Attempted carjacking broadcast live on radio

Australian police speak to people near  where eight children were found dead in Cairns.

She'd phoned the radio show to talk about her hairpin collection when a crime happened.

Bacon busted for sausage bashing

What was behind the early morning sausage sneak? We may never know.

When Thomas Bacon found someone else eating his last sausage, he got all a-sizzle.

No ears, but who cares? video

26052015  News, John Bisset/FairfaxNZ. Dot Smith pictured with her cat Ash that she rescued from a fire a year ago. Ash has had several skin grafts and has no ears.

He may not look like other cats, but don't feel sorry for him insists his owner.

The weird museums of NYC

Handmade sadomasochism items are displayed at the new Museum of Sex after it opened in 2002.

The city that never sleeps boasts an apartment filled with actual dirty, an exhibition on the sex lives of animals, and a gallery featuring taxidermy squirrels hanging out at a bar.

Bird photobombs Red Arrows

Bombs away! The bird taking on the planes.

Give seagulls half a chance and they'll steal anything. Even the (air) show.

Valuable cattle gallstones stolen and recovered

Queensland police have uncovered allegedly stolen cattle gallstones from a property in Toowoomba.

A man has been arrested in Australia and charged with stealing cattle gallstones.

Sheep bring high spirits

Mike Bowler's sheep are saying what many North Canterbury farmers are thinking.

A North Canterbury farmer arranges his sheep into roadside billboards - for laughs.

Kiwi model inhales dog-sized burrito video

Nela Zisser - a model and a competitive eater (not a common combo) - has managed to scoff a 2.3kg burrito in under five minutes.

She wants to break stereotypes by becoming a competitive eating champion, one giant burrito at a time.

Banned from wearing onesies

Surprisingly, this isn't appropriate work attire.

Australian public servants are now banned from wearing onesies and ugg boots to work.

Top reader comments stuff nation

"I, for one, welcome our new blubbery overlords."

It's snowing! Seals are invading! Perhaps most excitingly, people are commenting on news stories!

Tyre punctures in-car selfie stick singalong video

In-car selfie stick singalong ends in crash.

A quartet's singalong performance for a selfie goes into a spin as a tyre in their vehicle punctures.

Mechanic's spelling blunder goes viral

A mechanic's spelling blunder in repairing a Porsche sports car has gone viral.

A mechanic's spelling blunder in repairing a Porsche sports car has gone viral.

Royal flush on pimped-out portaloo

Chris Gerrard, supervisor at McCashins  Brewery takes time out in the Hiace Porta Palace with The Butler, Luke Taplin in the foreground.

The world's most luxurious portaloo, with its own butler, TV and PlayStation made a brief stop in Nelson last week.

Cyclist hits double-decker bus video

Cyclist in Manchester should have stopped at red lights. He didn't and smacked right into a double-decker bus.

A bike running a red light and hitting a bus was caught on camera.

Man pronounced dead starts moving at morgue

Paramedics declared the man as "cold to the touch" - be he had other ideas.

He was "found dead" in bed, but then he shocked the life out of paramedics by starting to breath.

Top reader comments stuff nation

Readers had plenty to say about Air New Zealand's cracker-to-cheese ratio.

After a week of weighty issues, readers appeared to be looking for something more frivolous to comment on.

Soggy end to test drive gallery

A Ford Falcon XR6 with a $15,000 price tag was written off after people taking it for a test drive got it stranded at Oreti Beach, near Imvercargill.

When a car salesman heard his vehicle was in the sea, he thought it was a joke.

Cartwheeling spider discovered

The spider was discovered in Morocco.

The spider was discovered in Morocco that has an acrobatic solution to escape danger by spinning away.

This could get Messi video

Wellington Deputy Mayor Justin Lester with Spud, the soccer-playing jack russell.

What happened when Wellington's deputy mayor played football with Spud the dog.

Our flag designs - they take the p***

Prime Minister John Key checks out the 'Te Pepe' flag submission from David Astil. This image is the product of Photoshop.

OPINION: Check out what our wackiest flag ideas would look like in real life.

Taste test battle: Marmite v natto video

Natto - in all it's stretchy, smelly goodness.

You may have seen the video of Japanese people dissing Marmite. But have you ever tried natto?

Japanese people try Marmite

'This can't be real.'

Spoiler alert: They aren't fans of the savoury spread.

Mystery surrounds pile of clothes

A mysterious bundle of clothing left abandoned in New Brighton has the community questioning who the owner may be.

"If anyone found themselves walking home half naked last night...we found your hipster outfit."

'Unusual' behaviour for a male cat video

Henry snuggles with the abandoned kittens.

This boy cat is doing something pretty unusual - and it might save the life of six kittens.

Scientist discover warm-blooded fish video

An opah is released with sensors that allow for recording of depth, water temperature and the fish's internal body temperature. (NOAA Fisheries West Coast)

Deep in the ocean, scientists have found the first known example of a fish with warm blood.

Top five reader comments

auskiwi101 had a simple message for Auckland homeowners: "Make the money while you can because it won't last forever."

"NZ could be so different. We have an ideal population, heaps of resources and land, we're developed, and yet we screw it up."

Watch: Lightning strikes shop video

Plumbing World in Rangiora was struck by lightning on Tuesday, with its phone lines and internet fried in the process.

Phone and internet cables were fried and staff and a customer shaken when lightning struck a Rangiora store.

Pet python swallowed tongs

Winston's X-rays show the tongs stuck inside him.

A pet python called Winston has undergone surgery to remove a pair of barbecue tongs he swallowed.

Want to buy a famous numberplate? Bugger, it's gone

This elegant piece of Kiwiana just sold for more than $34,000.

The BUGGER number plate sold for $34,100 on Trade Me.

Pair of Andreas win after fun run

Andrea Thompson, left and Andrea Thomson were both gifted bikes by Jennian Homes Nelson Bays general manager Daryl O'Reilly after they took part in the Mother's Day fun run on Sunday.

Andrea Thomson and Andrea Thompson were both named winners of the star prize at a Mother's Day fun run in Nelson.

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