Real superhero

00:08, Jun 10 2009
HE'S FAST: The first superhero home, Batman's trusty sidekick Robin, aka Nathan Aldridge, ran a world record time.

Batman has some explaining to do.

The winged avenger was upstaged by his trusty sidekick, Robin, at the Christchurch Marathon yesterday.

He could hardly have expected a world record-beating time from his junior partner, however.

Robin, aka Nathan Aldridge, 30, charged over the line in two hours, 43 minutes and 35 seconds unofficially six minutes ahead of the world-record marathon time for an athlete dressed as a superhero.

"I gave up waiting for Batman," Aldridge said.

"Robin is the real superhero."


The Christchurch man said he knew he could do his superhero costume justice because he had a personal best time of of two hours and 32 minutes.

"I knew if I had done enough training, I could roughly run four-minute kilometres the whole way the big unknown was wearing a suit. I had no idea how I was going to go running in a suit," Aldridge said.

The first time he wore the Robin suit was at work, after picking it up on the Friday before the race.

"It was actually pretty good. The only issue was the face mask. It held sweat, so it was a bit uncomfortable," Aldridge said.

"It's pretty hard to get out of it actually, without cramping up. It was a slow process."

Aldridge led in a troupe of 10 superheroes who finished yesterday's SBS marathon.

The runners each had sponsors, raising money for the Life Education Trust, a non-profit organisation that tours primary and intermediate schools teaching health and life skills.

The superhero's leader, Superman (aka Paul Coughlan), said at least $10,000 had been raised for the trust.

Aldridge said support on the course from athletes and spectators was huge, although he struggled to muster many cheers from his two young children.

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