Goose guard at Southport

ON PATROL: The mysterious goose, who has stationed itself near the guard house at Southport, honks at passersby.

He's feisty and feathered and he's on patrol outside the Seafarers' Centre.

Daisy moo-ving with the Times video

Joshua Drummond

She's kept Garden Place shoppers company for years, now Hamilton's iconic fibreglass cow is getting a psychedelic makeover.

'Dead' cat claws himself out of grave video

DETERMINED: His owner thought Bart was a goner, but five days after being buried Bart showed up at a neighbour's house.

His owner thought Bart was a goner, but five days after being buried this fearless feline clawed his way home.

Absolutely dotty video

Wellington's forgotten little laneway Bond Street, has had a major spruce up for a summer of fun and music.

Bond St in central Wellington has a new look - it's gone completely dotty.

Ghost freaks out Pakistani cricketer

FREAKING OUT: Pakistani cricketer Haris Sohail claims he saw a ghost in a Christchurch hotel room.

Cricketer convinced a ghost shook his hotel bed, so he insisted on switching rooms.

Game of cones video

A road worker carefully laying out road cones in Christchurch.

A Christchurch roadworker provides hospital visitors with a bit of light relief through his dedication to the job.

Prince Philip's notorious gaffes

ANACHRONISM? Prince Philip, left, the Queen and Prince Charles in Braemar, Scotland, in 2012.

He's Australia's newest knight - are Prince Philip's gaffes innocent or revealing of deep-seated prejudice?

Auckland man sets crutch racing record

WORLD RECORD: Runner Brad Luiten is claiming the Guinness World Record for a 10 kilometre run on crutches.

Brad Luiten has hopped his way to a probable Guinness World Record in a 10 kilometre run.

Court rules that man can pee standing up

The Honorable Peter Graham QC warned against getting rid of the shareholder meeting rule.

A German court has ruled that a tenant who liked to pee standing up can continue to do so.

Alleged poo fight ends in court


A long-running dispute between two women in Australia took a horrifying and rather putrid turn.

Smoker fined $19k for butt-throwing

NO BUTTS ABOUT IT: Singapore has fined a smoker $19,716 for throwing cigarette butts out his window.

Singapore fines smoker $597 for every butt he threw out his flat window. The total sum was a record.

Whoops! Meth-o-drone crashes

METH-O-DRONE PROGRAMME: A drone loaded with packages containing methamphetamine lies on the ground after it crashed into a supermarket parking lot in the city of Tijuana.

A drone overloaded with methamphetamine has crashed into a supermarket parking lot in Mexico.

Cut off by 'young, dumb' gull

Bad news for the birds in Minnesota.

Cutting power to large parts of Tauranga was one seagull's final act on this earth.

Tourist gets stuck in air vent

A man who was refused entry to a Surfers Paradise night club was charged after trying to sneak in.

Joke goes bad for a tourist charged after getting stuck in air vent while trying to sneak into Gold Coast nightclub.

'Dukes' slide earns rebuke

dukes of hazzard

A Timaru man's Dukes of Hazzard move has landed him in trouble with the law.

Chilly bin joy ride ends in fine

BRUUUM-BRUUM: The offending vehicle, in all its food chilly glory.

An Australian man is cooling his heels after being caught driving a motorised chilly bin south-east of Melbourne.

Rhinos stage daring zoo escape video


Video shows the moment three rhinos make a break for freedom as their zoo guard slept.

Whale testicle beer outrages conservationists


USA Today

'In dog we trust'

DOGGONE IT: A rug proclaiming "In dog we trust" will be auctioned.

While dogma is the basis of a belief system, it does not usually require believers to worship an actual dog.

When there's too much business

Ship Your Enemies Glitter is overcome with customers.

The founder of the website ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com is now begging people to stop using his service.

Wallaby on the run

A wallaby escaped its kennel and is on the loose near Seattle in Washington state.

A wallaby is on the run north of Seattle after its transfer to a petting zoo went awry.

Stingray star of Auckland lagoon video

Stingray in Manukau Harbour

A large stingray which has set up home in an Auckland lagoon is becoming a local celebrity.

7 weird student job listings

Menindee seedless grapes

Gone are the days when students looking to make a quick buck have to stack shelves all summer.

Police condemn trolley joyrider video

Trolley rider chased

A man who was filmed rolling down Queen St in a shopping trolley put people at risk, police say.

Dog rides the bus solo

TICKET FUR ONE: Eclipse rides the bus in Seattle.

A black Labrador in Seattle just wants to get to the dog park.

Ice-cream cone moulds scooped up

NOT AMUSED: Ice-cream cone moulds have been stolen from Brett Tawse of Hamilton-based Tawse Foods, but he says it won’t mean a supply shortage.

As hot summer weather makes every day ice-cream day, an unusual burglary hits.

Stunning double fish catch

Australian fisherman Cameron Gelhaar with his son, Jake, and a photograph of their double fish catch.

Australian fishing fanatic Cameron Gelhaar was thrilled he managed to snare a 95cm cod, as well as a small yellowbelly inside the bigger fish.

Real-life Nessie found?

The first purported photo of the Loch Ness monster, taken by a Nessie-obsessed surgeon, still has many convinced.

Scotland's Loch Ness monster is steeped in myth and mystery - but there's no denying scientists' latest find.

Have stamens, will travel

GREAT BALL OF FIRE: An Auckland boy is selling this to finance his international travel.

A seven-year-old Auckland boy is fundraising for a trip to Romania by selling a giant ball of pohutukawa stamens.

Lava for 'perfect' marshmallow video

AHH, THAT'S TOASTY: Christchurch man Simon Turner relaxes with a brew and toasts a marshmallow over a volcano.

A Christchurch expat filmed toasting marshmallows over a volcano says hot lava is the perfect roaster.

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