Scary washing machine fetches over $5000

Last updated 12:20 19/06/2009

Scary washing machine

scary washing machine
TERRIFYING: The ancient Kelvinator, and the cast of characters invented by the seller to entertain thousands and help push the sale price to over $5000.

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A noisy 25-year-old washing machine with a reserve of $1 has sold for more than $5000 on the auction website TradeMe.

Parent company Appliance Connexion confirmed the 100% chain of stores bought the scary washing machine for $5160 and might take it on a national tour.

The mid-1980s Kelvinator, which still washes clothes well, was described by its seller Mike Whittaker as once shaking so violently that he saw a porthole to another dimension open above it.

Dinosaurs peered back from the other dimension, he said.

The TradeMe page received more than 800,000 views and attracted a lot of media interest.

Mr Whittaker has set up a website and is now selling scary washing machine T-shirts.


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