This photo has everyone confused

The hugging couple that has everyone confused.

Stare at it for a few seconds and you'll realise something's terribly wrong.

Show me your licence - 'neigh!'

A police patrol made an unusual stop on a rural Waikato road this week.

Police pull a horse-drawn carriage over on a rural Waikato road - and it wasn't for speeding.

'Jandal Man' on the run

Andrew Fifita-Lamb soaks his feet in ice at one of the official rest stops along the way to Rotorua.

 What do you do after finish a 180-km run in homemade jandals? Run a marathon of course.

When stoned sheep go baaad

A village in Wales has a problem with some baaad sheep apparently on drugs.

Fears sheep could go on ''ram-page'' after munching illegally dumped cannabis plants.

Mitsu-bee-shi absolutely buzzing video

What a buzz. Imagine returning to your parked car only to find it covered in bees.

Woman returns to her car to find it covered in approximately 20,000 bees.

Human flypaper for car crashes?

In a new patent, Google describes a system in which pedestrians struck by a vehicle would become stuck to the hood.

Google has patented technology that could see pedestrians stuck like bugs on a car when involved in vehicle collisions.

Public meeting for 'Marlborough City'

If not Marlborough City, how should Blenheim be marketed?

Both haters and supporters welcome the debate about how to market Blenheim.

Can you spot the gherkin?

Can you find the gherkin hidden in this drawing by Sally-Ann Heron?

This latest hidden object challenge is a real pickle.

Hungry? Try a 'sky prawn' video

Locusts, aka 'sky prawns', are now on the menu at a Duendin cafe.

Locusts are proving so popular they are flying off the menu at a Dunedin restaurant.

Two shakes of a donation

John Ingle picks out his favourite sets from his mum's salt and pepper shakers.

480 sets of collectible salt and pepper shakers seems like a lot.

Going green, literally

The garden wall spans two storeys in the office's main work room, with a smaller garden wall near the back.

A New Plymouth business may have the largest hanging garden in NZ.

Sandy crime scene criticised

The controversial sand sculpture created by Cornwall and Devon police officers.

It was a crime scene like no other. A sand sculpture of a dead woman.

Guns yes, knives no

Attendees visit the trade booths during the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

You can't take knives to a gun convention in the US.

There's tarantulas on the plane...

The drama started when one of the tarantulas crawled up the leg of a woman.

Forget snakes, tarantulas on a plane have caused mayhem on a flight to Canada.

'I'm such a happy Chewbacca!' video

"I'm such a happy Chewbacca!" Payne exclaims, while laughing. "This is worth every penny!"

You have never seen a woman more pleased with a mask than this.

Cafe a spiky success video

A woman holds a hedgehog at the Harry hedgehog cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

There are cat cafes and dog cafes. So why not a hedgehog cafe?

'A pretty weird looking fish'

Tim Wilding found the unusual-looking oarfish washed up on a beach south of Kaikoura.

A rarely seen but 'quite beautiful' fish has washed up near Kaikoura.

How dogs read moggies

Cats and dogs can learn to understand each other, despite the fact they each mean  different things when they wag their ...

Your pets learn to read each other's different signals, says an animal expert.

Uneasy riders: Seized machines squashed video

A bulldozer crushes seized motorcycles in New York.

NYPD crush a pile of motorcycles sending message to "nitwits and knuckleheads".

Mutant Marina an unlikely drift car video

Patxi Beasley's "Mutant Marina Myrtle", a drifting Morris Marina is now a hybrid of Ford and British Leyland.

An 18-year-old British car enthusiast has breathed a new drifting life into a tired old Morris Marina.

Goldfish delays Jetstar

Unfortunately Lil' B never made it to Auckland.

Lil' b delayed a flight by 40 minutes after his owner was told he couldn't fly to Auckland.

Adams v the world: Mo v mo

A Photoshopped image shows what it would be like if Dan Carter took on Steven Adams' moustache.

Steven Adams: Youngest child of 18. Rising NBA star. Kiwi. Moustache icon.

What do you see in this wall?

Can you see it?

First there was the dress. Now there's the bricks. What do you see in this picture?

Burrowing into old travel stash

A $50 trillion note from Zimbabwe might be worth something these days.

OPINION: I was reading a newspaper report online this morning when I suddenly realised I could be sitting on a small fortune.

Age-old uni tradition banned

These Victoria University graduates do something their counterparts at the University of East Angelia, in the UK, can't ...

Heads up graduates: don't throw your mortarboards. It's dangerous.

Drunk and strutting their stuff

One of the 13 roosters running loose in Westport domain

A band of rogue rambling roosters drunk on whiskey has been captured in Westport.

Corpse turns up at airport

Staff at Atlanta International Airport scan an unusual piece of luggage.

This crusty chap was wheeled into security at Atlanta Airport and scanned through the X-ray.

Bees a danger to drivers

Area executive of the Road Transport Association, Tom Cloke, says hives placed close to the road like these are causing ...

"For a truck driver towing tons of cargo having a bee sting you while you're driving is a recipe for disaster."

Venomous snake a native

Lars Farrant found the snake, which is classed as a native, on a beach in Taranaki.

A venomous snake found on a Taranaki beach is a New Zealand native, apparently.

New meaning for term 'fish-eyed'

New Zealand hoki fish eyes are being tested for their potential use in human corneal replacements.

Fish eyes could help solve hunan cornea shortage

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