Pens galore for collector video

Winton man Dennis Hamilton has a collection of around 50,000 pens.

Dennis Hamilton never has to worry about never finding a pen - he has 50,000.

#WeaselPecker becomes online sensation


It looks like a scene from a Disney movie - but is this photo too good to be true?

Snapchat 'priest' offers confession

Snapchat, which makes a mobile application for sending photos and videos that disappear within seconds, wants to raise as much as $500 million.

A mysterious San Antonio 'priest' is offering to absolve sins digitally - by taking confessions using Snapchat.

Duang, what does it mean?

BUZZ WORD: "Duang" has many meanings, but people seem to be mainly using it as an adjective to give emphasis to the word that follows it.

Duang is taking China by storm but no-one has any idea what it is.

Daughter dug grave for will


A US woman has admitted digging up her father's grave in search of his "real will". She found only vodka and cigarettes.

Thief as thick as his brick video

Ireland's Dumbest Criminal. Brick rebounds off car window and smashes the criminals face and knocks him out cold. The car owner returns seconds later to have him arrested.

Want to break into a car by throwing a brick through a window? Well knock yourself out. This guy did.

Missing blind dog survives

Ed Davis with his dog Madera.

A blind dog who was missing for two weeks during a cold snap in Alaska has been found.

Owl terrorises town

FOWL BIRD: An eagle owl sits under the roof of a building in Purmerend, Netherlands.

"Terror owl' swoops on Dutch residents, sinking its talons into them and gouging their flesh.

Llama pursuit comes to an end video

ON THE LOOSE: The two llama evade police at the height of the pursuit.

Two llama on the "llam" have won hearts around the globe this morning in their bid for freedom.

Octopus vs crab battle video

Octopus vs crab.

Australian seafood assistant captures epic octopus versus crab battle on video that takes off online.

'Priest' claims God a woman

Alanis Morissette as God alongside Silent Bob in Kevin Smith's Dogma.

Supposed priest claimed to have seen God as a 'Holy Mother' when he died for almost an hour.

'Michelangelo of buttocks injections'

'MICHELANGELO': Padge Victoria Windslowe fatally filled a woman's buttocks with industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue.

Woman who fatally filled woman's buttocks with industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue brags at her murder trial.

Dead man dressed as Green Lantern

FOND MEMORIES: A person takes pictures of the body of Renato Garcia, dressed in a costume of comic book character Green Lantern. Click on the link in the story to see the uncut photos.

It can be tricky deciding how to dress the deceased for a funeral, so why not go with a superhero theme?

Boy, 3, walks 2.4km home alone

Boy walking by shrubs outdoors with backpack

Three-year-old Cain Trainor headed off home after his first day of nursery without telling anyone, oblivious to the uproar he caused.

Celia and Travolta join lineup of gaffes

Celia Wade-Brown at the Wellington super-city announcement.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown's slip of the tongue when welcoming the England cricket captain puts her among some good gaffe company.

Te Papa fine with selfie sticks

EVERYONE IN: English tourists Matthew Shufflebottom and Lucy Brown, turned to their selfie stick in order to get a good snap of themselves with a statue of Azog the orc at Te Papa yesterday.

The museum actually encouraged people to take selfies in certain situations.

Gerry Adams trampolines nude

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams reveals he's into naked trampolining, and takes his dog with him.

Irish politician has made one of his more startling claims: He trampolines naked, with his dog.

Topless drunk passenger punches walls video

INTOXICATED ON HIGH: A Ryanair flight between Latvia and Ireland was forced to land in Denmark yesterday so a drunk, semi-naked wall-punching passenger could be arrested.

A drunk, semi-naked and muscle-flexing passenger on a Ryanair flight has forced an emergency landing. 

Man 'posed as fake twin to skip tickets'

Judge's gavel

A New Jersey man posed as his fictitious, blind twin brother in a bid to delay court hearings on several motor vehicle summonses, according to authorities.

Suspicious banana is really just a banana

NOT A BOMB: Bananas, similar to the one that sparked an emergency callout in the US.

Bomb squad determines a suspicious "banana" hanging in a pine tree in Nebraska is simply a harmless geocache.

Bacon-thrower gets reprieve video

Woman throws bacon at police

Judge drops charges against woman who threw bacon, sausages inside police station while saying she was there to "feed the piggies".

'Zombie cat' owner wants him back

ON THE MEND: Bart the cat, nicknamed "zombie cat" on social media when he crawled his way out of a grave after a seemingly fatal traffic accident, now is facing a legal dispute.

The Florida cat that crawled out of its grave after a traffic accident is now ensnared in a legal dispute.

Your dog can read your face video

Watching you: Man's best friend.

Veterinary scientists in Vienna have found that dogs are capable of reading the difference between a happy face and an angry face.

Seven WTF gifts for V-Day

butthole chocolate

From barking cockroaches to chocolate buttholes, here's seven presents that fall somewhere on the weird scale.

First penis reduction surgery

Many surgical procedures are not covered by the wait-time guarantee.

They say size doesn't matter, but one American teen's penis was so big he had to have it surgically reduced.

First of three Friday 13s

SUPERSTITIOUS?: The black cat, another icon of ill fortune.

For the superstitious, 2015 is shaping up to be a stressful year - there are three Friday 13ths on the calendar.

The art of bombing video

16122014. News. photo: Kent Blechynden/Fairfax NZ.  People having fun on the Wellington waterfront.

The staple, the manu, black outs, back flips, gorillas, the biggest bang possible... that's why they call it a bomb. 

Oregon's 'milky rain' mystery

milky rain

What caused the milky rain? Dust from hundreds of kilometres away, or a volcano from across the sea?

Wandering Winnie tracked

Spread your wings: Winnie the rainbow lorikeet, at the front in these photos, is happy to be home with owner Catherine Corbett and sister Birdy Girl.

A rainbow lorikeet went missing from her home in Hamilton only to turn up in Tauranga, 10 days later.

Broken TV sparks bomb threat

police generic nz policecar

A Nelson man threatened to blow up a government office after becoming angry when a call taker could not fix his television.

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