Woman's message for 'bigot' neighbour

A woman in the use used rainbow lights to send s message to her anti-gay neighbour.

Tired of her neighbour's bigoted comments, a woman decided to send her a strong, visual message.

Collins craves pic with prisoner's sculpture video

Corrections minister Judith Collins craved a photo with a prisoner's papier mache sculpture of Paul Henry.

Judith Collins had something special in mind when visiting Invercargill - a photo with a prisoner's sculpture of Paul Henry.

British man's attempt to swim Atlantic

Ben Hooper, 38, looks out to sea before starting a swim across the Atlantic.

A British man aiming to be the first person to swim across the Atlantic said he is grappling with sharks and jellyfish stings.

Sausage Party OK for 12-year-olds

French censors have given Sausage Part a 12 rating, despite an explicit group sex scene.

Swears, drug taking and a 2 minute long cartoon orgy? Sure, that's fine for kids.

Take gaming to the next level

Tracy Kirkley has established a Pro GC a showroom at her Henderson Valley property.

Nighthawk, Falcon, Phoenix and Banshee are just some of the chairs Tracy Kirkley is now selling to gamers.

Family 'swarmed and stung' video

Bees from the 26 hives nextdoor swarm on the Paterson's backyard.

It's rare that the kids get to play in their own backyard - thanks to neighbour's 26 "poorly managed" beehives.

Beaver 'shops' for Xmas tree

This beaver is on the hunt for his perfect Christmas tree.

A beaver let a US store know what he thought of their artificial Christmas trees.


The moment when a spider crawls across a NZTA traffic camera.

"Why are spiders bad at driving? Cause they always spin out."

Millions of shoaling fish video

Millions of sardines were filmed shoaling off the US  coast.

This is what millions of sardines swimming off the US coast looks like.

That is one hipster holy trio

Joseph is takes a selfie while Mary clutches a coffee cup.

A hipster Nativity scene is selling fast. Could it make Christianity cool again?

Men are getting botox downstairs

Smooth testicles might be the newest trend in men's health.

At least 15 men have had their scrota injected this year.

Rescue captivates city

The manatee received treatment at Seaworld after its ordeal.

Workers dug up a Florida city street to free a 400kg manatee that was stuck in a drain pipe.

'Prince' sells Kapiti girls' home

Victor Greenwich, in traditional Georgian garb, the satisfied vendor in the Marycrest sale.

New owners for "creepy" Catholic girls' home Marycrest, beside SH1.

Parking ticket pollution video

Highlands Intermediate science specialist Pat Swanson shows the effort needed to break down plastic parking receipts ...

Young scientists say plastic parking tickets are polluting beaches - but council says changing is too costly.

The lazy tricycle unload video

Transport driver comes up with super lazy way to unload vehicle

Delivery driver demonstrates a unique way of unloading freight carrying trike without getting off his vehicle.

Move over Ponsonby, it's Titirangi's turn to shine

Christmas decorations at the Singh's home in west Auckland.

It all started with a Christmas tree that left holes in the bricks and cracks in the walls of Barney Singh's west Auckland home.

A Mayor on a scooter video

''I'm glad I have this scooter,'' the Mayor of Invercargill must have thought as he merrily rode his scooter through the ...

It's New Zealand's longest serving mayor on a scooter. And for some reasons tens of thousands of people want to watch it.

Busted for a 'bum print' burglary

The bum print found on one of the entrance doors to the hall.

When thieves broke into the town hall and stole the TV, one of them left a unique calling card behind.

How do you poo in space? video

When you got to go, you got to go, even if you're in space.

Don't let your creative thinking skills go to waste. Solve this puzzler and NASA could just reward you with $42,000.

A model prisoner

Tim Shadbolt has been immortilised in papier-mâché.

Prisoner immortalises Corrections Minister Judith Collins and Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt in papier-mâché.

Nicked by the barber video

Keith Crowell now has difficulty sleeping and swallowing, as well as difficulty hearing, with the keloids covering his ears.

US man fights for treatment after poorly-done hot shave causes horrifying skin condition.

Rats run amok gallery

The rat population has exploded after a warm winter. File picture.

Rats are running rampant in an historic Auckland suburb, after two years of a rodent mating free-for-all.

Record rugby pass attempt is on

Year 12 student, Matt Ogilvy, Chiefs rugby player Shaun Stevenson and event co-ordinator for Graeme Dingle Foundation, ...

"There's no backing out now. Rain or shine, it is on."

Tree guard back on yob watch

The Christmas tree on Courtenay Place will again have a security guard protecting it from drunken vandals.

Courtenay Place Christmas tree will again be protected from festive revellers.

10,000 Kapiti Islands video

Murray Short and his completed collaborative photograph of Kapiti Island, taking up the entire wall of Hightide cafe, at ...

Look closely at Murray Short's picture and you'll see surprising details.

Japan’s bizarre hot-tub rollercoaster

The spa-themed amusement park will feature rollercoasters filled with hot spring water

A proposed spa-themed amusement park will allow visitors soak in hot pools while riding on rollercoasters.

Turtle rescuer warns pet owners

Turtle Haven operator Clarice Ford with Andy the red-slider turtle.

The size of a 50 cent and found on the side of the road, Andy the turtle is on the mend.

Ex-con plan angers town

The former House of Hope building, in Waerenga Rd, Otaki, is set to be leased from December 22 by Te Whare O Te Redeemed ...

Neighbours fear church proposal for prisoner rehabilitation in suburban Otaki.

Binocular Man sculpture found

The steel pipe sculpture known as Binocular Man was found on a rubbish bin looking out over Thames.

"Binocular man" has been found looking out over Thames from the town's monument.

Outrage over frozen fish in ice rink

The company wanted to give visitors the illusion of skating on the sea.

A Japanese theme park which froze 5000 fish in its rink wanted to give visitors the illusion of skating above the sea.

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