Baxter: the dog on a hog video

Baxter and his owners Jason and Bee Wawatai on their Harley Davidson out for ride in Hawke's Bay.

The fluffy maltese-bichon wears a harness and a pair of custom-made "doggles".

Teeth and guitars in lost property

Frontline support officer Janis​ Moore says about half a dozen items are handed into the police station every week.

Missing a ring, a skateboard or your teeth? Have you tried New Plymouth police station?

A prank for a dead mate

The Warehouse in Lyall Bay found stained clothes for days after two friends decided to cheer themselves up by squirting ...

To honour their deceased friend, a Wellington duo decided to squirt mustard around the Warehouse's clothing section.

That's a big dent

Just how big was the bird that hit this American Airlines plane?

This is the damage a bird can do to a plane.

Book returned... 68 years late

A woman has returned A.W. Reed's Myths and Legends of Maoriland nearly 68 years after it was due.

She borrowed the book as a child and returned it as a grandmother - but avoids a $7,300 fine.

'Cactus' skin may boost electric cars

A new membrane developed from a cactus is projected to significantly boost the performance of fuel cells.

A cactus-inspired skin could hold the secret to creating a more efficient electric car.

Redback spider bites penis

A redback spider bit an Australian tradesman's penis.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bathroom...

Cockatoos painted blue

A blue cockatoo enjoys a feed in the back yard of North Bondi resident Kim Novick.

Cockatoos that appear to have been painted blue, green and pink spotted in Sydney.

How do you lose your false teeth?

This is what the lost and found property room looked like on Friday March 8 before the charity came and picked up items. ...

The weird and wonderful world of Auckland Airport's lost and found.

What to do with this dead, rotting whale?

The body of this near-30 tonne grey whale is an engineering and biological headache, with there being no easy way to move it.

The massive, reeking carcass of a whale rotted is posing a problem at a popular California surfing spot.

The cutest hedgehog ever?

Cute little Huff is charming people around the world with his adorable Instagram pics.

His name is Huff, he's got "vampire teeth", and his smile is guaranteed to make your day.

Neighbourly stink over doggy-doo

Officers attended the "stink" job on Monday.

Don't leave dog-poo on your neighbour's welcome mat, or their lawn for that matter.

A boatie's worst nightmare

A truck started sinking after a trailer mishap at the Waikawa Bay boat ramp on Sunday.

He was backing his boat into the water when his truck slipped out of gear.

Dial-a-bedtime story

Can't sleep? Dial '68' for stories.

Bedtime stories just a phone call away at Arizona hotel.

The mystery of the beaver

Renowned wood and bone carver Norman Clark with the beaver trophy he carved to commemorate the demolition of the old ...

The wooden rugby trophy has everyone stumped - even the man who carved it.

'Like the water was boiling'

A large run of salmon turned a quiet Perth river into turmoil over the weekend.

Hundreds of flapping fish forced paddle boarders to abandon class.

'Vagina artist' engaged to musician

Lead singer of The Waterboys Mike Scott and Megumi Igarashi.

Controversial artist extends open wedding invitation to police for bringing her together with her fiance.

Fatal rockfall caused by monkeys

monkey, mountain

A man visiting a scenic mountain died after monkeys dislodged a rock which hit him.

Headstone washes up in stream video

Temuka resident Charles Jelley discovered a marble gravestone in a stream on April 17 after noticing the white stone ...

A headstone unearthed has residents perplexed - it's the second one to be discovered in a stream in ten years.

What do you mean, no soup?

The Texas lawyer said the restaurant was engaging in "deceptive business practices".

US lawyer threatens to sue restaurant after it runs out of advertised soup special.

'I don't think she knows she's a cow'

Just Beryl enjoying a lazy Thursday afternoon in the lounge, as you do.

Moooove over, pet tigers and monkeys – Beryl appears to be a real-life member of this Australian family.

Snap, crackle and popped collar video

22042016 Newsphoto. SUPPLIED. $20 two piece bubble wrap suit sold by One Day. 22-N-bubblesB

Out with cotton-wooling yoof, in with dressing them in plastic bubble wrap!

High school hoops star '30 years old' video

Jonathon Nicola, pictured in a video on The Windsor Star website from December 2015.

This Canadian high school basketball player said he was 17. Authorities say he's 30.

LSD fuelled 'fit of madness'

It is believed the man's actions occurred while he was high on LSD.

Man on LSD severed part of his own penis before jumping out a two-storey window.

Yours sincerely, The Watcher

"My grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched in the 1960s. It is now my time" - The Watcher.

This family home has it all, including a stalker.

Drink-driving nun's evidence not 'credible'

Sister Kimberly Miller leaves the courtroom after being sentenced for driving under the influence of alcohol.

She insisted she was sleep driving, after taking a pill. The judge put it down to the altar wine.

The worst of parking crimes

This ute snapped by an Aucklander is breaking several of Auckland Transport's top 10 don'ts.

Over-stayers, no-payers, footpath-invaders - parking wardens see them all.

Queen gets mechanical makeover video

A close up of the sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II that is made entirely from car parts.

Queen Elizabeth's automotive history honoured with a sculpture of her made entirely of car parts.

Huge weta shoots flames from antennae

The giant 5m metal weta, which will shoot flames, will feature at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert.

Imagine a weta that's 50 times its normal size and metal - oh, and it shoots fire from its antennae.

Ghost? Yeah, nah.

Haunted Auckland member Mark Wallbank, pictured at the old Kingseat mental hospital in search of supernatural activity.

Skeptics pan claims a bouncing torch is proof of a ghost.

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