Walkshort Wednesday at the hospital

Doctors, from left,  John Fernando, 24, Christina Jenkins, 24 and Nick Jenkins, 25, dressed in iconic Kiwiana clothing for the annual Walkshort Wednesday at Taranaki Base Hospital.

Junior doctors were the height of sartorial elegance when they arrived at work in walkshorts, knee high socks and, tragically, sandals.

Jake the Peg - the lamb with 5 legs

Jake's extra front limb has no movement and just hangs from his body.

He was born with an extra leg, a floppy ear and misshapen head and jaw, but what now for this adorable Australian lamb?

Gone to the weirdest bidder

David Beckham's corn cob made the list.

David Beckam's corn cob, Natalia Kills' sheets, the PM's arm cast - Trade Me's weird and wonderful celebrity auction list goes on...

Chance gas stop saves kitten's life

SPCA chief executive Ric Odom cradles the kitten he discovered wedged in the back wheel of his motorbike.

A tiny tabby kitten hitched a ride in the wheel of the SPCA boss' motorcycle.

Vilson the gibbon vanishes again

Wellington Zoo's male gibbon Vilson made a great escape from his enclosure on Tuesday morning.

Wellington Zoo's resident houdini has made another escape.

Streaker strides through park

Queens Park, Invercargill.

Southland police warn of streaker spotted in Queens Park.

Little blue All Blacks

This little, or little blue, penguin, is one of a number living at South Bay Kaikoura. The breeding season is under way and they are enjoying an improved living space.

Who would you rather adopt - Richie or Dan? Sonny Bill or Savea?

'Ugliest man' causes riot

The crowd turned ugly at Zimbabwe's annual Mr Ugly pageant after an upset in crowning the victor.

Zimbabwe pageant turns ugly in more ways than one, after winner is deemed to be not unattractive enough.

Teen smashes Rubik's cube record

Lucas Etter from Kentucky has set a new Rubik's cube world record and he's only 14.

One teen's daily Rubik's cube speed training has earned him a new world record.

Big price for iconic Disneyland car

This Disneyland PeopleMover has sold for over NZ$700,000.

A car from Disneyland's long-running PeopleMover has sold at a Los Angeles auction for NZ$723,500.

Nelson's phantom cone climber revealed

Leo Luthje has shown an ability to climb to high places leaving road cones behind as a calling card.

Meet the teenager responsible for putting road cones on top of Nelson's tallest landmarks.

"Mega Cow" coming to Morrinsville

Artist Birgitt Shannon with the cow she painted, which was first to be unveiled during stage two of the Herd of Cows? launch at Wallace Gallery on November 19.

A 6.5m tall "mega cow" is planned for Morrinsville as part of the Herd of Cows? street art project.

Bats to be serenaded

After listening to the choir, members of the public will be able to catch a glimpse of the bats in their natural habitat at the Pelorus Bridge Scenic reserve.

An Australian choir is coming to Marlborough and they want to sing to bats.

Cute or cruel? Vet's warning over craze video

A cat leaps into the air in terror after noticing a sneaky long green thing lying behind it.

A viral video craze has revealed a surprising cat behavior, but pet owners should think twice.

Serial killer's home for sale

195 Melrose Avenue in the London suburb of Willesden Green was the scene of a dozen gruesome murders.

Dennis Nilsen killed at least a dozen people in a London house now on the market for NZ$1.2m.

One sweet street video

Winton Museum community service librarian Raewyn Patton with the gingerbread model of Winton's main street.

Hansel and Gretel would feel at home amongst a Southland town's latest addition - a gingerbread replica of the Winton town centre.

Pooch's pot scare video

Skooby was out walking with owner Sandra when he found some cannabis and ate it.

Perth pooch's 'limbs trembling' after getting into scooby snacks that were actually pot.

John Key: Czech politician

John Key was mistaken for a Czech politician by the Vietnamese press.

Our PM gets a new title: President of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

Motorised picnic tables turn heads

Video footage of a group of men riding on motorised picnic tables in Scarborough has spread like wildfire on social media.

A group of blokes have recorded themselves casually drinking beer while driving two motorised picnic tables down a road in Australia.

Stockholm haunted by ghost train

Travellers who board The Silvepilen (Silver Arro) in Stockholm are lucky to step off, according to legend.

A Stockholm train has been terrifying locals ever since in went into service 50 years ago.

Self-checkout seed thief slammed

Supermarkets report that customers cheating at the self-serve checkout is a regular occurrence.

Nelson man seeking cheap high used supermarket self-checkout to steal 10kg of poppy seeds.

Word of the Year is an emoji

The "face with tears of joy" emoji has been named Word of the Year

The word of 2015 is an emoji. Can you guess which one?

Car wash takes man for a spin video

Manager has lucky escape from serious injuries after getting caught in one of the brushes in a car wash in the US.

Car wash manager has a brush with serious injuries after becoming caught on one of the machine's giant brushes.

Barnyard on loose in Wainuiomata video

A herd of sheep on the loose in Lower Hutt.

Sheep and chickens make a break for freedom in Wainuiomata.

Nissan creates origami Juke video

Over 2000 pieces of paper folded in traditional origami way to form the paper Juke.

A British paper artist has created a full-size origami Nissan Juke.

Rickshaw Andy to ride non-stop

Rickshaw Andy plans to ride his Rickshaw for 24-hours non-stop to raise funds for Heart Kids.

What's 24 hours of pain? Rickshaw Andy plans to ride his Rickshaw for 24-hours non-stop.

Cop stops slow Google car

A Google self-driving car.

A car built by Google that drives itself around city streets has had a brush with the law for driving too slowly.

SAFE knocked off high horse

SAFE said Honda NZ was 'no longer' sponsoring rodeo but the company said it never had.

Is it a blow to rodeos or "underarm tactics"?

Monkey business at airport

A Sumatran monkey skull seized at Wellington airport last month.

Customs staff were confronted with a strange disclosure when a passenger declared a monkey skull.

Hitchhiking cat found

Hitchhiking cat Wolfie with VetSouth Winton veterinarian Mark Bryan and owner Stu McLeod after he was found in Dipton.

A hitchhiking cat has been found about 30km from home after he jumped from a trailer bound for Wanaka.

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