Men with mallets

Brabbyn Osburn takes a swing during the game in Cambridge.

"You'll get into a spot where you're trying to get the ball and mallets go up in the air and you don't have enough time to get out of the way."

Shocked seamstress changes mind

Lee Mancer has made New Plymouth her home and will keep her business open.

"It was the initial shock of it all that you just lose it for a moment."

Shop's Buddy still missing

Buddy is still missing following a run-in with a dog a few weeks ago.

Espresso To Go staff are holding out for hope their Buddy will return.

A man and his pig

Te Anau resident Ray Willett and his kunekune pig, Penelope.

This is one little piggy who does go to market, but not for the reasons you might be thinking.

Animal antics spark calls to council

Ducklings were the reason Cr Judene Edgar says she was once late for a council meeting.

Stuck ducks, stuffed animals and chemtrail conspiracies were among the 78,612 calls to Tasman District Council this year.

Married to a mammal

Tony Ratcliffe, who owned Whirling Bros Circus and is known as the Elephant Man, is in New Plymouth to talk to the local ...

Tony Ratcliffe's relationship with Jumbo the African elephant lasted longer than any of his previous three marriages.

Tim's pigs off to market?

Mayor Tim Shadbolt with his beloved Auckland Island pigs.

Pigs rescued by the mayor which have been used to potentially help save lives may soon be retired.

Dog gets third term as mayor

His worship the mayor Duke of Cormorant, Minnesota.

He can't speak and doesn't wear clothes, but that hasn't stopped him being voted in for a third term. 

Master web time waster

A college course where students could get credit for "wasting time" online? The internet bought into it, with a mix of ...

We all waste time on the internet, but this guy became an expert on it.

'They'll kill' for ramen

Inmates often used instant ramen packs to barter for other food items, clothes, hygiene products and even services.

Noodles are taking over tobacco as the preferred underground currency inmates use in US prisons.

Fisherman's 34kg pearl discovery

The pearl, discovered off the coast of Palawan Island in the Philippines, is about 30cm wide and 67cm long.

A man who found a giant pearl worth $137m kept it as a lucky charm under the bed for 10 years.

Ummm, sorry, Greg video

'Greg's' number was accidentally revealed in the interview... he has since been bombarded with texts.

News report accidentally broadcasts mobile number of a City of Perth ranger. Hilarity ensues.

So you want to be a Handsome Monk? video

Female Buddhist monk Koyu Osawa won the second annual Most Handsome Monk competition in Tokyo.

Japanese monks put their inner beauty on show to outshine each other in a Most Handsome Monks pageant.

Head in sofa saga for boy

Rescuers had to break apart the back of the piece of furniture to release the boy.

Firefighters in China had to use scissors to free a four-year-old who had stuck his head into a sofa.

This penguin's a brigadier

Already a knight, the king penguin inspects the Guard when they are in Scotland.

Sir Nils Olav has done pretty well in Norway's military, for a penguin in Edinburgh.

Humpty Doo croc plot

A crocodile is dropped through a door window into the school's office.

Four men who broke into a school in small Aussie town left an unwelcome gift - three live crocodiles.

Cricket tortillas, anyone? video

Waikato Times reporter Te Ahua Maitland tries the cricket tortilla on the Mexico menu in Hamilton.

Mexican restaurant in Hamilton has a new item on its menu – and it's a nice, healthy snack you don't have to feel guilty about.

Where's Buddy gone?

Much-loved cat Buddy has gone missing from his usual Expresso To Go coffee shop hangout, following an encounter with a ...

The affectionate Espresso to Go cat has gone missing after he was mauled by a dog.

Man swallowed 40 knives video

40 knives were removed from a policeman's stomach, after he ate them over the course of several months.

Man had "uncontrollable urge" to eat knives. It took a team of surgeons to extract them.

Welly's big bang mystery solved?

Might this tree have caused residents in Wadestown and Ngaio to sit upright in their beds last week?

It sounded like "a plane crashing", but one Wadestown resident may have found the cause.

CuriousCity: Remembering the chain gang video

The chain itself now sits up the road in the National Library, along with a sextant on loan from LINZ for the library's ...

A curiosity in the capital gives a hint of how standards were set before GPS and modern technology.

Waihi crying fowl

Special anaesthetic-coated food was placed around the park to knock the roosters out.

Waihi residents concerned about the aggressive behaviour and all-night crowing of roosters that have been dumped at a reserve.

Lovers interrupt Rio TV broadcast

The couple in the background stole the show.

Presenter couldn't help but laugh as two people got busy in the background.

Tourism spending hits $10.3 billion

Australians are coming for winter holidays and are stand out spenders, contributing more than $2.4b to the New Zealand ...

For the first time ever more than 50,000 Australian visitors came here in July, and tourist spending is up 18 per cent.

Metal band seeking converts

Wellington extreme metal band Bulletbelt,  Jolene Tempest, Steve Francis and Ross Mallon are back in New Plymouth two ...

Steve Francis is seeking to convert folk fans to the ways of extreme metal.

Buzzing over spelling bee video

Year 10 Spotswood College student Roan Upson is in the New Zealand Spelling Bee finals.

Roan Upson has been studying the dictionary.

Citizenship confusion ends campaign

Kaitake Community Board member Keith Plummer's candidate photo from the 2013 local body elections.

He's been on the community board 15 years but can't run for election this year because he might not be a citizen. 

Kea ruffles residents' feathers

A kea has been spotted in Onamalutu Valley, west of Blenheim.

Residents in rural Marlborough are on the lookout for a feathered hoodlum leaving bicycle seats and spa pool covers in its wake.

Dad's accidental pot brownie binge

The brownies weren't the only things that were baked after a dad got into his kids' treats.

Dad was left "trippin'", crawling on the floor, and yelling obscenities at the family cat after eating his kids' brownies.

Chickens fly off truck outside KFC

Poor chooks. Crates of live chickens flew off a moving truck and landed right in front of a KFC - and it was all caught ...

Crates of live chickens landed right in front of a KFC - and it was all caught on camera by a vegan.

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