Goat terrorises neighbours

Wandering goat Kevin like to check out his neighbours' digs.

An attack, a broken guitar and a destroyed pot-luck dinner are among Kevin's alleged crimes, but he's beat the rap because he's a goat.

Wildebeest ancestor had duckface

An artist’s interpretation of the rusingoryx atopocranion.

The modern wildebeest had a weird cousin far up the family tree whose bizarre nose gave it powers of communication.

A fence that turns heads video

Bernie Harfleet and his partner Donna decided to decorate their fence with doll body parts "for fun" about two years ago.

Impaled dolls' heads, body parts, Darth Vader - there's no white picket fence for these Aucklanders.

Photo booth snaps thief

The man who allegedly stole US$75 from a photo booth in Funway Amusements arcade and bowling alley.

If you are going to rob a photo booth, a mask might be a good idea.

'Sharkcano' - it's sharks in a volcano

Cameras dropped 45m into the volcano crater showed several species living in the "hostile" waters.

They don't have laser beams attached to their heads, but these sharks are living in an active volcano.

National fan shortage leaves Kiwis hot and bothered

If you've managed to buy a fan this summer, you are one of the lucky ones.

If you're looking for a fan to help you get through a muggy February, you're fresh out of luck.

Court gives groping boss a pass

The court agreed the elderly boss had inappropriately touched the women, but acquitted him nonetheless.

Italian court lets man off the hook for feeling up employees after determining he just has an "immature sense of humour".

Car vs scaffolding gallery

Scaffolding company owner Nick Curran says a motorist hit the scaffolding bringing it down and drove off.

A car hit scaffolding causing damage to parked vehicles and the search is on for the culprit.

How a parrot saved a life

John Robertson with a ceramic parrot, which his great-great-grandfather Louis Rodgers believed saved his life.

It's not every day a ceramic parrot saves a life, but it happened in the 1880s.

Internet legend grips Australia

Will the real seagull troll please stand up?

A viral tale of a mysterious man feeding chips to seagulls at a Melbourne train station has mystified Australia.

The short but adorable life of Littlie Hare

Littlie went to work with owner Toni Vallance.

A lot of people fell in love with Littlie Hare, the baby hare, who ended up being smuggled on a plane to Auckland.

Kiwi cop called a 'fat Aussie'

Troubled no more: The Peace Bridge over the Foyle River in Derry, Northern Ireland.

"If you called a Kiwi an Australian you are very lucky he was a disciplined police officer,'' judge says after Kiwi cop was abused.

Turtle goes for a walk, gets lost

Ben Buscke from New Plymouth is looking after a lost turtle which was given to the North Taranaki SPCA.

A saucer-sized red-eared slider turtle has been found wandering around the New Plymouth CBD.

Photobombing horse sparks row

Betty the horse is at the centre of a row between her owner and David Bellis, who won a £2,000 holiday with this selfie.

You'd think this selfie would make anyone smile, but nay, the horse's owner isn't happy.

Blind budgie's a wonder

Steve the budgie was born without eyes in the bird aviary at the Kids Barn child care centre in Hawera.

Steve, a budgie with no eyes, is helping teach preschoolers about accepting differences.

Paraparaumu pigeons are not pests

Kedron Parker, left, and Adam Ben-Dror bringing the worlds of pigeons and people together.

Wellington and Auckland artists have co-created a performance piece to redeem pigeons in the eyes of Wellingtonians.

Midges make residents 'prisoners' video

Shortland St man David Porter and his wife, Heather, have experienced major problems with midges.

More Christchurch residents experiencing midge issues, with one family left prisoners in their own home.

Alcohol smugglers gets inventive

This is certainly a creative way to try smuggle alcohol into Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's strict alcohol laws have brought out the inventive side of smugglers.

Beyond Bowie, other notable wills

Philip Seymour Hoffman didn't want his kids to be known as 'trust fund kids'.

Not every will belonging to a famous person is just about the money, here are some notable exceptions.

The bear that can open your car door video

A bear in search of food had no problem opening the door of this car so it could jump in a forage round.

A light-pawed bear was filmed unlocking a car and hopping in to forage for food.

Days numbered for 'N-word' names

The offensive place names are in the foothills of the Southern Alps northeast of Cass.

Fears NZ could be stuck with some of its most controversial names quelled.

Placenta cocktail anyone?

Amanda and Tom Maddock with friend Cat O'Keefe drink the placenta cocktails

After welcoming their second child, this couple had friends over for a little placenta nosh.

Tiger and goat split up

Timur and Amur - it wasn't to be.

After forming an unusual friendship, Amur the tiger and Timur the goat have had an acrimonious parting.

Totally blind calf taking charge

Tofu was rescued from East Taranaki last year and has been under the care of HUHA ever since.

While hopes have been dashed for a Taranaki calf to have its sight restored, the story does have a happy ending.

From Wellington to space gallery video

Gerst takes a space selfie.

"My first thought was - good, the Earth is actually round," says returning astronaut.

Drunk driver crashes truck

A man who knew he was over the drink drive limit decided to leave his car behind - but later stole a truck.

A drunk New Plymouth man decided against driving his own car home but later stole a truck, the court has heard.

Sonic booms, not quake

An F-35C (pictured) and an F-18 were conducting routine flight testing over the Atlantic Ocean, which may have caused sonic booms.

Hundreds of residents thought there had been an earthquake - but the tremors' real culprits were in the sky.

Meet the real life catwoman

Nano says doctors and psychologists confirmed her cat existence when she was 16.

Norwegian woman who hisses at dogs and sleeps in a sink claims she was born in the wrong species.

A praying mantis saved me

Desmond Downs is a keen photographer who documented the insect's life with daily updates for an online forum.

Desmond Downs was shattered. Then an insect came into his life, and changed everything.

Welcome to Australia mate

Port Stephens councillor Geoff Dingle said the incident, in which this stubby holder was given out, was "embarrassing to say the least".

What do you give new Aussie citizens? How about a naked woman on a stubby holder.

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