Snail slime causes car crash

A motorist claims to have been slimed by "snail trails" on a motorway.

Is this the definition of a slow-moving hazard?

'I had a snake cuddled up to me'

The black snake was released unharmed by Joyce's husband Herb.

What's the opposite to Netflix and chill? Well, this probably. Reaching into your chair pocket and finding this.

Puffy giant found

Dawn Bowen from New Plymouth with a giant puffball found by her friend near Burgess Park.

It's big, it's puffy and it's not a marshmallow.

A donkey, a cow and a pony walk into a bar

The owners of the Humpty Doo Hotel recreated the barnyard escapade by bringing a horse into the hotel on Tuesday.

This is not a joke. It actually happened at the Humpty Doo Hotel. And yes, that is a real place in Australia.

The new 'flipping' craze video

Cosmo Everett-Wells (R) flips a chair in the Shirley Boys' High School music room where he and Corban Baker (L) shot ...

'Wanna flip some bottles bro?' 'Nah, let's flip some chairs instead'.

Pocket-sized grand theft auto

Scaletrix cars, part of a collection Feilding police believe to be stolen property

Police have recovered a rather unusual stash of Scaletrix slot cars they believe are stolen.

The worst breakfast ever?

TVNZ Breakfast's Sam Wallace chows down on a dried millipede.

Watch: TVNZ's Sam and Rawdon gag while eating a dried centipede. Yeah, you read that right.

Half chiton, half crab - all horror

A half chiton half crab was found by Emily Roberts near Hawera reef last week.

Neither a crab, nor a chiton are rare in themselves. But together, they're nightmarish.

Live shell found in Masterton jewellery store

Three Masterton shops were closed following the discovery of an old military shell. Queen Street remained open.

Masterton's main street remained open despite explosive discovery.

Wanted: A Bully to fight my son


Where do you go for trolley derbies, bullies and Sonny Bill's phone number? Countdown!

Ahhhh-bsolutely faaaabulous video

Demyte, looking demure after her win.

A Lithuanian goat named Demyte has been named "most glamorous". Yes you read that right.

Bunnies bring the crowds out gallery

Ronan Redwood-Jones, 5, of Sanson with his rabbit Flopsy Big, a Flemish Giant breed.

Giant rabbits, dwarf rabbits, floppy-eared rabbits and fluffy rabbits have featured in the North Island's biggest-ever bunny show.

'Walking on coal will change your life'

"I'm not sure I could do it again, because now I have this massive fear of fire," said one follower.

Some 30 people in the US have been treated for burns after attending a motivational seminar.

Beware NZ's weird laws

More than 400 people were charged with excreting in public in recent years.

NZ has some strange crimes, such as bill sticking, peeping and peering, and excreting in public.

Adorable cherry cat will steal your heart

Cherry cat has been delighting the internet with its soft paws.

Things cats love: Mice, balls of yarn... and cherries?

'Provocative' ring banned video

The Nelson Ring is a competition-winning design based on the region's geography.

Facebook says Nelson jewellers' ad is "sexually suggestive". We can't see it, either.

$14,000 to look like a human Barbie

Alicia Amira enjoys life as a human Barbie.

Alicia Amira has quite literally turned herself into a Barbie girl.

Key gets rugged up gallery

Prime Minister John Key is looking pretty good for his 54 years, and his curtains are in fact matching his carpet.

Framed carpet showing naked Prime Minister could be just what you need to break the ice at your next dinner party.

Know the worms in your garden

Tiger worms live in compost and leaf litter

All those red, brown and grey wrigglers are a sure sign of a healthy patch.

No 'plane' Jane street names

Work continues on the Omaka Landing subdivision, on New Renwick Rd, from left, section owner Nicola Mitchell, Colonial ...

The first choices were too boring so Blenheim subdivision now has Mustang Alley and Spitfire Drive.

The creepiest cakes ever

This is not a giant cockroach. This is cake.

One woman in the US makes cakes that may turn you off all cakes for good.

Red-carded for a fart

Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was red-carded for a loud fart.

Swedish footballer slams "crappy judgment" by referee after being sent off for "unsportsmanlike behaviour".

There's a wasp in my campervan

Firemen work to free Money the cat that got stuck down a chimney at a house on the Terrace in Wellington for twenty ...

Kitten wedged in a wall, dog in a roof? Fire Service reveals its daftest callouts.

Twelve 1000-1 shots in a row video

Twelve yolks from six eggs - Wellington woman Nikki Corbishley said the full dozen were double yolkers.

The chances of finding one double yolker is about 1000-1. This is eggsponentially rare.

The men who follow famous folk

Gary Brown and Grant Smith-Pilling as their respective characters, Austin Powers and Mr Bean.

People dress as Austin Powers, Mr Bean, and even footballer Jamie Vardy. Is it all as tragic as it sounds?

Flare smuggled up rectum

A steward picks up a flare which was thrown onto the pitch by supporters during Euro 2016.

French teen burns himself and two others with a flare he smuggled into a Euro 2016 game.

Clairvoyant cucumber picks footy results

The cucumber picks Austria to edge their clash with Portugal. It ended in a draw.

A vegetable has become a Finnish folk hero after correctly predicting Euro 2016 results.

A number eight wire 'boat' video

A crew of Kiwi lads have built an oceangoing caravan.

A trio of lads from Waiuku put their Kiwi ingenuity to the test by taking a caravan out for a spot of sea fishing.

Why weird stuff keeps happening

Clouds pass over as the moon is partially covered by the Earth's shadow during a total lunar eclipse in Cape Town, ...

Something weird seems to be happening in the heavens, but is it really so unexpected?

Grumpy shoppers caught on camera video

If looks could kill ...

Men are looking absolutely miserable at the mall, and it's said to be a "global epidemic".

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