Jacks OPD Richmond and Prices Pharmacy A will take position from 6pm on centre court at Saxton Stadium tomorrow.

Jacks are yet to drop a game in the league this year while Prices sit third on the table. Prices looked confident and composed as they took apart Nelson College for Girls last week while Jacks continued their run of mediocre, yet winning performances beating Stoke by nine points last week.

In the corresponding first round fixture Prices were still finding their rhythm while Jacks ambushed them in a 60-48 victory. Jacks will find a much tougher opponent tomorrow and will need to lift their game if they hope to win, but then they always do, increasing their intensity just enough to overcome their opponents.

Over on court two it's "grudge match" round two as Stoke NBS face Waimea College Senior A.

This game was an absolute humdinger in round one, full of physical contests and gritty personal match-ups.

In the end Stoke snatched victory by a single goal. Round two should be no different, this is anyone's game and it is certainly one to watch.

After a heavy defeat last weekend it doesn't get any easier for Nelson College for Girls A as they take on defending champions Richmond Robbies Bar & Bistro in the late game at 7.30pm.

Nelson should take some positives in the way they finished against Prices, but Richmond will have too much class and they should remain unbeaten in round two, for another week at least.

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