Flaming object spotted in Auckland sky

21:30, Jul 20 2014

A strange object has been spotted in the sky over north Auckland.

Orewa resident Ian Thomas spotted the object around 7.45pm.

It was heading north towards  Hatfield's beach 

"I thought it was small plane on fire at first it looked that big.

"Then I thought ‘What's the army base doing?’, then final conclusion: I have no idea what it is.

"It was dead silent which made it weird also," Thomas said.


He recorded the sighting on an iPhone.

"It was going in a straight line, but the phone was on max zoom which made it look shaky," he said.

Thomas uploaded the video to Facebook in the hope that someone else saw it too.

He also expected a lot of ridicule too.

Alana Hartley commented that it had been seen over Pukekohe and Sharon Pownall said her son had seen the same object for the last two nights.

Police say they have had no reports of the object.

Rodney Times