Jumping fish kills girl

Jayln Rippy, 5, was travelling along the Suwannee River near Gainsville, Florida, when she was struck and killed by a jumping sturgeon.

A 5-year-old girl has died after a sturgeon leapt from a river and struck her.

Feral fox traps patrons for hours

One of the people trapped in the club took a picture of the fox from the window.

"Vicious" fox terrifies, bites and torments group for three hours.

Sheep urinates on TV reporter video

Conor Macauley had a little lamb, and a very wet boot by the time this segment was over.

Ewe could say it was the kind of live-stream TV report that gives you a warm feeling; a number one shot, even. 

Pet dogs turn out to be... bears

That's one giant dog. Owner mistakes his new Asian black bears (also called Moon bears) for puppies.

The owner didn't blink an eyelid at his unusual 'puppies', until they grew up.

An over-the-top child safety seat

Dartz's bullet-proof child safety seat.

Wild and wacky armoured car maker Dartz has moved into the world of baby protection.

Top five reader comments

Can you guess the connection one commenter made between vaccines and bacon?

From school uniform policy and anti-vaxxers to New Zealand's favourite film, no topic was off limits for commenters.

Dolphin leaps into boat, lands on woman

Chrissie and Dirk Frickman get ready to talk to the media after the ordeal.

Woman left with broken ankles after dolphin drops in from nowhere.

Russian officials ban yoga

How's the occult down there?

Yoga is prohibited in a crackdown on religious cults.

The bizarre calls we make

Wellington City Council has been receiving some strange inquiries.

"Is this the number where I can find a wife?" a caller has asked Wellington council.

Can you see the woman?

Focus on the dot on the nose of the face for 15 seconds, then look at the white area.

It's optical illusion time: watch this freaky-looking face transform into a smiling brunette.

Dried frogs and tiger tooth

MPI said staff intercepted 6733 items of "biosecurity interest" from arriving passengers during the month.

Dried frogs, fruit fly-infested chillies, and a tiger tooth are just a few of the items seized by biosecurity during May.

Living with 300 rats

The rats were found in every nook and cranny.

Animal rescue workers had a gnawing feeling something was wrong.

Google car cuts off another driverless car

A Google self-driving car is shown in this handout photo released to Reuters March 15, 2015. Google will put 25 prototype self-driving ???pod??? cars on the roads in and around its Silicon Valley headquarters in Mountain View, California. These prototypes, built in Detroit, will have ???removable??? steering wheels and pedals so that drivers can assume manual control if needed in sticky situations. REUTERS/Google/Handout via Reuters


One of Google's self-driving cars cuts off competitor's prototype about to change lanes.

It started with a uterus video

Luck has made anything from waffles with banana, blue berries and maple syrup to a pair of lungs (pictured).

Gypsy Apple Luck was wondering what to make her son for Christmas last year. She settled on crocheted organs.

Mystery woman's bizarre memories

Do you know this woman? Maybe where
she is from or how she got where she is now?

She remembers eating breakfast at Perth's Cottesloe beach, dining out in Byron Bay and has dreams of Sydney's Bondi.

Lake vortex could swallow a boat

Giant Intake Vortex LAke Texoma VIDEO Massive Intake Vortex Swirled in Oklahoma’s Lake Texoma.

A huge vortex 'capable of sucking in a full-sized boat' forms on a lake in the United States.

Maserati misfortune: Paint ruins interior

If there's any lesson you take from this story it's this: Don't drive a supercar with a tin of paint in the backseat.

One minute you're driving a luxury sports car, the next you're driving a write-off.

Quasi Modo is World's Ugliest Dog

Boston Dutch Shep mix Quasi Modo at last year's World's Ugliest Dog contest in Petaluma, California.

A 10-year-old mutt left hunchbacked by a birth defect is the winner of this year's World's Ugliest Dog contest.

Strange cloud formation spotted

Bex Fergusson snapped this strange cloud formation in Turangi while dropping her daughter off at school.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a UFO? No - it is just a strange cloud formation.

Was KFC nugget a rat?

Independent tests have found Devorise Dixon's rat-shaped nugget was actually chicken

KFC fans will be relieved to learn the deep-fried "rat" one man found was actually a piece of chicken. 

Rogue drone reunited with owner

This rogue drone crash landed on Craythorne's Public House in Christchurch on Saturday.

The owner of a rogue drone that crash-landed on a restaurant in suburban Christchurch has been found.

Stuck Wellington truck freed gallery

The truck was trapped on the tight corner about 1pm on Monday, and was not freed until 11am on Tuesday.

Brute force shifts truck that got wedged on a tight Wellington corner.

Top reader comments stuff nation

Former All Black Tana Umaga is the new Blues head coach.

"Well, best of luck to him. The last coach to come out of the Blues with their reputation intact was probably Graham Henry."

One high-flying feline

Oh, hello.

Cat stows away on light aircraft, lives to tell tail.

Winter can bite you on the bum

Snowboarding resulted in 5897 ACC claims in 2014.

ACC reveals claims for wintry injuries that range from strange to serious.

Turtle odyssey takes troubling turn video

11 year old Kelsie Sammons Gray with Lois the Turtle.

On the surface, Lois' return seems an amazing journey. But is it Lois, or an "evil twin"?

Text lane's one big problem

The texting lane's design was meant for people to laugh at, Utah Valley University's creative director Matt Bambrough claims.

Why not try and herd the distracted away from the determined? Because then they won't see each other.

International cat of mystery

Ozzie gets a cuddle from a volunteer carer in Northern Ireland. Photo: Ozzie the cat

An Australian cat has sparked an international investigation after turning up on the other side of the world, in Northern Ireland.

NK claims it can cure MERS

Kim Jong-un pays respects to Kim Il-sung at Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on January 1.

North Korea has announced it has developed a cure for MERS, Ebola and cancer.

Poisoned by hot sauce, laxatives

Health generic

From teenage dares to cheap highs, there's no limit to how stupid some people can be.

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