Bumblebee takes out spider, rescues buddy

20:19, Jun 11 2014

As the spider approached the helpless bumblebee trapped in its web, it looked to be all over for the bee - until another bumblebee came flying to the rescue.

Armed with a camera phone, a David Attenborough wannabe set out to capture nature taking its course, in order to teach his son a "sort of brutal life lesson".

But what he ended up filming was more of a lesson in heroism and loyalty.

As the first bee struggles, the second bumblebee swoops in, stings the spider, and saves its buddy from a grisly death.

And before you worry that this was an act of noble sacrifice, never fear.

As the narrator explains, bumblebee stingers don't have barbs so they don't die after releasing their sting like honeybees do - so it really was a happy ending for all involved - except the spider.