Runaway deer in cemetery

Bryce Buckland rounded up six of the runaway deer at Marsden Valley Cemetery on Wednesday.

Where they came from isn't known, but they've made a new home in a Nelson cemetery.

Car cordon defends hedge

Waikanae Beach hedge owner Vince Osborne remains defiant over the council's plans to cut his giant hedge.

Car park-in puts the handbrake on planned cut for embattled giant hedge.

Zoo throws otter birthday party

Jemima turned 14 on April 7, but celebrated her birthday on Thursday with a cake made of ice, fish, prawns and peanuts.

Pilchards, prawns and peanuts were icing on the cake.

Library cat inspires $25,000 statue

Benjamin at Devonport Library reading up on mice.

The death of a beloved village resident has led to ambitious commemoration plans.

An astronomical Kiwi name

Dr Michele Bannister has had an asteroid named after her. Asteroid (10463) Bannister was discovered in 1979 and now has ...

A New Zealand woman's name is etched in space.

Why we love pregnant giraffes

April comforts her baby giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park, in Harpursville, New York, U.S.

Watching video of "charismatic animals" is a form of stress relief. That's how April and her baby boy captured our imaginations.

Car splattered with molten copper

A splash of molten copper on the windscreen of a car which was parked beside a power transformer in Hawera.

Technician bolts from scene as copper rains down from power lines after transformer blew in Taranaki.

Disemboweled crayfish mural 'ghastly' video

Queenstown-based street artist Tess Sheerin's large crayfish mural in Takapuna, Auckland, is part of a series of outdoor ...

Street art of unscrewed garbage-filled crayfish too gross for some who say they should have been consulted.

Bun up for Princess Leia Day

A Porirua couple are attempting to break the world record for largest gathering of people dressed as princesses with a ...

Crack out the gold bikinis and "cinnamon bun" hair for record-breaking celebration of Star Wars' first princess.

One shell of a mystery

The tiny snail shells randomly appear after a good rain.

"Somebody's already suggested it could be leprechauns but I don't think they eat snails."

Stink over 'little turds'

Raw sewage is spilling from the gully trap and onto Michael Dennis' Papakura property after heavy rain. He is asking ...

The recent deluge of rain mean Michael Dennis faces raw sewage on his driveway.

Bristol Freighter sold to the UK video

Brothers Mark, left, and David Dwen in front of the remaining Bristol 170 Freighter their father Ron purchased in 1978. ...

One of the last 11 Bristol 170 Freighters is to leave the country bound for the United Kingdom.

'Morbid' display at show video

Jill Galley, of Richmond, has been collecting mourning jewellery for about 15 years.

Jill Galey admits that her collection of jewellery made from human hair is a bit "weird".

Marvellous night for a moonbow

Nick Love was lucky to capture a picture of a moonbow late on Friday night.

A rare lunar rainbow, or moonbow, was spotted over the central North Island on Friday.

The great Japan chip crisis

Akira Matsumoto, chairman and chief executive of Calbee, opens a pack of the company's potato chips in better times, 2016.

Bad crop halts some potato chip sales. Panic ensues, with stocks selling out, and people offering $16 a bag.

30m spider web in Tauranga

Thousands of spiders were at work, creating a massive web that cast a shimmering veil across the field.

A woman's unsettling discovery - a gigantic sticky veil where people are supposed to evacuate in a tsunami.

Bagging rabbits and pimping possums

A beauty spa possum with cucumber cooling eye masks, and soldier possum, behind.

You can't put lipstick on a pig, but sunglasses on a possum may just win you a prize.

From trash-heap to charity treasure

A 2.4 metre portrait of former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, was rescued from a Wellington rubbish tip before ...

A Helen Clark painting consigned to landfill fetches $1840 on Trade Me.

Horses headed for Harbour Bridge?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the dream location for "street racing" in the city on a purpose-built surface, which can be ...

Racing NSW floats ambitious plan to bring the sport of kings to Sydney's streets.

Kiwi has a grizzly bear's picnic


When Osten took his girlfriend down to the woods, they weren't joined by a teddy bear.

Mattresses on 100kmh highway

Two mattresses and a bed base somehow ended up partially blocking a lane of SH1, north of Wellington, on Friday (FILE PHOTO).

Good Friday not so good for person whose mattresses ended up on SH1 north of Wellington.

Stuffed kiwi sparks diplomatic row

The kiwi that sparked the diplomatic row sits in its rightful town of Whangamomona.

A stuffed and framed kiwi has been the subject of a comedic standoff between a rural "republic" and a local council.

Single seed leads to giant surprise video

Trevor Biggs is yet to sample one of his giant pumpkins.

A Timaru man got a lot more than he bargained for after planting a single pumpkin seed in his garden.

The pub with no beer

Cust Hotel publican Thomas Dick has got a full chiller, but he can't sell a drop.

The fridge is stocked, the taps are primed, the bar is clean, the kitchen is open - you just can't buy a beer.

Mrs Kempthorne have you lost something?

Night 'n Day night worker Sue Samson hopes to return a receipt from 1965 that was dropped in the store on Thursday, April 6.

"Someone has held onto this receipt for more than 50 years, it has to be special. I mean, I've heard of having moths in your wallet but come on ..."

A few of our favourite things video

More than half don't mind getting an extra day of use out of our socks.

We now know how many Kiwis like sleeping nude, and how many don't wash socks after one use.

When lost car keys make a fortune

One lady owner, low miles. This 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 has a unique story.

 A 21-year-old car's value may have increased by $85,000 simply because the owner lost the keys.

Python 'on P' sent to rehab

The python had been acting in a confused and erratic manner.

It had lived in an Australian drug lab, but faced a long struggle to wean off the meth.

Extreme snail mail

The mystery letter which is clearly stamped  August 15 2014 then February 7 2017.

A letter arrived more than two years after it was sent from Perth to Taranaki.

A dash of bugs with that?

A chef holds 'insect tsukemen' ramen noodles.

Ramen sprinkled with crickets, grasshoppers and silkworms is a hit in Japan.

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