Garden pees proponent backs practice

An Invercargill man who urinates on his veggie garden stands by his practice.

Nick Kiddey told The Southland Times this week that he urinates on his vegetable plants as it was an excellent fertiliser, which was sterile and contains no pathogens.

It was also a great way to conserve water instead of flushing the toilet which wastes up to 11 litres of clean water per flush, Mr Kiddey said.

However, a caller to The Southland Times disagreed with Mr Kiddey's comments about urine containing no pathogens and wanted to know what evidence there was to support it.

Mr Kiddey responded, stating that on further research into the issue he agreed urine "may contain" pathogens.

"It is sterile while in the bladder, but may pick up bacteria as it leaves the body. If a person is suffering from a urinary tract infection or other illness, there is a possibility of it being transferred."

Mr Kiddey said he had been urinating on his plants for as long as he had been gardening (about a decade).

"And (I) have never suffered any ill health as a result, which is not to say that it will be the same for everyone."

The Southland Times