Abandoned oil well uncovered

Found on Seaview Rd in New Plymouth the well was discovered during redevelopment.

Taranaki has an estimated 140 abandoned oil wells out of a total 359 nationwide.

Perfectly-cut lemons wash ashore

A bunch of perfectly halved lemons has washed ashore on Mangere Bridge Beach, their origins a mystery.

Mysterious case of vitamin sea: A lovely day out for an Auckland mum turned out to be a bit of a lemon.

Furry and adorable, but deadly

A Flannel Moth caterpillar, not Donald Trump's hair.

What's poisonous, wriggly and looks like Donald Trump's hair?

iPhone falls from the tallest building video

View from the top of the world's tallest building.

Ukrainian vlogger climbs the world's tallest building, then throws his new iPhone 7 plus off it.

Anger over dumped mail video

NZ Post street post box, Auckland, New Zealand, Monday, March 23, 2009.  Credit: NZPA / David Rowland

First the bank statements never arrived, then other letters vanished - that's when Maupuia locals started asking questions.

Storm rages, but bun comes first

This woman ate a pork bun, now everybody loves her.

Not even a destructive typhoon could come between this Taiwanese woman and her pork bun.

No liberty for man named Liberty

A 17-year-old youth convicted of four burglaries this year has escaped a jail sentence.

Seventeen-year-old Temperance Liberty Bennett lost his freedom after being charged with his fourth burglary this year.

No filming please, we're councillors

Public speaker Chris Walker pleads his case to a police officer called to eject him from the Kapiti Coast District ...

Last meeting of the Kapiti council's term couldn't quite make it through without police being called.

High noon for Kapiti cowboys

The fields being leased to the Gold Coast Western Riding Club, in Reikorangi, on the Kapiti Coast.

A group of western riders face a standoff with locals over use of land.

Hoarder house of horror

Blind woman Rita Wolfensohn's house in Brooklyn, New York, where her son's skeleton was found this month.

The clothed skeleton of a hoarder's son has reportedly been found in her squalid home.

For the love of God video

Kim Rusden is walking the length of New Zealand with a cross, he's pictured on the Coastal Highway near Mapua.

Have you seen a man on the road carrying a cross on wheels?

What's up Trump's nose? video

Social media is ablaze with theories about Trump's non-stop sniffing during the US presidential debate.

Does he have a cold? Is it nerves? The internet tries to make sense of Trump's incessant sniffing.

Do you know who owns these? video

This metal pendant was found Riverpark Reserve in Henderson.

One last effort to look for the rightful owners of priceless items of cultural significance.

A rather 'emusing' friendship

Kitten the cat keeps a watchful eye over his foster baby.

A kitten and an emu are proving that species don't matter when it comes to love.

No lunch, no problem

Ice cool woman nails forgetful husband's lunch through a sunroof from three storeys up.

Aussie state bans mooning

Those who put their bum on public display face up to two months in jail for a first offence.

Visiting Victoria soon? Don't get too cheeky on a night out – flashing your derriere could now get you a spell in jail.

Hotel booked, call the chef gallery video

Cook Learn Love owner Helen Flitcroft is serving up a new way to impress tourists.

Breakfast in bed is going to a whole new level.

No, don't drill your iPhone video

Reaching for the drill? Don't do it.

YouTube video shows how to add a "heaphone jack" on the iPhone 7 - but it's not all that it seems.

Duck, duck, loose video

A few cars had to duck out of the way.

A giant inflatable duck decided to wing it out of Glasgow during a typical Scottish storm.

Palmy taxi: $1609 to the airport

The actual cost of a taxi from the centre of Palmerston North to the airport is about $20.

All he wanted to do was "escape" Palmerston North but the quote for the taxi was out of control.

Colourful letter gets waiver

A Dunedin man got creative in his effort to get off a $40 parking ticket.

Gripping apocalypse-themed letter to Dunedin council was a winner.

Owls, snakes join cat cafes

Tourists from Taiwan and other customers pose for a photograph with an owl at an animal cafe in Osaka.

Having a frappucino with a feline is one thing, but fancy an espresso with a snake too?

It turns out fish can sing

Fish take part in a dawn chorus just like birds, scientists have found.

The ocean might seem like a quiet place, but listen carefully and you might just hear a choir of fish. 

Winning personalities of rocks

Do you see a female rock or a male rock?

When is a rock "emotionally distinct"? Welcome to the most absurd, strange and curious research of the year.

Postie fired for hoarding mail

West Aucklanders are finally getting thousands of mail items.

Some 2500 pieces of mail were found at the Auckland postie's house.

Gyms react to posing ban video

Is posing intimidating or inspiring?

"If posing is what floats your boat then go for it."

Pop-ups and paddleboard yoga gallery video

SUP yoga teacher Megan Sety on a board designed specifically for yoga and pilates.

You don't have to leave Wellington's CBD for activities these school holidays.

Cat bag snapped up video

Claire Third wearing the handbag, which is made from a stray cat.

The bidding got fierce, but the controversial taxidermy "fashion" item has a new owner. How much did they pay?

The mystery of the missing trees

Opunake resident Kelly Knadle wants more of a clifftop shelter belt  cut back and the area developed to enhance the views.

They were protecting the town from the wind, but someone's cut them down - probably for the view.

Redbacks' brutal sex lives video

The gruesome and sexually cannibalistic redback spider.

Female redback spiders like to indulge in "copulatory cannibalism" - a fancy phrase for eating your partner after sex.

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