Horse dung to stay in Kerikeri

07:25, Apr 06 2010

Kerikeri residents - and their horses - have won the right to continue to leave piles of fresh equine manure in the streets of the Bay of Islands town.

A controversial bylaw requiring horse riders to immediately pick up horse droppings in public places was canned after it browned off the riding fraternity, the Northern Advocate newspaper reported.

The bylaw was drafted after Kerikeri residents, including cafe customers, got annoyed about deposits left by a Clydesdale.

But the proposed bylaw upset horse owners and riders, who made 125 submissions to the council, opposing the new rules.

As a result, all references to horse droppings had been scrapped when the Far North District Council last week adopted its revised bylaws.

While horse lovers were happy anti-dropping campaigner Charlie Smellie was not.

Mr Smellie said the way the bylaw had been written was flawed.

Cleaning up horse droppings should have applied only to the Kerikeri central business district, he said.