Residents reject rude road

21:38, Feb 17 2009

Residents of an English village are campaigning to change the name of a new road that translates into 'Masturbation Meadow'.

Residents of Morda, on the Welsh border, say the Gaelic street name of 'Cae Onan' is an embarrassing mistake, the Daily News reports.

Cae is Welsh for meadow or field, but Onan has no Welsh translation other than the Biblical figure killed by God for 'spilling his seed' instead of impregnating his late brother's wife.
That led to the word 'onanism', an old term for masturbation.

The newspaper said Julia Newsham launched a petition to change the name after friends told her its real meaning.

"It's embarrassing. It has got to the stage when I tell someone its name and check their expression."

The 48-year-old believes council planners meant to call the road Cae Onnen which translates as 'Ash Meadow'.

Paul Shevlin, from the local Council, said there were no plans to change the name as it was 'not something that would be generally picked up on'.