Blessed are God's creatures

Wellington Cathedral of St Paul's Reverend Michael Holland blesses farmer Stephen Mulholland's llama Hob.

Animals blessed at Wellington Cathedral as part of spring celebration.

Garden gets seal of approval video

A seal has a rest beside a backyard pond in Blenheim.

A Marlborough property being prepared as a venue for the annual Garden Marlborough event has been given an early seal of approval.

Marlborough man loves his Lego

Lego collector Ashley Toms with his lego models.

For Marlborough's biggest Lego collector Ashley Toms there is nothing unusual about staying up until 2am to finish a build or even take leave to work on a big Lego project.

Jet-boaters make most of Marlborough flooding

Jet boating on the Omaka River

While some fret over the flooding in Marlborough, others make the best of a bad situation.

The Force not strong enough in NZ

Jedi Craig Thomas (pictured) ran unsuccessfully for council in 2010. He is one of thousands of self-professed Kiwi Jedi, some of whom believe the faith deserves legitimate religious recognition.  IMAGE DIGITALLY ENHANCED.

Kiwi Jedi knights have suffered a setback in their battle for legitimacy.

Is this the craziest car crash ever? video

Unusual crash at Porsche motorsport event left two cars stacked one on top of the other.

Unusually polite motorsport crash ends with two Porsches double-decked.

Water girl the new #dressgate?

Is this young girl above or below the surface of the water?

Is this little girl jumping into the water, or is she underwater already? 

Dog paved over, saved

Rescuers tracked the dog's barking and found it was buried beneath newly laid paving stones.

A pregnant dog was rescued after being buried under paving stones for two days.

What if your neighbours could see you naked?

Students couldn't see out of the bathroom at all, but others outside could see in.

Students oblivious to the fact that they were exposing themselves to the whole street.

The problem with daylight savings video

25092015 News Photo: Jason Dorday/ Fairfax NZ Mangere Bridge resident Gabriel Kearns considers himself a daylight savings activist wanting to change the change over time from Midnight Sunday to 4pm Friday so the public benefit from it.

Why we should all be leaving work at 4pm this afternoon.

Smith's bassinet fails to excite

Conrad Smith's aunt, Elaine Bell is selling a cane bassinet the All Black great used as a child on Trade Me.

Bidding to buy All Black Conrad Smith's bassinet has been luke warm.

Ducks get a road escort video

A mother and her five duckling stopped traffic when they were escorted across the road in Lower Hutt on Tuesday.

Road workers down tools and try their hands at duck shepherding.

Jesus brain scan a 'miracle'

A scan of Jennifer Lougee Mingramm's brain following emergency surgery to treat a stroke.

A former Blenheim man says there are signs of divine intervention in a scan of his wife's brain after she had emergency surgery following a stroke. 

Acting like animals

The Animal Farm pigs, from left, Jessica Brien as Napoleon, Lottie Butcher as Squealer and Casey Tearle as Snowball.

How does an actor learn to be a pig or a horse? With plenty of oinking and practice using stilts.

This little dog swimming is irresistible

Jasper now has his own Facebook group.

Little Jasper is taking the internet by storm with his 'swimming' prowess.

'Everything I saw was green'

Medforth's wife was shocked by what he had done and called an ambulance.

It started as "a laugh" but taking 35 Viagra pills didn't end well for this man.

Umbrella mistaken for gun

A teenage girl mistook an umbrella for a gun.

Armed police surrounded a house after a teenager thought a man carrying an umbrella had a gun.

Police issue emoji PSA

NZ Police emoji.

New Zealand Police have found a creative way to remind us to stay safe during the Rugby World Cup.

Town gets a giant sausage

Celebrating the arrival of the sausage-on-a-fork monument for Tuatapere, a gift from ZM Radio, are, from left, Lisa Challis from Tuatapere, ZM radio announcers Vaughan Smith and Carl Fletcher, and Aaron Challis with his daughter Ruby, 4, also from Tuatapere.

What monument do you give a Southland town known for its snags? A giant sausage, of course.

Fishy airport emergency

A 'chemical spill' at Auckland Airport turned out to be a bit fishy.

Fire crews were called to Auckland International Airport for a "chemical spill" that turned out to be leaking fish liquid.

$200,000 car attacked with golf club video

Mercedes golf practice

An angry Korean man has teed off at his NZ$200,000 Mercedes-Benz car 

Kiwi tramper bemuses girlfriend with puns video

Kiwi tramper annoys girlfriend with nature puns: "Evie, are we best fronds?''

Gary's girlfriend was really quite the saint to put up with puns like these.

'Detained but ready to mingle'

Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani: "I'll stick with Match.com even though you say it is for old people. There is no way I can do Tinder in here."

Guantanamo Bay detainee is looking for love online with a profile set up on Match.com.

Pooches protect penguins from foxes video

Middle Island (in the background) is home to penguins during their breeding season, and is protected by these two dogs in a unique conservation programme.

In a small, coastal city in Australia, pooches became penguins' best friend.

Are penguins happier in marriage?

Rockhopper penguins.

Absence may not always make the heart grow fonder for humans, but apparently it does for some penguin species.

Giant tortoise gives owner the slip

Search dogs in New Jersey were sent out to find 100-pound tortoise Sulley when he went missing.

It was a case of the tortoise and the dogs when a rescue team was called to find a 45kg tortoise.

Woman knits giant doll gallery video

Faustinah Ndlovu, from Zimbabwe, has knitted a giant doll to raise funds for a school in her home village.

It's 3.8 metres tall, weighs 90kg and is stuffed with 180 pillows. Meet one woman's knitting colossus.

'Sheep' is supermum video

First time mum 'Sheep' and her five lambs born in Thames last week. The quintuplets certainly surprised owner Weston Finlay.

One lamb, two lambs, three lambs, more ...

Road kill outrage

Contractors will be forced to fix line marking on the Australian highway after painting over a dead animal.

Contractors painted over the animal remains as they made a fresh white line on an Australian highway.

A night at the (cannabis) museum gallery video

Dunedin's Cannabis Museum is now operating on Airbnb.
Curator Abe Gray shows Bitcoins available to buy at the museum.

It's clean and certainly green and now New Zealand's only cannabis museum is opening its doors for overnight guests.

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