No, it's not a UFO

The clouds are commonly mistaken for UFOs.

It's a lenticular - relax, that doesn't mean we can expect little green men. Most likely.

Serbia's bouncing lottery ball

Lotto players in Serbia cry foul after the number 21's graphic appeared before the ball itself was drawn.

Graphic triggers outrage among impoverished Serbs who had hoped Lotto was at least above corruption.

Drunk badger's big night

Animal shelter Dzika Ostoja posted a picture of the intoxicated animal and joked: "Oh, youth. Oh, summer holidays."

A badger is recovering at a Polish animal shelter after it was found passed out, drunk, on a beach. 

Overdue since 2009

210313. Kevin Stent/Dominion Post. Wellington Library, where the WCC has budgeted $350,000 for the Mayor's temporary relocation on the fourth floor.

Someone has a book on Aborigines that was due back at Wellington library in 2009.

San Francisco tests pee-repellent paint

Partygoers who relieve themselves on the Ultra-Ever Dry walls will find the urine coming right back at them.

Partygoers who relieve themselves on certain city streets may be in for a nasty surprise.

Horror film leads to arrest

The poster for horror movie Marla Mae - the undoing of Jason Stange.

Jason Stange thought he'd escaped police, until they read about his new starring role.

Fire brigade rescue magpie

Christchurch Fire Service's highest-reaching ladder, the 'Skylift', was called in to rescue a magpie from a tree at West Melton.

Christchurch's highest-reaching fire truck had to be called in to rescue a magpie stuck up a tree after the local brigade's ladder wasn't tall enough.

Designers' poster purrfection

Graphic designers Alice Murray and Jared McDowell have designed their own missing cat posters to help cat-owners find their feline friends

Two young graphic designers are giving missing pet posters a makeover in order to help cat owners find their feline friends.

Public Satanic sculpture unveiled

The Satanic Temple's template for the statue of Baphomet that was unveiled in Detroit over the weekend.

Satanists chant "Hail Satan" as controversial sculpture of the devil is revealed in America's heartland.

Hunting bumps in the night

Josh Carroll is a paranormal investigator and leads the Midnight Paranormal Hamilton group.

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Midnight Paranormal Hamilton.

Flimsy shark cages stun onlookers video

The couple were called out of the ocean by a lifeguard who presumably had just one question - why?

Couple filmed about to swim with the sharks, protected only by some PVC pipes.

Plastered in Dunedin video

Car covered in post-it notes in Dundas St, Dunedin.

Secret society of serial pranksters claim responsibility for a post-it note bombing of a car.

Weird fish makes a splash

The frost fish that washed up on Rabbit Island, Sunday July 19.

It came from the deep with sharp teeth, but the fish that washed up on Rabbit Island, near Nelson, was more novel than scary.

Aussie teen takes Rubik's title video

Australian Feliks Zemdegs has taken the Rubik's Cube world title for the second time.

If you have ever wondered how to complete the Rubik's Cube in record time, watch and learn.

Burglar trashes house, does dishes

Milton mum Haylie Anderson and 6-month-old daughter Lexie stand by the sink where a mysterious burglar washed dishes before departing.

Police are investigating the case of a burglar who did the dishes, and got away clean.

Lucky escape for school pet video

Tawa School teacher Robyn Warden and the school's guinea pig "Nibbles", who survived May's floods by swimming.

Nobody knew Nibbles could dog-paddle. She is, after all, a guinea pig.

Tunnel poo clean-up refused

Wellington's Mt Victoria Tunnel was closed after a man did a poo on the road.

"How many times do you get the chance?" offender says when asked to explain.

Squirrel's drunken bar rampage

A squirrel goes into a bar, trashes it, gets drunk and then kicked out. True story.

A squirrel goes into a bar, trashes it, gets drunk and is kicked out. True story.

A young girl named Pluto video

An earlier image of Pluto from Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft.

How an English schoolgirl with a penchant for classical mythology named a new planet in 1930.

Toddler stuck in toy vending machine

Staff work to free the young boy. It was not known if he got the toy he was after.

Boy gets himself into the tightest of tight squeezes. 

'jang vIDa je due luq'


A Welsh government official who had a bit of fun using fictional alien language Klingon to answer a question about UFOs over Cardiff has managing to stir up worldwide interest.

Plane's landing on highway video

Police release footage of plane losing control over highway.

Dramatic video shows a plane narrowly missing cars to land on the grass median in the US.

Parking prevention crosses the line

Police and the Brisbane City Council are not impressed with this DIY-style yellow line.

A wonky, silly DIY-style yellow line on a Brisbane street has annoyed authorities.

Gully's lizards transmitted

Two of the Transmission Gully geckos that have been moved into apartment cages at a nature reserve in Waikanae.

About $15,000 was spent to rehome 56 lizards from the path of a new Wellington motorway.

Football fan guilty of inflatable shark attack

Football steward Cgagi Gladyng was "terrified" by the inflatable shark attack.

As his team scored the winning goal, Kenneth Meech and his inflatable shark got a bit too enthusiastic.

Missing holy stone a mystery

Friends of Old St Paul's chairman John Swan next to the baptismal font where the lost stone could be.

No-one knows the location of Old St Paul's Cathedral's foundation stone 150 years after it was laid.

Toddler cuddles deadly python

A Burmese python can grow up to 7 metres.

Parents allowed their two-year-old to handle a 4.5m snake.

Minions watching over Waipa

Hamish Lile created the 2.5 metre tall minions for his wife, Lisa, out of hay bales and tyres. Their two daughters, Hayley (L) and Dana were in on the surprise.

If you have driven on Cambridge Rd lately, you may have noticed Stuart and Kevin keeping watch.

The great raccoon whodunnit of Canada

Conrad the dead raccoon quickly got a large following.

A raccoon in Toronto has become the toast of the internet - pity it's dead.

Rude noodle doodle a prank

This x-rated packet of Spicy Thai noodles was  found in a sealed pack of five bought in Ashburton.

The instant noodle packet emblazoned with a penis was apparently nothing more than an April's fool joke.

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