19th century champers much like bubbly today

Underwater cache of champagne is shown in Aland, an archipelago in the Baltic.

175-year-old champagne is much like the modern version, study finds.

Arrest over violent cat beating

This undated booking photo provided by the Utah County Jail shows Jordan Lindquist.

Utah man has been arrested after a hidden video camera captured him violently beating a cat.

'Intolerant Jackass Act'

A Woodland Hills activist has filed a measure to the office of state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris, pictured, in response to an anti-gay initiative proposed last month.

Laws' proposal is directly aimed at the so-called Sodomite Suppression Act.

Wolf spider smash backfires video

At least the wolf spider's eggs burst over the floor; these babies are a little harder to reach.

When a man tried to kill a wolf spider he unleashed countless spiderlings in his house.

Strangest places to sleep

Sometimes you just can't help where you fall asleep - like in a shopping cart.

Sometimes you just can't help where you fall asleep - like in a cargo hold.

Marathon "winner" cheated

Organizers of the St. Louis marathon stripped the winner of her title this week, saying she had crept onto the course late in the race for the second consecutive year to make it appear she had run all 26.2 miles.

St Louis marathon winner stripped of her title after being caught slipping into the race late.

Rampaging cow injures five

The animal had fled its pasture in Waiblingen in the southern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and ran toward the centre of the town.

"The cow was standing three metres in front of me and suddenly it ran at me."

Passenger 'stabs' snoring Santa

Lenny Mordarski's injuries.

A plane was unable to take off after a woman stabbed a snoring passenger with a pen.

Give to a millionaire

Millionaire John Matthews is refusing to allow the council to build the pathway until power cables are buried at a cost of $300,000.

Len Houwers is offering to help out a struggling millionaire.

Hero 'had to go and he left'

An unidentified passer-by pulls the driver from a SUV to safety after the vehicle left Mayfair Drive, traveled downhill and was stopped by a chain link fence just short of a 30-foot vertical drop onto the Bryden Canyon Road.

He dramatically pulled a driver from an SUV dangling on the edge of a cliff. Then he vanished.

Bugman's brush with death video

Corban Read, 8, let The Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste put a weta on his chin so it could crawl up onto his face.

Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste still loves creepy crawlies despite almost being killed by a spider bite.

Secret behind knuckle-cracking

Researchers prepare a study participant's finger for joint cracking under the watch of an MRI video setup in this undated handout picture courtesy of the Peter S. Allen MR Research Centre.

Researchers said they have settled the issue of what causes knuckles to trigger the familiar popping sound.

Cat nurse at shelter gallery

Radamenes looks after his recovering feline friend.

Little black cat has been helping his furry friends recover.

Wolverine tranquilized at airport

The wolverine used its powerful jaws to tear through the metal carrier, but never actually left the enclosure.

Authorities at Newark International Airport in New Jersey tranquilized a wolverine who was en route from Norway.

Man bites Shih Tzu in face

The dog bit Etzel in the face, and, in response, Etzel bit the dog back.

A man who had been drinking bit his mother's Shih Tzu in the face, ripping the dog's eye out of its socket.

Fifty Shades of Grey read at live wake video

Glennis du Chatenier and life-long friend Pam Lawson-Wilde wade through the Waikato River as part of the send-off

A very-much alive Waikato woman listened as a page from Fifty Shades of Grey was read aloud at her own wake.

University Challenge sensation

Ted Loveday Cambridge student takes out University Challenge

Cambridge law student earns his own hashtag after his performance on University Challenge. 

Thieving rabbit steals cracker video

Baby growing up with Oreo the Bunny.

One kid learned the hard way that his pet bunny is a thief.

Astronaut's daughters message video

Stephanie from Houston, Texas, wanted to send her father a visual message.

An astronaut's daughter has found a unique way to tell her father she misses him. 

The worst baby names ever

Rage - he doth protest.

From Abstinence to Gennah Tyles, here are some of the worst names ever heard.

SpaceX fails again

SpaceX has a long way to go before it can hone the technology

SpaceX's latest attempt at recycling its Falcon 9 rocket by landing it upright on an ocean platform failed.

Eight tentacles to take photos

Rambo the octopus at Kelly Tarlton, Auckland, has been taught how to use an underwater camera.

An octopus at an Auckland aquarium is said to be world’s first to learn to take photos underwater.

Pedal-free ride for cyclist

A Wellington cyclist gets a pedal-free ride up Ngauranga Gorge.

It appears a Wellington cyclist has decided hitching a ride on the back of a truck was an easier way up Ngauranga Gorge.

Wife 'knifes husband' over loo stink


A Japanese woman has allegedly attacked her husband with a knife because of the terrible smell he had left in the toilet.

Australia's first body farm opens

Near the new University of Technology Sydney body farm site at Yarramundi.

Just outside of Sydney, Australia's first body farm is waiting for its first cadavers.

$93k load of bull semen stolen

Artificial insemination is big business.

Semen stored in milk jug like canisters has been swiped from a farm.

Foraging in the red zone

Fruit foragers, from left to right, Antoine Jonniaux, Jo Mair, Simon Palenski and Chloe Waretini pick apples in the Christchurch residential red zone near Avonside Drive.

The eastern suburbs are transforming into an orchard of nearly 2,000 fruit trees where foragers scrump for apples, fejoias and pears to make into pies and jam.

A line is crossed, and it's not the one you think

Nelson Felippe's photo that has gone viral.

Can you see anything unusual in this picture? Something confronting? Something that crosses the line?

Man accidentaly meets Obama

UNDERDRESSED: Lance Futch (far right) accidentally went for casual attire when meeting US President Barack Obama.

Ever turned up for work on Casual Friday a tad underdressed only for the big boss to show up?

Awesome, Kiwi slang decoded

Noel Kelly has put together dictionary of slang that contains more than 32,000 expressions used around New Zealand.

Yeah ...nah - getting a grip on Kiwis jibber-jabber can be hard slog.

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