Inventor unleashes huge fart at France

02:07, Jul 28 2014

Idiosyncratic British inventor Colin Furze is celebrating after building a giant bum that produced a mechanical fart so loud it may have been heard across the English Channel in France.

A plumber renowned for super-powering mobility scooters and creating a driveable toilet, Furze built a large metal behind and used a pulse jet to make the farting sound.

"As an engine it’s (the pulse jet) not great as most of the energy is wasted on heat and noise but for this task it’s that noise we need," Furze said on his website.

Footage on YouTube shows him firing up the "fart gun" in front of an enthusiastic crowd on the cliffs of Dover, pointing the buttocks across the water towards France.

He then phones someone across the channel and is thrilled to be told the noise made it over the water.

Back in his workshop, Furze was a little more circumspect. "So far we’ve only got verbal confirmation that this thing worked," he said. 


There had been quite a lot of wind noise on a video and not much could be taken from it, although two people had told him they clearly heard a "kind of a muffled, mumbling coming over the water". 

The escapade inspired a punk band called March to the Grave, which is apparently reasonably well known in some parts of England, to write a song called Fart at the French.

It all has a very English feel about it, bringing to mind the skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which John Cleese, speaking in an "outrageous" French accent tells the questing King Arthur and his knights of the round table: "I fart in your general direction."